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I'm laying on the bed, watching him pace talking on the phone. He looks so worried until he looks at me and smiles. His eyes show how stressed he is. We stayed up late, snuggling and stealing kisses, but we both seem to feel refreshed like we slept all night. 

I stick my leg out and stop him from pacing. He smiles softly at me and i run my foot up his leg. He smirks and shakes his head. I sit up and grab his hand. He doesn't take his eyes off me, watches me. I pull him closer to me and place his hand on my panties. Gray, matching his boxers. He says he likes knowing we match.

He winks and nods at me. I start grinding softly against his hand. Careful not to make any noise, just enough to keep his attention. He presses his hand hard against me and i gasp. He smirks his evil grin, knowing I'm in danger. He's enjoying this.. Too much.

He mutes his phone and whispers "You better not make any noise. I want to feel you." I nod, understanding his rules. If i make any noise, he's going to 'punish' me by making me scream his name, laying in a puddle, while he feels accomplished.

I start grinding more against his hand. He stares into my eyes, nodding his head slowly, occasionally answering to whatever is going on over the phone. I wrap my legs around his waist, grinding more, covering my mouth to keep my noises to a minimum. He holds the phone with his shoulder and pulls his boxers down. I gasp loudly, seeing how aroused he is.

He moves his hand off of me and pulls my panties down. He looks in my eyes, smiles, and nods. Our way of asking "Are you okay with doing this, baby? It's okay if you don't want to. I still love you.' i sigh deeply and nod back. 'Yes, i would love to try this. I'm dying to feel you.' My nod responds.

He slowly rubs against my wetness, biting his lip so he doesn't growl, like every time. He mutes the phone, growls whispering to me "Slow. Just feeling, every inch. You better take it all, baby girl." He slowly, agonizingly slow, enters me. I mewl, looking into his eyes, begging for more. He shakes his head, his phone unmuted. 

I can hear arguing over the phone when he leans his head on my chest, trying to control his breathing. I'm grinding against him, rocking my hips, knowing he goes crazy. I have my hand over my mouth, able to make some noise but not much. He looks up in my eyes. I see how close he's getting. I take his phone, hang up and throw it across the room, grinding against him more, pulling at his arms. 

He grabs my hips, pulls me closer to the edge of the bed and growls. He bites my neck, growling louder, almost yelling. I scream his name, tightening around him. He pushes me into the mattress more, thrusting hard, fast, and feel into me. His phone rings and we don't look. Only lost in each other's eyes. "Scream my name, baby. Let all of Seoul hear who's fucking you.." he whispers. I mewl at him and he grabs my throat. "FUCKING SCREAM!" He yells, close to climaxing.

I scream his name, wrap my legs tighter around him, whimpering "Please, Yoongi... Inside me... Please baby..." He nods, moving his other hand between us, rubbing my clit. I cry out, pushing harder against him. He yells my name and that he loves me. I scream his name and we climax at the same time.

"I think i should answer it... It's been ringing nonstop for 5 minutes..." He sighs and gets up, slowly pulling out of me. I mewl, trying to push against him but he just smirks. I slide off the bed, kneeling between him and the bed. I look in his eyes and start cleaning him. He jumps and taps my head, but i ignore it.

"Yoongi?" A voice calls from the hallway. "Yoongi?" The voice is getting closer.

He starts laughing and shouts something. "You better clean faster, baby." I obey, licking, sucking, and kissing my juices off him. He pulls his boxers up as i pull my shirt down, hiding the fact I'm still without my panties right as the door opens.

The man I've met before is standing there, mouth open, huge grin on his face, eyes huge. "Better get dressed.... Answer phone.." He winks and closes the door.

"Why do i feel like we got caught by your Father?" I whisper, sighing heavily. He laughs, rubbing my cheek, looking lovingly down at me. "I feel happiest right here... Kneeling at your feet, hugging your waist, looking in your eyes..." I whisper. He sighs, smiling his absolutely adorable gummy smile, and his eyes are happy.

There's a knock at the door and he screams something but I'm just nuzzling against his hip. 


I'm sitting on the floor with Jimin, wearing my pajamas and he's putting makeup on me. Jungkook is brushing my hair and we're laughing and talking about tattoos. We decide we're going to get matching tattoos. Jimin finishes my makeup and Jungkook says he's going to wait until I'm dressed to finish my hair. I keep saying I'm going to wear it down, which they both disagree with.

Jimin is going through my closet, getting upset i don't have sexy dresses. I keep laughing and Jungkook says i should just wear lingerie. Yoongi walks into the bedroom and watches us. The three of us are laughing and don't notice him.

"Sister, did you really get walked in on by him?" Jungkook asks.

"Kind of. We were done but i was hugging him... It's not a secret really... That we.... Ya know?" I say, my voice is full of embarrassment.

