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We're walking in there airport in Tokyo. I'm clinging to him and keep giggling. He smiles at me and whispers "If i didn't know better, i would say you're excited to see Kyo." I nod my head and squeal. He laughs and kisses my hand. He starts texting someone and I'm standing next to him bouncing and giggling.

My phone starts ringing and i pull it out of my pocket. I see Kyo on the screen. I look puzzled and show Yoongi my phone. He laughs and answers my phone. They're talking and I'm back to squealing and bouncing.

"He says he called you to talk to you." Yoongi says laughing. I just look at him funny and keep squealing and dancing silly. "Wife.... Kitten... Look, baby girl. Talk to your friend." 

I take my phone and scream "Onii-chan!!!!" Kyo starts laughing and asks why I'm so excited. I start rambling places we're going to see and how Yoongi said he was going to dinner with us. I scream "Sakè battle!!!!!" Kyo starts laughing and says he'll be at our hotel in 5 hours. I squeal and hand my phone to Yoongi.

Yoongi starts recording me being silly and squealing. I hug him and squeal "We're going to see Onii-san! Danna-sama, we're going to see Onii-san!"  I'm holding his hand looking at everything and squeal over everything. "We need to bring my bestie here again...."

Yoongi kisses my forehead and nods. "We will. I know she's like you. Would you be okay if she and Kyo dated?" I nod. "Would you be okay if Kyo said he wanted to marry her?" I nod again. Yoongi smirks and says "Would you be okay if Kyo said he wanted to marry you?" I make a face and shake my head no.

"Kyo wouldn't say that! He's dating someone now. I think he said her name is Yuki. He said he thought about bringing her to meet us. Anyway, i don't like Kyo that way. Maybe over 20 years ago but not now. It was a crush. We were the same height.. Anyway. Most important topic here is in married to you. You're my Husband. I don't care about anyone but you."

Yoongi smiles really big at me and kisses my forehead. "I know, baby girl. Just feeling insecure i guess. You seem to happy to see him."

I nod. "He's my Onii-san. That's why. He's my older brother. He's a good friend. Still can't believe you made a song with him.... All because i like his music?"

Yoongi nods. "I knew watching you cry during that bug song. His lyrics were like mine and you felt them." I nod. "You haven't played the bug song lately."

I nod.  "It's about being damaged. I'm sure you've looked into the lyrics..." He nods.

We follow the way to the car Yoongi ordered. He's driving, like normal, and i have my hand on his leg. He keeps looking over at me and laughing. I ask what he's laughing at and he just shakes his head.

We get to the hotel and i send Kyo a text with a picture of Yoongi and i. "We're at the hotel, Onii-san!" Yoongi asks why i don't call any of his brothers anything but brother. I say it's because I'm older than them. Kyo is older than me so i call him Onii-san. Yoongi laughs and says he says he forgets my age a lot.

Yoongi starts laughing and says "You know, Kitten... Jungkook thinks you're younger than him. He has said a few times he doesn't know why you don't call him anything but his name or brother." I just nod and lean against Yoongi.

I kiss his shoulder. Yoongi looks at me and i giggle. He smirks and nods his head. I nod at him.

"Kitten, this is the same hotel we stayed at before we went to hot springs... I promise i won't make you scream like that again." He kisses my forehead and takes my dress off.

"Why not? Why won't you make me scream?" I kiss his chest and take his shirt off him and start undoing his belt and pants.

"I won't make you scream, but I'll make you enjoy it." He smirks at me and steps out of his pants, pulling me to the edge of the couch we were sitting on. "I might make you scream. I don't know what will happen." He smiles against my neck and starts kissing it.

I get lost in feeling him and before we both know it, we're collapsed onto one another, sweaty, breathing heavy, and kissing softly. 

"Yoongi, why is it always so amazing? Each time... It's amazing. Even the not amazing times, are still really fucking good. Like your worst has been former's best..." He starts laughing and kisses my lips.

"You don't need to say that, Kitten. I'm already hopeless when it comes to you..." He snuggles closer to me and i look in his eyes. "You aren't lying... I could say the same to you."

