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He's staying with me at my house, after all remodeling and additions were done. He's come to visit for my birthday. He says he has a surprise for me, but it makes me very nervous. We're dancing outside under the full moon. I'm giggling a lot while he whispers "my song" in my ear. He's holding me tightly to him,  hands around my waist. 

"I love how chubby you are, Kitten.. Always so soft." Yoongi smiles and kisses my forehead.

I know he doesn't mean it harshly, but my heart breaks. I decide I'm going to lose weight. I'm going to diet, exercise, and possibly get surgery to remove the extra skin. I'm going to do whatever it takes to but be chubby anymore. 

"Kitten, what's wrong beautiful?" Yoongi whispers in my ear and kisses my neck.

"Nothing really. My stomach is feeling upset... Guess i ate too much." My voice cracks, releasing my true feelings. 

"I'm sorry, Kitten.. I don't mean that as mean. I love you." Yoongi hugs my tighter and sighs happily.

I look up at the sky. "Look, Yoongiverse... The stars." I whisper and kiss his cheek. "Which is your favorite?"

He smiles and whispers "The stars in your eyes when you laugh." 

I feel myself blushing. We walk to our little spot that we set up with blankets and pillows on the ground. It's a little chilly outside and I'm already freezing. I shiver and he snickers a little.

We snuggle close to each other, and we start kissing. Our hands start exploring each other's body and whispering little proclamations of love.

"Let's go inside, Kitten. I need to explore more..." Yoongi smiles against my neck. I nod, looking at the stars.

We get up and start picking up the blankets. I'm bending over and i feel his hands on my hips, him pressing against me, and he growls softly. "Kitten, shibal... You're so perfect.." He presses against me harder and growls a little louder. I giggle and stand up, arms full of blankets. "Let's go to our room.." He points to the addition that was recently finished. I nod.

He opens the door and whispers "Welcome home, my wife." He throws the blankets on the floor and pulls me to the bed. He looks and laughs. "You bought pillows with my face? So you miss me that much? You moved all the posters in here? Where did you get those pictures?" He points to the mini posters of pre-meeting times.

"Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok, and Namjoon. They said i needed those for my 'collection' of pictures. So I had them made into posters. I just say I've found them online." I blush at the bedroom basically being a shrine to him. 

"We really need to move the posters. I feel like they're watching us." He laughs a little.

"You said that before... I only focus on you. I have compared your eyes in each picture. The posters on the side of the room, you look happy. Your eyes are all the same..." I go into more detail and he notices what I call his 'spark' and how I seem to be able to read him.

"Enough. I'm craving my sweet, baby Kitten. Baby girl, come here." Yoongi wraps his arms around me, sniffing my neck. "You smell like.... Flowers, vanilla, and pizza." He laughs and i feel his teeth on my neck.

"Flowers and vanilla sound like my lotion and perfume. Pizza? How pizza?" I finally speak after moaning softly from his breath on my neck.

He laughs and starts sucking on my neck, cupping my breasts in his hands, and softly purring. I start undoing his pants and hear them thud against the floor. He snickers as he slowly pulls away from me. We're standing in the brightly lit room until he smirks. "Alexa, turn off lights." The room immediately goes dark. The soft light from the full moon cascades in through the blinds.

We both finish undressing and lay on the bed. I can see his shape moving in the dark and hear the remote for the LED lights click. The room is softly lit in purple light, dancing around the room.

"Do you mind if it's dark? I think i just want the moonlight tonight..." I whisper, hoping my true feelings of hiding my body from him.

"Yes, I mind. I love seeing you. All of you." Yoongi says while rubbing my sides, kissing my face. "I love you, Kitten. You're my wife." His hand slowly moving lower my body. I feel absolutely loved and cherished.

I fight back tears while he starts kissing down my body, leaving a trail of light pink marks from where he sucks, leaving little hickeys. "I hate how my body marks up so easy.." i whisper.

"I love it. Look at my hand prints on your hips... Oh kitten... They look painful now.." His voice changes from full of lust to concern. "Do they hurt?" He softly rubs my hips, silently apologizing for the aggressive behavior earlier in the day.

"Don't hurt. I feel loved though." I look down in his eyes. He smiles really big and resumes his ritual.

He reaches my inner thighs, and I hear him sigh happily. I look down and start watching him lavish my sensitive clit with his tongue. My hips start rocking, matching his tongue movements. He pins my thighs down with his strong arms. He looks up at me and smiles.

I cover my mouth, keeping myself from screaming. My eyes start rolling in the back of my head, my body arches up to meet him, and he starts moaning while he savors me.

