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We're sitting outside together. I'm reading a book, he's on his laptop working. I randomly lean over and kiss him. He always turns and smiles at me. I lean over and see how far he's gotten.

"Baby?" I whisper in his ear. I watch as a smile spreads across his face. "Baby?" I whisper again. He doesn't say anything but he looks at me. "I guess my Husband is too busy..." I kiss his neck and he groans softly. "Oh my Husband....." I wrap my arms around his shoulders and kiss his neck. He smirks at me, his eyes not leaving me. "Yoongiverse..." He starts laughing and hugs me.

"Yes, my wife? You need something?" He looks in my eyes, and i just melt. "Kitten? Are you okay?" I nod, looking in his eyes. "What did you need, Kitten?" He rubs my cheek. 

I can't stop looking in his eyes, noticing they've changed. His eyes are softer almost. I kiss his shoulder and I can't remember what i was going to say. He rubs my cheek again. "You need to eat! You've only drank soju and beer today!" I end up shouting, not meaning to.

He smiles and sips his beer. "Liquid bread as you say." He lifts it in the air and puts it on the table. "Just not hungry. Wanting to get this done." He looks worried and rubs his eyes.

"Let's go inside... I can open windows... You can sit at the table and I'll make you something to eat." I rub his knee and kiss his shoulder again. I lean my head against his shoulder, running my fingers through his hair.

He nods and sighs. He rubs his eyes again, and leans on me. I start rubbing the back of his neck. "What are you stuck on, baby?" I tap his shoulder and he turns so his back is against me. I start rubbing his back and neck, trying to ease the stress he's feeling.

"This beat. This song. Shiball." He groans and i can tell he's closed his eyes, enjoying the massage. "Sounds good, but something missing. So lost." He sighs loudly and groans again.

"Take a break... I'll make some lunch, we can talk, and I'll kiss you. The usual." I whisper in his ear, my arms wrapped around him. "You know how i worry about you." He nods and kisses my hands.

"No need to worry, Kitten. My problem. I'll figure it out. I'll just be cranky." He laughs softly, but he knows i would rather have his cranky than nothing.

"Save everything and we will eat together." I kiss the back of his neck and pull him closer to me. "Come on, baby."

He nods and i watch him click, type, and finally close his laptop. He picks up his laptop, holds my hand, and we walk inside. "Are the windows open already?" He looks at me a little confused. I nod and point towards the table. He places his laptop and phone down, and comes hug me from behind.

I sigh happily and kiss his hands. He starts nuzzling against my neck and I'm giggling like crazy. "What would you like? I can make pasta, we have everything..  i can make the one you eat the whole pot a few weeks ago... Or i can do a lacy lunch.. What do you...?"

He grabs my face and kisses me. I pull him closer to me, and feel the counter pressing into my lower back. It starts to ache but i don't care. I ignore the pain, pulling him closer to me. He places his hands on my hips and taps my hips. I jump up and he lifts me on the counter. I giggle and squeeze him in a tight hug.

"You worry too much, Kitten. I'll cook. You always make food. Let your husband make food for you. Deal? You eat your whole plate. Right?" He nods, looking in my eyes. I find myself nodding with him. He hugs me tightly and i wrap my legs around him. He laughs softly and whispers "Kitten, how did you grow so tall? So tall now." I laugh into his hair, breathing in his scent. He kisses my lips and sighs.

I watch him going through the fridge and starts cutting up carrots. I hop off the counter, and hug him from behind. He turns his head, chewing a carrot. I kiss his cheek and playfully bite his shoulder. He laughs and pops a carrot in my mouth. I playfully snap my teeth like I'm going to bite him. He laughs harder and feeds us more pieces of carrots. He puts music on and starts dancing, mostly being silly and i slap his butt. He laughs and wiggles his butt.

I wiggle my butt at him and he grabs my hips, pulling me closer to him. I giggle and keep wiggling my butt. He grinds against me and i turn to look at him. He winks and goes back to making lunch. I sigh and kiss his cheek. "Husband?" I whisper in his ear. He looks at me and kisses my lips softly. "Husband?" I whisper against his lips. 

He smiles and kisses me again. "After we eat. Okay? Can my Kitten wait?" He smirks and winks. I nod and hug him again. He breathes in deep and kisses my cheek. "Don't wear that perfume tomorrow. Only i smell you like this." I look confused at him. "It smells amazing on you.. Makes me crazy. I crave you..."

I blush and nod against his chest. I feel my heart pounding and i can't stop looking at him. He finishes making our lunch but I'm not hungry. He sets everything up on the table and he kisses my cheek. We sit next to each other and he plates up some for us. I just stare at him eating but i can't handle myself anymore. I jump up, push his plate across the table and starts pulling his boxers down.

He smirks and watches me, throwing his boxers, shirt, my shirt, and my shorts. I'm breathing heavy, sitting on the table, shivering. I pull him to me and i start kissing him like crazy and shiver when he holds my face in his hands.

