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 I was really tired one morning before classing started so i decided to go to my local coffee shop for a little start of the day. walking into the coffee shop is wonderful, you get a wiff of fresh baked goods coming towards you and the sound of chimes as the door swings open,. I oder my usual, 
“ vanilla latte “ i come here so often the workers might as well know my order by heart. but wait, something was different this time. there was a new worker, his name tag read Danny, he looks sweet. his golden lox that hang and frame perfectly around his face, and his voice sounds so majestic. as he hands me my coffee, oh no it slipped “ god i’m so sorry” i plead. he just smiles and looks up at me, “ maybe i can take you out later and get a new cup” he says. my cheeks flushed red and i looked awkwardly to the floor. “ is that a no?” he questioned me, of course it wasn’t a no! i’m just socially awkward, i manage to squeeze out a “ y-yes id love too” and it’s true, i DO want too. 
and we’ll we have been dating ever since 
            -sent anonymously 


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