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Media sells the lie
As if it's the truth 
Cover up atrocities
Not seen since our youth
Shiny lights and pleasant faces
Speak of little else
Than what's been seen and what's been told
With exception for the truth 

Wars and wars and wars again
How to make a buck
Turn our people into slaves
Then turn them 'gainst themselves
Destroy us from within
When not from without
Undercut the belly of
The land of liberty

And so I dream
My nightmare scream
What happened to the truth
Before my eyes
Despise their lies
For our misspent youth

The freedom of my people
Was just a grand charade
Used to keep us all in line
Like people on parade
Time it keeps on ticking
Leading us away
From what we know and what we need
Into a faded lie

Desire for an honest life
Not blinded by their lies
Able to pick and choose
Our leaders for this life
Puppets on a shortened string
We bounce along our way
Never knowing what we say
Is ours or the puppeteers

Longing for the strings to be cut
Just like Pinocchio
But will it lead to freedom now
Or down a darkened road
Who is our master
Is our freedom to be found
Or will we find the truth behind
The curtain strung around


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