"Yoongi seem happier with you, Kitten Sister." Jimin says holding clothes up getting better looks at them before putting them back.

"Why don't we leave, get you new dress, meet your husband at party? He will be fine without seeing you." Jungkook says.

"He might be fine, but i won't be. He always zips my dresses.. Nobody but him. Plus he always picks the necklace out.. I will cry and miss that." I notice my voice has a whimper to it.

"Oh shut up, wife." Yoongi says with a laugh. I gasp, crawl over to him, giggling and kneel in front of him. He laughs and pats my head. "You look beautiful. Always look so beautiful."

I kiss his hand and he holds my hands, looking down at me. I giggle looking in his eyes. His eyes say he loves me. He blushes with me kneeling in front of him in my pajamas. 

"Tell her you can miss one night of zipping her dress. We need to go get her something. It's my birthday. I choose." Jimin says while laughing. "All these dresses aren't good enough. I know what she needs."

I don't take my eyes off him. He rubs my cheek softly, careful not to mess up the makeup. He taps my shoulder and i stand up, not taking my eyes off him.

"Damn. Did you see how are stood up?! Fuck.." Jungkook laughs and starts shouting something but all I'm consumed with is Yoongi's eyes. 

"Go with them. I'll unzip the dress. Send pictures. I'll be waiting, Kitten." Yoongi whispers and kisses my neck. "Wear the perfume i like. Take it with you too. I want to smell it in every room I enter tonight." I nod and whimper softly.

"Oh sick. Stop you love birds. You're stupid." Jimin laughs. "Put this on. We're leaving. Not long before party." 

I nod, already missing Yoongi. I hug him and smell his hair. I just inhale his scent and sigh. He hugs me tightly and kisses my neck. "Kitten, it won't be long. Don't miss me." Yoongi whispers.

I'm just feeling extra emotional and i blame my hormones regulating from not having birth control. I cling to him and whimper again. "Been without you long enough..." I whisper and I feel him squeezing me tighter.

"Go, Kitten. I'll find you. No worries. I worry more about you being flirted with. Everyone knows I'm yours, baby girl. Now. What color are you wearing?" He kisses my forehead.

"Black. She's going to wear a black dress and show off her tattoo." Jimin says. "She's your Kitten. She might as well show off your name." 

Yoongi's eyes get big and I shrug. "Yeah. I think that would good. Nobody would ever flirt with her again." He gives me the "look" and I shiver. He nods and smirks. "Make sure the whole tattoo is showing." I blush knowing how low the dress will be. Yoongi places his hands on my lower back and rubs. "My hand won't leave this spot... Make sure she wears a coat. She gets cold." 

Jimin takes my hand and pulls me away. "Yes, Father. Your girl will be safe. Come on. You need this dress." And the three of us walk out.


"Holy shit, Kitten.... I'm getting aroused! Fuck." Jungkook starts laughing looking at me. I'm standing in front of the mirror, pulling my hair up and watching it hide Yoongi's name down my spine.

"Brother, do you think Yoongi will like?" I ask.

"Oh yeah. You'll probably be pregnant tonight." Jungkook laughs harder.

I keep looking at my shape in the mirror, noticing curves being highlighted by the fabric. Jimin hugs me and says "Yoongi will love this. He will lose his mind... Have a coat as well. You ready? Everything is ready for us to leave. You need your hair done."

I nod, following them out. Jungkook keeps covering my back and i look at him confused. "Yoongi sees it first. We don't count." 

"You both count. You mostly count... You were with me when I got it done... Thank you for being my brother." I hug Jungkook tightly and he sighs.

We get in the car and I hold their hands, trying to gather strength knowing this will become a night nobody forgets.

I'm sitting next to Jimin, watching a bunch of people give him little gifts and hug him. I keep looking at the door, waiting for Yoongi. I finally see him walk in. He's not smiling until he spots me. I stand up and make my way through the crowd. He hugs me and kisses my neck.

"I smell your perfume over everything. Did you run around spraying it?" He laughs softly in my ear. I nod my head. He laughs harder and takes a step back. "Show me this dress. Take the jacket off." I turn so my back is to him. I slowly take the jacket off and I hear him gasp. "Kitten.... Now slowly turn and show me.." I slowly spin in a circle so he can see the dress I'm wearing. "Now. We hide now." I nod, looking in his eyes.

He takes my jacket, my hand, and starts pulling me down s hallway. He pushes me into a bathroom and sets me on a sink, tearing at our clothes.

"Now. Need you so much. Kitten, help." He growls undoing his pants. "Quick meal. Don't care. Scream, squirt, cry, don't care...." He pushes my legs apart forcefully and i giggle. He smirks, kissing my lips with a devotion I've never known. "Cling, Kitten..." He lifts his shirt up, pressing against my skin.

