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Category : Diary/Journal

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You are just like a fantasy of mine
Sometimes you are so perfect to be with
Sometimes grumpy
Sometimes exciting
Sometimes adventurous
You are that colour of my life 
that is unseen by everyone
Your solcitide had reformed the nightmares 
Into my imaginary world 
Where there is only you and me in that world
Where you turn my sleepless nights into dreamy nights on your lap 
You are the one who makes my life filled with the sweetest notes
Just like a fantasy you are no real 
You went away so far quite early that I have ever expected 
You would have come for couple of seconds
But you have left your imprints in my dreams 
I wish I could have holded you tightly that moment
to be with me being forever of mine
I wish once again you will come to me 
to lit up my dusky world.


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