I look at him feeling confused. "What?"

He looks at me, kisses my forehead, sweat drying. "Your worst day is better than former's best... You really love me. Not about what i can give you. Only about how many times I kiss you. Let's go back home. You okay with that?"

"Could we go tomorrow morning? Onii-san said he wanted to see us... Onii-san wants us to meet his new girlfriend. He seems really excited about it..." I just want to be with him, doesn't matter what we're doing or where we are. "Onii-san said we can call him Onii-chan... He really likes us. I think the fact we invited him to our wedding..." Yoongi hugs me and laughs. "Why are you laughing?" I look up at him.

"Kitten... It's not me. It's you. Kyo said for you to call him Onii-chan. I just get it because I'm your husband." Yoongi keeps laughing and kissing my forehead, top of my head, and nose. "You really have no idea...."

"I have no idea at all...  Kyo-san said both...." I'm really confused. "What are you implying, Mister Min Yoongi?" I poke his nose and giggle.

"I'm implying that Kyo-san has a crush on you. The first conversation you both had... He looked at you. Not just to you but AT you. Then you both were speaking German. You would laugh and i wondered what he was saying to make you laugh. I felt jealous. Then i noticed what you used to call me.." Yoongi takes a deep breath and sighs loudly. "Then we drank soju together.. Our game... You explained the word.. You looked serious.. I knew i could never lose you." He pulls me closer to you, hugging me tightly, kissing me.

I start tearing up, looking in his eyes. "I won't lose you. You're mine, bitch!" We start laughing but i notice he's tearing up. I cup his face and keep kissing him. I sit on top of him and he starts pressing against me.

I reach down, guide him inside me, not taking my eyes off his. He thrusts into me and smirks. He holds my face, whispering he loves me more than anything. I feel tears running down my face and he rolls us over so he's on top. He's doing slow and gentle, i try to get him to go harder. He shakes his head. The only words spoken are "i love you so much, baby" from both of us. I claw at his back, looking in his eyes trying to plead with him going harder, and kissing him.

"Kitten, just slow... Let's do slow this time. Next time I'll be mean to you." Yoongi growls and bites my neck. I cry out and cover my mouth. "That's my baby girl... Liking this? So gentle... Just feeling you." He whispers in my ear, kissing my neck. I cry out again. "Baby close? Is my baby girl close?"

I whimper and nod. I look in his eyes, still crying, clinging to him, kissing him, and whimpering. "I love you, Yoongi. I love you so much."

"I love you, Kitten. My wife. My beautiful, beautiful, wife. Baby... Finish with me.." Yoongi growls, grinds his hips against me and i cry out. 

We look deeply in each other's eyes and orgasm at the same time. We're cuddling again, kissing each other, and rubbing each other's cheeks.

"We better take a shower and get dressed.. I don't know if i want Kyo-san seeing me naked, you pressed against me..." I whisper, kiss Yoongi again, and Yoongi laughs.

"I don't think i want your brother to see me naked either..." Yoongi laughs. "I guess i could go back inside you.. Kiss me some more and I'll go inside again..." Yoongi kisses me and laughs.

We both get up and he nudges me and points at the bed. I refuse to look and i see Yoongi getting his phone. "For our secret account..." He takes the picture of the wet spot. He's always proud whenever there's a wet spot. I shake my head walking into the bathroom.

"Baby, come here.. " Yoongi calls to me and i start the shower and head to him. When i walk out of the bathroom, he pins me against the wall. "'Daddy and I are going on vacation. I hope he pins me against a wall and ruins my holes ' Really Kitten? You post that!? Oh you are going to ruined tonight... Let's shower. I'll pick out what you should wear."

I giggle and hurry to the shower. He climbs in and I start washing his back. He turns and kisses my lips, whispering in my ear, causing me to shiver. He moves my hands down, cleaning him. He reaches down and starts cleaning me. He whispers more and I whimper.

"Daddy, i love you so much. Do you know how much?" I whisper in his ear drying him off. He looks in my eyes and nods. He pushes me, gently, against the wall. 

