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We're laying on our bed, in my new room. We're snuggling and the doggo is trying to lay in between us. He keeps laughing at the doggo.

"Yoongi, he loves you. You're his favorite." I whisper in his ear. "Ask him where his Korean Dad is." I giggle and kiss his neck.

"Where is Korean Dad?" Yoongi asks the dog. The dog jumps up, runs over to a poster, and starts licking him. He starts laughing, pointing at the dog. "He licked me on poster!" 

I nod. "Tell him to find you." I whisper.

"Find me. Posters. Find me on posters." He is smiling against my shoulder and snickering.

The dog goes to each poster, giving a little kiss to each Yoongi. We both laugh and he starts laughing harder when the dog starts 'dancing' and whimpering.

"He wants to love on you." I whisper.

"Oh come on, crazy dog. Come snuggle." Yoongi says. The dog pounces on the bed and starts licking him like crazy. I start kissing Yoongi and he's laughing really hard. "Crazy kitten and crazy dog kisses! Noooo!!! Yoongi die!"

I start recording the kissing fest on Yoongi to send to the group chat. He takes my phone and starts shouting in Korean, laughing. I act like I'm going to bite him but kiss his lips. My doggo keeps licking his face.

The clip gets sent. Responses are made, but i ignore my phone for the most part. Only focused on Yoongi. He laughs and hugs the dog around his neck. He whispers to the dog and laughs. "Kitten, hand my phone. I call Jungkook. He meets new nephew." I hand him his phone and hug one of the pillows. He turns the phone and i see Jungkook waving.

I wave back and shout "JK!!! Maknae!!!!" My dog leans on Yoongi, looking happy. "Puppy, go get rope. Tugs.." He jumps off the bed and i hear him walking around, looking for his rope.

"Kitten!!!!! How are you? Your dog and Bam should play one day. They're cousins." He's nodding and starts laughing.

"Bam might be jealous of Shiro getting all the attention. Shiro is a major cuddle bug. Incoming... He found his rope!" I laugh watching Shiro run through the house with his rope toy.

"Shiro!!!!" Yoongi yells and hands me his phone. He starts dancing around and playing with Shiro.

Jungkook starts talking about Yoongi's love for dogs. He talks about Yoongi being the reason the other members having dogs. I nod, learning more about the man i love. Jungkook talks about how Yoongi is always checking on the animals, spending his time with animals more than humans. Jungkook and I start laughing and I flip the camera around and show him Yoongi and Shiro dancing.

Jungkook shows Bam and Bam starts barking at Shiro. Shiro and Bam start watching each other through the phones, barking, and trying to play. We watch them and start laughing.

"I guess he loves his cousin!" I say while laughing. Jungkook nods and is smiling. "Shishi, maybe you we will see your cousin one day... You have other cousins but they're little so you will have to be gentle." Shiro and Bam both look at me like they understand.

Yoongi starts talking to Jungkook, and i go back to watching the movie. I don't want them running I'm prying or anything. Shiro curls up and lays his head on Yoongi's leg, watching his phone trying to find Bam.

My phone goes off and I see a friend is calling. I answer and say "This better be good.... He's here and you're interrupting something good." My friend laughs. "What's up, babe? Everything okay?"

"Just thinking about something you said a few days ago... So your boyfriend flies to visit you... How come you don't fly to him? Wouldn't it be easier?" My friend says. "I just thought about it... You know, I have to protect you... I've felt like that for years..." 

I start giggling and listen to my friend being protective and sweet. "You know... If he and I weren't together, I would take a shot with you... The times we hung out were great. I think you should focus on your "Baby girl" and not be so protective of me, babe."

Yoongi looks at me when he hears 'Baby girl' and Jungkook starts laughing. "Aww.... Yoongi jealous..." 

I wave my hand and roll my eyes. "Hey babes. Wanna meet for dinner? I'm sure boyfriend would be game." I look at Yoongi and he nods. Jungkook keeps laughing and Bam jumps up on him. Shiro starts whimpering and dancing, wanting to play with Bam. 

"Okay, just don't be kissing him too much. I'll be jealous." My friend says. I start laughing, thinking he's joking.

"So. Sushi? Every time we meet up we always have sushi after we go to the gym. You'll have a guy to talk to instead of listening to me begging a whiny little bitch." Everyone starts laughing. I put my phone on speaker. "On speaker. Everyone can hear."

"So i shouldn't talk about the last time we had sushi?" My friend laughs. "Oh wait. You made me promise not to tell." My friend laughs and i cover my face.

"You do know I told him about that, right?" I start laughing and Yoongi rubs my knee.

"You singing and dancing? Or him trying to kiss you?" Yoongi smirks and Jungkook shouts he wants details.

"Me dancing and singing. He laughed and asked if it was a "Yoongi" song. I nodded and squealed "Marry me, Yoongi!!" He laughed and threw sushi at me. He said if I danced again he was going to kiss me. The waitress winked and played another song... I squealed and he tried to kiss me. I laughed and started barking at him."

"I warned you! I told you if you danced, I was going to kiss you, bitch." My friend and I start laughing. Yoongi starts turning red like he's mad 

"Hey, babes. Tell boyfriend you're joking about calling me bitch...." I half whisper.

"You're his bitch. Not my bitch." My friend laughs and I keep watching Yoongi relax. I start to think we shouldn't go see my friend.. There was a situationship but not anymore. 

"I'll text you later, babes." I wait until he says bye and i hang up. "Maybe shouldn't go... He liked me. I liked him. Not anymore though. We didn't do anything but flirt.."

"He still likes you." Jungkook says, laughing. "He brought up attempting to kiss you. He wants to still kiss you. You know... You should...." Yoongi glares at him and Jungkook laughs.

"I think we should just stay home tonight..." I start petting Shiro and scratching behind his ears. Shiro lays on me and i start hugging him. "My baby. My little, baby Shishi."

"No, we go. I meet him. Maybe he think you get hurt. He said only I travel to you.. He don't know?" Yoongi starts rubbing Shiro's belly.

"He knows you don't live here... He knows I've flown to see you..  He knows that I don't give many answers about you. I don't say many details. Just say I'm happy. You are amazing..." I look at his phone and see Jungkook eating and listening really intently.

"What else? Does he try to touch you? Does he do things?" Jungkook asks.

"He hugs me. I hug everyone though... He hasn't tried anything since that day. I've held his arm when we've had people looking at us. It was a protection thing. Wanting to feel safe. Maybe he doesn't understand that...." I start feeling awkward talking about a friend to my boyfriend, the man I'm so utterly in love with, and his brother. "I'll text and say we're staying home..."

"No, we go to gym with him. He can see me being strong. I'll pick you up and kiss you nonstop." Yoongi starts laughing.

"Make her scream! Make her do that high scream!!" Jungkook yells and laughs.

"JK! Stop! That's mean. Be nice." I blush and cover my eyes. Shiro starts rolling around, making happy puppy noises, looking at Yoongi's phone for Bam.

"He's funny not mean. I think I make you moan though. I kiss your neck..... See you later, Maknae." Yoongi hangs up and starts kissing on my neck. "I kiss here... Then kiss lower... Maybe I feel you? What do you think, kitten?"

I giggle and kiss his lips. "Why don't we stay home, in bed?"

"Nope. He teases you, I make you scream my name." Yoongi whispers in my ear. "You scream my name, cry out, and squirt..."

I start giggling and pull him on top of me, kissing him, and giggling.


  • Mar 30, 2024

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