He slowly enters me, allowing me to become adjusted to him. He smiles and kissing me, thrusting hard into me. We neither last long and are panting holding each other.

"Don't put them back on. Give them to me." Yoongi points to my panties hanging on my right ankle. I nod and lift my leg. He puts them his pocket and smiles. "Let's go back. Everyone needs to see my beautiful Kitten."

He tucks his shirt back in, and kisses my forehead. I don't even check my makeup because i don't care.


"He did what?!" Jimin shouts in my ear over the music. "You made him do what?! Noooooooo. No way!" Jimin squeezes my hand and we are both watching Yoongi doing shots.

"Ha ha I'm in terrible trouble.... Look at the way he's keeps glancing over here.. He's thinking about me... That look only means one thing." I shout to Jimin.

Yoongi waves and I wave back. He motions for me and I nod, standing up knowing everyone is going to be watching the loud Yoongi.

I slowly walk towards him, wishing I had my jacket hiding my tattoo. The music stops and it's so quiet I swear everyone can hear my heartbeat.

"Kitten!!!" Yoongi yells. He runs to me and hugs me tightly, lifting me and spinning me. "Everyone knows you're mine now. If you ever need me, scream my name." He whispers. I smell the soju on his breath and just smile.

I kiss his forehead and laugh. He places my feet back on the ground and I follow him to the bar. I wrap my arms around his waist and he goes back to yelling, laughing, and doing shots. "I'm craving your taste..." I whisper in his ear. He picks me back up and runs out of the giant party, back to our bathroom. 

He starts stripping me and himself while I kiss him. "I'm going to make you scream my name so loud.." He bites my neck gently and I moan softly. "I love you, Kitten. My sweet, Kitten."


After our third trip to the bathroom I'm holding him tightly, giggling. He kisses my forehead, good hair sticking to his. We are lost in each other's eyes then there's a knock on the door. Yoongi yells something and starts pulling his pants up and i have him zip my dress up. 

The door gets thrown open when I'm hugging him, nuzzling against his cheek. We look innocent enough and I still giggle feeling nervous.

Jungkook winks from the little crowd standing at the door. I notice from my side that my tattoo stands out even more with the dress outlining my back like a frame. So i decide to use that as a ploy, the reason we're in the bathroom alone.

"Yoongiverse..." He smiles at me, knowing I only call him that when I'm feeling really lovey dovey. "I agree with you... The dress does look life a frame on a picture. I think i chose the perfect font... I think the next dress, i would get thicker sides to frame better. What do you think?" I use my phone to see the mirror.

Yoongi looks over my shoulder and nods. "Yes. I also said a thinner sides would highlight it more i think."

"Are you kidding me? My skin would me breaking up the fabric and the tattoo. I think if i had just a dress with the back cut out would be best. Oh, hey Kookie! Come here!!! Help decide. Have you seen Jiji? Or Taetae? Or Joonie bug? JinJin didn't really seem to have an opinion... HopHop didn't seem to think looking at my back was appropriate.... Kookie butt!!!" I wave and Jungkook. He smiles and walks over looking over my other shoulder. "What do you think? More skin showing or less?"

Jungkook winks at me and laughs. I playfully slap at him. Yoongi hugs me and starts shouting and laughing. Before i know it, the crowd is gone and Yoongi kisses me passionately.

"Damn. You missed her that much?" Kookie laughs. "Yeah, she's going to be pregnant tonight..." He walks out laughing.

"Husband...? Your wife thinks we need to go home... She wants to scream for the neighbors." I whisper.

"Oh? My wife wants to scream for the neighbors? Not for me? Really?" Yoongi kisses me again and I mewl. "Let's go home. I'll order a car... We better say goodbye to everyone." I nod and spray my perfume again. "You know, i smell your perfume and i just crave you so much."

I giggle, take my heels off, and walk holding Yoongi's hand back to the party. Jimin is center of the floor, dancing, looking beautiful as always. Jimin runs over to me, giggling.

"What's up, Jiji?" I shout.

"Someone heard you screaming his name!" Jiji shouts back. "Look at him. So obsessed with you!"

"He is looking at his name down my spine." I shout and we both giggle and hug.

Yoongi and I say bye to everyone he knows and all of his band members whisper how beautiful i look. I hug them all and kiss their cheeks. Jungkook is the one that makes a big deal out of it. We both laugh and finally walk out. I put my heels back on but Yoongi says he'll carry me to the car.

I'm on his back and i whisper "If i was on your front, you'd be bumping into me while walking.." we both laugh. 

We talk the ride home and he carries me to the door. He's singing and I'm smitten. Every day i find myself Loving him more and more.


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