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Bless me Lord
For I have sinned
I've fallen short
Of your Glory again

Here I am
On bended knee
Head bowed down
Sending out a heartfelt plea

Saw the snares
But still walked on
Listened to the lies
Listened to the con

Many times I've been here
Many times confessed
Many times asked forgiveness
For my trespasses

Who am I to come here
To bend your ear with my plea
To say the same old words I know
In my inconsistency 

Pride and shame my mask
Covers my grotesquerie 
Hides my downcast face
But then again, not really

I sit here contemplating
Where should I begin
Knowing there are many facets
To this thing called sin

Ignored the signs before me
That led to my demise
Listened to the whispers
If only with my eyes

Chose to take the step
Maybe one or two
That led me into darkness
Led me away from You

How far can I go
Before I can't go back
How long will I last
Can I retreat from this attack

Slandered my name
Made me criminal
Turned the screws one more notch
Just to see what I would do

They took me by the hand
Then cut me deep inside
Said go ahead and roll the dice
C'mon, let it ride

Enjoyed it while it lasted
But then again, maybe not
Hard to tell sometimes
With all these lies that I've been taught

In the end I'm downcast
Knowing where I stand
Knowing that I'm sullied
I have blood upon my hands

I call upon Your name
Hope You'll hear my plea
Hope that I have one more chance
Before eternity

Number off my sins
Confess them one and all
Asking for forgiveness
I know my orders tall

Afterwards I go to sleep
Though no tear have I cried
Still I feel just as if
A part of me has died

Is there still remorse
For all that I have done
Or have I gone a step too far
Will my soul be undone

Do not weep for me
But, pray instead
That all I do and all I say
Won't be counted on my head


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