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Sentimental mind at ease
Go ahead, do as you please
No more worry here today
As you wander on your way

Fathom loss, ache again
Show me all of your pain
Tears hidden deep inside
Suffered for my foolish pride

On and on it goes it seems
Never ending raging stream
Ebb and flow, rising tide
Die a little more inside

For the love that you seek
Acceptance here, we beseech
Remembrance afterwards
What is left is still in reach

Pictures of happy times
Chapter verse, yes it rhymes
Snapshot of a time long ago
Where is the love we long to know

Friend or foe, here we go
Down this road of deepest woe
Time and time and time again
Draw a breath and start again

Eyes that see but then again, no
Seeking for a time of peace
Ears that hear, but deaf to all
As we slip, rise and fall

Feet that fail, trip along
Will we be weak, forever strong
Clash of egos hinder us
Will this last forevermore

Dream of humility, foolish pride
Heart pulled along on a foolish ride
Trampled under the feet of sin
Here I am, lost again

And I wander and wander
On this path
Seeking a moment
That will last
And the best that I can do
Is never good enough

Here I am, on my knees
Looking for a remedy
A word, an herb, a bandage fair
To help with my repair

A light, a sound, a notion please
That will show a small reprieve 
That the path I am on
Is the one that I belong 

And after all is said and done
Will my flesh come undone
And will the things I have done
Be a testimony of my faith


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