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It's one sided love
Not allowed to love that human with all
My heart 
My heart wouldn't listen, feelings are stubborn ain't they ?
They really don't know when to give up
For how long am I supposed to continue this race
Is there a finish line?

My feelings for him won't diminish
No matter how hard I try to resist them
I'm stuck in a cycle of pain
But my heart won't refrain 
It's like I'm trapped in a maze
But my heart won't be swayed
How can I break free from this spell.
And finally bid farewell 

I know I have to move on 
But my heart won't play along 
No matter what I try to do
I just keep coming back to you
It's like a never-ending loop
Of longing and endless pursuit 
I'm stuck in this endless dance 
With no way to advance 

Unrequited love 
A story as old as time
The heart yearns for what it cannot have
But it won't be denied
It clings to hope ,it holds on tight 
But the outcome is never right 
The heart is strong but cannot win
When love is one sided again and again 


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