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I'm sitting next to Jungkook, looking through books of tattoos of writing. My leg keeps twitching and i am chewing my nails. "You really think he will like it? I mean.... I haven't told him about this... He doesn't know I'm thinking about this.. You trust this guy?" 

Jungkook puts his arm around my shoulders and smiles. I start randomly saying things, getting more nervous. Jungkook hands me a pack of cigarettes and nods. I light one with shaking hands. "Sister, yes. I trust this guy. If you're not sure how you want it to look, explain what you want. He can help design it. Also, your spine? That's going to really, really hurt..." He hugs me. I nod. "You're sure?"

"Yeah. He doesn't know what's what I'm getting... Nobody but you know really. Oh fuck... Am i stupid? I'm really planning on getting his fucking name tattooed on me... Am i stupid? Am i foolish?" I cover my face with my hands and rest my arms on my knees. Whispering 'stupid.'

"If the woman i loved got my name on her spine... Neither of us would walk for a week... I would be too busy..." He smirks. "She would definitely be pregnant afterwards.. I would probably cry. You know, he's never had acting this serious before. He..." Jungkook hugs me. "Sister... Hey.... Listen to me. Yoongi... Yoongi hasn't been in love like this before. Look. We've been close for years now, all of us. He's had flings but never flew anyone besides family anywhere. Remember when we went to Japan? He picked. He said you liked Japan. He decided we were going, no matter what. All of us. He wanted us to know he was in love with you. The hot springs, his Idea because of you. That whole trip was for you. Then flying you to Germany.. He kept talking nonstop about how you were German. He kept pointing at women comparing them to you. Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok and i ended up sleeping with German fans because of all the shit he talked about you. Are all German women like that?" He laughs and hugs me tightly to him. 

I don't feel like he's hitting on me or anything. I feel like he's trying to cheer me up. Calm my nerves.  I giggle and hug him back. "What else about him?" I whisper.

Jungkook takes my cigarette and starts smoking. "When he flew you to that place.. Before New York... He was so nervous he didn't sleep the night before. He talked about you nonstop. Compared other girlfriends to you. You didn't ask for anything. Most he's known ask for gifts. You didn't. He kept saying you were special. I said mean things about you, more teasing him. I didn't mean them... I feel bad now..." He puts the cigarette out and lights two more, hands me one. "Yoongi... He got so mad we called you mystery woman. He would yell your name or yell that you were Kitten. So protective. We all knew he was in love. Worried about him.. See... Music is first for Yoongi. His other girlfriends couldn't handle that. They would complain, flirt with us, and ask him for things. One girlfriend said to him in front of all us that she didn't like..." He blushes a little and rocks his hips. "You know... Yoongi looked hurt. She said he's only good...." Jungkook sticks his tongue out. "That was why Yoongi would stick his tongue out all the time. More for her. Then they broke up. He finally broke it off. Thank God."

I nod my head, remembering the conversations Yoongi and i had. Yoongi told me everything so far, except about me. He doesn't really talk about us much. I always thought he felt it would jinx us. I hold Jungkook's hand and keep looking at him, whispering to tell me more.

Jungkook nods and takes my cigarette again, smoking it. "Yoongi didn't have to say anything, we all knew. We knew about New York. He couldn't stop hugging you and kissing on you. We all noticed you both would disappear and he'd be kissing on you more and you'd be giggling. None of us said anything in front of you. Unless it was in Korean... That's why he started teaching you Korean. So we'd stop." Jungkook laughs and checks his phone. "See? Yoongi from after New York." He shows pictures and i notice his smile is brighter, genuine, and his eyes are shining more. I nod and smile. "You did that. Even now, he's texting asking if you're okay. I said we were buying him birthday gift. I said i would make you eat. So what do you like to eat besides Yoongi?"

I laugh really loud and blush. "I love food. Honestly. I'm sure you remember when i first met everyone... I'm half the size now. So loving food was never an issue. I just... I guess i was eating my emotions. I wasn't happy... You pick, Kookie. I'm paying. Well... Yoongi is.. Shit.... What should i get him for his birthday?"

Jungkook smiles and says "Your gift is all that matters. Plus this is the first time he's agreed to celebrate in all those years. You made him celebrate. I've heard you complain to him. 'No, Yoongi. We celebrate you. The day you came into this Earth. You are important to me. Shut up.' Everyone laughed when you said that. He just nodded and agreed."

I giggle and nod. "He will have at least one good birthday party. Even if he wants to hide. Okay.... I've decided between these three. Which do you think?" I show Jungkook the fonts and he explains the differences. I decide on the second. It was historically used for royalty. I decide on black because it will stand out best.

Jungkook holds my hand while the tattoo is done. I feel awkward having my back and side boob exposed to him, but he's comforting. I talk about my exes. Jungkook laughs a lot heading about my past, well all but during one moment. He just stares and tears up. "Yeah, Yoongi knows.... I told him the night before i left Korea... We were both a little drunk... He held me and said nothing would happen to me again... Can you play the new song? I need to hear his voice...I miss him." I feel the tears falling and Jungkook says something in Korean. I shake my head no. "No. Keep going. He says I'll always have him protecting me... Now, he'll always have my back." Jungkook starts playing songs that only Yoongi sings in and i just get lost in his voice. "My Yoongi..." I whisper to myself.

Jungkook kneels on the floor, looking in my eyes. "You mean that.... You really do love him... Good. I wouldn't want to hurt you." He winks and kisses the top of my head. 

I start shaking from the tattoo but don't allow the artist to stop. I close my eyes and think of Yoongi. Our first meeting, our first kiss, our first time. I think about how he opens his eyes after feeling for me. He always looks for me in a crowd. He squeezes my hand when i start to tremble from nerves. He is always strong. So strong. I have to do this.

"Okay. Finished." Jungkook says. He rubs my head while i sob. "It looks beautiful, Sister. He will love it. Your Husband will love it." He kisses the top of my head.

"May i see?" I start to move but Jungkook says no. He takes a picture and shows me. "It looks more beautiful than i pictured.... Now i need to hope it heals by his birthday..." I laugh and wipe my eyes.

"He better love it. We will all kill him if he doesn't. I know! You should get backless dress to wear for his birthday! Wear your hair down and nobody knows. That's it! We go shopping. I'll call Jimin. He is perfect for this!" Jungkook starts calling, he turns around and closes his eyes. I put my shirt back on and realize the placement was perfect. I can still wear a bra while it's healing. I hop off the table and hug the tattoo artist and cry.

Jungkook pats his arm and i try pay but Jungkook pays instead. There's some confusion on the artist's face because of the tattoo but Jungkook winks. He holds his arm out and i link my arm through his. We start talking about getting lunch but he keeps saying 'meal' and smirking. I slap him each time.

"You know, Sister. I like meals and snacks too. I'm the youngest. I need more meals and snacks." He whispers and i blush.

"Those are for my Husband...." I whisper.

"I'm talking about getting food. What are you talking about?" He laughs. He drives to Jimin's. Jimin comes running and screaming.

Jimin pulls me into the backseat, lifting my shirt. "Sister, i need to see! You have to show me!" I start fighting against him when i notice Jungkook is watching. "Stop looking at my sister!" Jungkook covers his eyes and i lift my shirt up. "Oh sister..." Jimin breathes heavily. "That is beautiful. So beautiful. Yoongi is so lucky."

I giggle and respond "I'm the lucky one."


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