I whimper trying to push his head away, but I'm enjoying it too much. I start feeling my orgasm building, but wanting to squirt on his face. He can tell by my movements I'm getting close, so he increases his intensity of sucks, licks, and even inserts two of his magical fingers inside me. I feel myself tighten around his fingers and he growls loudly.

"Aww... My Kitten is so needy... She wants another finger? Want to try that? Hmmm?" He coos while fucking me with his fingers and rubbing his thumb against my swollen clit.

"No! You. Need you!" I squeak the words between moans and gasps. My fingers running through his hair, looking deeply into his eyes. "Please!" I squeal.

"Not yet, baby girl. Show how good you're feeling. If that's it, baby. Don't hold back. Show Yoongi." He draws his name out and purrs. "Give Yoongi what he wants.." He growls, returning his talented tongue to my overstimulated, swollen clit.

I cover my mouth, not able to hold back anymore, screaming his name, and squirting on his face and fingers.

"That's my baby girl. Give it all to Yoongi... Come on baby girl, just a little more.." He resumes his thrusting fingers inside me. My hips buck against him and i grind against his tongue.

"Grind one more out, baby girl." He growls while thrusting his fingers inside me more aggressively. His other hand softly squeezing my neck.

I instantly squirt all over him and he slurps at my juices, trying to get every last drop. He starts kissing back up my body, and i hear his groan.

"Yoongi, okay?" I moan breathlessly, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Just so hard for you. I need to fill l feel you." He whispers and i feel his hard cock press against my thigh and throb. I gasp softly and nod. "Put your legs on my hips." He growls. "Fucking wrap your legs around my hips!" He growls louder, looking into my eyes.

I wrap my legs around his hips and he growls loudly. "That's my baby girl.. Breathe with me, baby girl." He slowly and gently enters my swollen wetness. We both gasp and cling to each other.

Within a few thrusts, we're both breathing heavy, moaning each other's name, edging closer to orgasms. His pace picks up, his hips grinding into me.

"Fuck... Baby girl... Oh fuck... You're so swollen. Take it. Little longer, baby girl. You're such a good girl. Oh yeah. Rock your hips like that.. Shibal.. Kitten, I'm so close.." His have increases and intensity becomes frantic. He's pounding into me.

"On top.. please.." i moan, wanting to feel him thrusting up into me. He nods and holds me tightly to him and rolls us over so I'm on top. I adjust a little and start riding him, matching his pace. He starts shouting, squeezing my hips, telling me to slow down, but I only increase my movements. His body answers with equally increased movements. I bite my lip, to keep from screaming.

"I'm... I'm.." Yoongi yells and i just nod my head. My movements moving with a fervor we haven't felt in a long time.

Yoongi cums inside me, but i don't stop riding him, feeling every throb, every ache, and every pulse. He squeezes my hips even tighter, shouting Korean, still thrusting intensely into me.

"Think... Another?" I moan, looking down at him. Looking into his beautiful, love and lust filled eyes.

He nods, groaning, growling, and panting. I keep my chaotic pace up until he pushes me on the bed, pounding into me. He's close and experiencing something we've never done before. He shouts again and moves my legs higher on him, getting a more intense angle of penetration.

I start crying out his name, reaching for a pillow to cover my face.

"No! Fucking no!" He shouts, holding my face so i can't turn my head, forced into eye contact with him. His eyes not moving from mine. "I love you, Kitten. I love you. I love you so fucking much." 

I respond to him but it sounds like gibberish mixed with lustful moans. "Close?" I finally manage to moan.

He nods, a moan catching in his throat, his thrusting increasing. I bite his shoulder, pulling him closer, matching his movements.

He softly tilts my head up, looking into my eyes. We kiss and we both start crying. Our orgasms increasing, such intense emotions and physical pleasure becoming almost unbearable. I moan his name softly and we both climax simultaneously.

He collapses on me and pushes me into the mattress more. I can feel his seed starting to leak and i giggle. We start giggling after we catch our breath.

"How does it feel to be the first to get me to do that, Kitten?" Yoongi whispers while nuzzling against my cheek.

"Like you're never going to leave me.." I whisper back.

"Never leaving you. Might not be near physically, but in my heart.... Always in my heart. My beautiful, chubby baby girl." Yoongi kisses my lips softly. "Good thing there's a shower in here... We both need it." He laughs.

"You go first. I'll change sheets..." I sigh softly, feeling the wet spots.

"No. We change sheets then we shower. Together. We made mess, together. We clean, together." Yoongi kisses my lips softly. "First..." He stands up and throws blankets from the floor on the bed, covering the wet spots. "First, we cuddle." 

I nod, watching him gently tapping my legs, signaling which way to roll so he can make sure we have a dry spot to lay.

We snuggle close, both yawn, giggle, and start whispering useless nonsense but sprinkle in a few confessions of love.


  • Mar 27, 2024

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