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Found myself at the table
In the house of a stranger
She said don’t worry son
You aren’t in any danger

Sit and have a meal
While I tell you a tale
The heart of the story
Will make you turn pale

I was just a child
When I was taken away
By people I didn’t know
Who were strange in their ways

I didn’t understand the change
That was about to take place
But the depth of depravity
Would wipe the smile from my face

I was used and abused
Since I was a little child
The things that they did
Made me act a little wild

I was burned and beaten
Tied up for no reason
Other than to make them happy
Depending on the season

I was traded among their friends
Like a toy to be played with
My psyche took a hit
I still don’t understand

I was raped and molested
So often there is no count
These people just kept on going
While I tried to work it out

They said things to me
I wouldn’t wish upon no one else
Told me what they’d do to me
If anyone found out

I lived among these strangers
Depraved and deranged
Never knowing if I’d survive
Let alone live a better life

Darkness all I knew
Darkness all I saw
Darkness surround me
Til I felt the devils paw

The days they ran together
Life just passing by
Until there came a day
When a ray of hope caught my eye

I found a speck of light
That light it gave me hope
That someday this hell
Would find the end of a rope

I prayed to myself alone
So as not to be heard
Hoping against hope
There was someone to hear my words

Years went by slowly
Scenery never changing
Still longed for freedom
Before my time of dying

Police raided the house one night
Don’t know how or why
Glad that they found me
While I still had life 

Went through years of therapy 
Did little to ease my pain
Until I found Jesus
Who changed this whole game

I have reached an age of wisdom
Where I’m capable of sharing my past
Still makes me shiver inside
But the pain has died at last

I see you haven’t eaten
I hope I didn’t spoil your meal
This was all in the past
I’m bound for heaven at last

I had listened to her story in disbelief
In wonder I felt her despair
But relief washed over me
When she told of her salvation

I hope you all find comfort
In your beliefs that you hold
That salvation is in your hands
That it’s something you can grab ahold

All need salvation
All need it today
I hope you found this treasure
That will set you free today


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