Yoongi smirks and starts squeezing my breasts, sighing. "Kitten, they're so big..." Yoongi starts rubbing my nipples between his thumbs and first fingers. "Yes, I know how much you love me. Do you know how much I love you, baby girl?"

The moment he squeezes my nipples, i moan softly. "Yes, i know how much you love me." I claw at his back softly. "Daddy... We better get dressed..." We start giggling, pressing our foreheads together. "We are really like kids... Always touching each other, huh?" He nods, hugging me close to him.

I see our clothes laid out on the chairs. I start getting dressed but notice there's no panties. Yoongi smirks while i look around. "No, you didn't lose them. I don't want you to wear any.." i blush at him.

"Please! This skirt is short! Someone might see..." I start pleading with him.

"It's not that short. It's almost to your knees." Yoongi motions for me to come closer to him. I stand next to him. "I want this because I might need a snack..." He lifts my skirt, looking. "Lay on the coffee table in front of me. I want to taste."

I shiver, but still lay on the coffee table, worried it won't hold me. Yoongi lifts my skirt and starts kissing up my legs, sucking on my inner thighs. I feel myself getting soaked again. I look down and see him looking up at me. His tongue licking my inner thighs. "Daddy! Please!!!" I squeal.

Yoongi smirks and starts devouring me. My swollen clit, throbbing against his tongue flicks. His finger inside me. My hips grinding and rocking. My body loving every second. I hear him slurping and I get loud and he moans. He looks in my eyes and starts slowing down. "No squirting right now. Stay there baby. I'll clean you up.. You're so wet." He rubs my clit hard and i squeal. "So wet."

I sigh, legs open, waiting for him to come back. He comes back, face washed and he starts washing my thighs, kissing me.


We're snuggling on the the couch, he's flipping channels on the TV, when there's a knock on the door. He nudges me and kisses my forehead. "Wear the heels with the bows. They'll look good on you." I nod and put them on while he answers the door. 

I hear him talking and i poke my head out. I see Kyo-san and i scream "Onii-chan!!! Onii-chan!!" I take my heels off and run into him. Kyo laughs and hugs me tightly.

"You look phenomenal! You both ready? Yuki is waiting for us in the lobby. She is nervous about meeting you both." Kyo looks nervous but excited. I notice he's looking more at Yoongi than me. I feel relieved.

"Yeah. Kitten needs to put her shoes on.... Kitten.... Heels.... Let's go. Got your coat and purse, baby." Yoongi says, and when we walk out of the room he places his hand on my lower back. I look at Yoongi and noticed he's only an inch shorter than me. I look down and notice he's wearing taller shoes again. I wink at him. He smiles.

"You both talk without words a lot don't you?" Kyo says watching Yoongi and i. We start laughing and Yoongi goes into this whole dramatic rant about how we've talk without words often. I laugh at Yoongi being dramatic.

"You don't need to be jealous, Daddy.. i only want and need your cock.." I whisper in his ear when we get to the lobby. I know nobody would hear but him. He glares at me and pushes against my leg. I feel that phrase's effect. I blush and giggle. He winks and we follow Kyo.

Kyo calls out to someone, and i see a chubby, adorable woman standing, waving to him. Yoongi elbows me and nods, looking in my eyes. I shake my head. 

"Yuki..." Kyo says. He stands next to her and i notice he's 5-7 inches shorter than her. He looks incredibly happy. "Yoongi. Kitten." His hand goes around her.

"I think she's beautiful. You better not fuck it up, Onii-chan." I say, in German. Kyo laughs. "Nice to meet you, Yuki-san." I offer my hand but i hug her.

"Hi. Nice to meet you. She's cute, Onii-chan." Yoongi says and winks at Kyo.

"Let's go eat! Enough talking, more eating!" I shriek and hug Yoongi. Yoongi whispers he told me so. "I think he's just happy." I whisper.

"Okay, lovebirds. Let's go." Kyo is holding the door to a taxi open and i kiss Yoongi's cheek.


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