I taste lunch on his lips and i slip my tongue into his mouth and he groans. He takes my left hand and had me stroke him. He starts thrusting into my hand and i whimper. He growls in my ear and keeps growling. He pushes me back a little, grabs my hips and growls. I look down between my legs and watch him slowly enters me. I whimper and shudder against him. He growls and pulls my hips closer to him. 

I start whimpering i love him and he whispers he loves me. We kiss like we're suffocating and the other is the only way we get oxygen. He bites my neck and i squeak. He laughs softly and bites my neck again. I grind against him, matching his movements. He tilts my head up so he can look in my eyes. I cry out, clinging to him and he bites my shoulder. He keeps thrusting inside me, enjoying my whines. I hold him close to me and he whispers "i think that was top 10, Kitten." I giggle and nuzzle against his neck. "You need to eat lunch... You already had your dessert, baby girl." I coo in his ear and he smiles at me. "I could get used to calling you baby girl... I like the way you moan Daddy.." i blush and kiss his neck.

"We need to talk about that.... Daddy and baby girl... That's a path we're already on, but we need to talk about details..." I hug him tighter and he growls. "I better clean you, Daddy." He groans and nods against my forehead. "Does Daddy like when his baby girl cleans him?" He growls. "Oh Daddy... I love you." He growls deeper and bites my neck. I whimper and rub his chest.

"Clean me quick. Then we eat. After we talk.... I think you need collar..." He whispers in my ear. I gasp and he puts his hands around my neck. "You neck looks perfect in my hands." I moan, looking in his eyes. "Aww. Is my baby girl needy?" I bite my lip and nod. "Baby girl, Daddy thinks you need to eat before you play again. Finish your plate." I nod, looking deep into his eyes. "Finish everything except the first and last bites." He growls in my ear "Those are mine. Just like you." I squeal and giggle like crazy. He rubs my cheek and i lower myself all in kneeling in front of him, cleaning up all the fluids off him. He runs his fingers in my hair and i coo at him. "Lunch. Now, baby girl." 

I look up at him and he nods. I obey, and get up and look around for my shorts. He growls and points at the chair. "My shorts, Daddy.." i look for them but can't see them even though I'm not really looking hard. I offer him the first bite, but not sitting down. He points to the chair but i point to my pussy. "Leaking you... It'll get on the chair." He throws his shirt at me and winks. I start to feel embarrassed by being naked. I start looking down and seeing my belly, thighs, and loose skin.  I lose my appetite and feel like I'm going to be sick..

"Stop those thoughts. You're my beautiful, Kitten. Stop, baby girl. I love you no matter what. Maybe we should do this at home. You will stop those thoughts." He watches me and starts touching my body. "I've gained weight too, baby girl. Look. I have a belly now. It just means I'm happy and in love. You feed your Daddy very well." He takes another bite. "Now eat. You need to eat."

I nod and take a small bite. It's so flavorful i want to just inhale the whole plate. I watch him get up and get another plate full. I watch how his body is filling out and he looks happier. Maybe because he isn't under any restrictions or he's just loving himself. I wait until he sits down and take another bite. He starts laughing and i look at him confused.

"You just pushed the plates across the table... You really were needy. I loved watching you do that. You looked so determined. You looked beautiful, like always." He rubs my cheek and i blush like crazy. "Aww. My baby girl is nervous?" I shake my head no. "Baby girl is embarrassed?" He leans his head on the table looking at me. I nod. "Does my baby girl want to her clothes back on?" He smirks at me. I nod yes. "Not yet. I'm enjoying the view." I blush more looking in his eyes. I finish my plate the same tone he finishes his second. "Let's go shower. You need a collar... Maybe a tag... It says i own you." He pulls me up from my chair and he kisses me. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your heart is so beautiful. You're beautiful." He cradles my face in his hands and my knees feel weak. "I can pick you up. You weigh less than the weights i use." I nod looking in his eyes.

"I used to weigh more though.." i whisper. He nods. "You really fell in love with me the first day we met, huh?" He smiles and nods. "All because of kimchi jjigae?"

"No. You were so sweet. You weren't trying to impress me. You were nervous. I wanted to kiss you because you didn't have your phone out the entire time." He hugs me and growls.

"I took a picture of the back of your head and holding my hand that day... I didn't share it with anyone. I just looked at it feeling amazed i was holding your hand.." i confess. E laughs. "I printed that picture out and kept it in my wallet for months... I would look at it and smile. I couldn't believe it was real.. And i would scroll through the pictures of you. I think my favorite was of you sitting across from me in the bbq place in my old hometown... I wanted to show everyone but i didn't.. i just would look at your face and remember that night... Do you remember?" He nods and squeezes me tight.

"That was the night i tasted you the first time. I wanted to fuck you so bad that night. I decided on the last US concert was when i was going to fuck you. I was nervous you wouldn't enjoy it..." He whispers and kisses my forehead.

"Why wouldn't i?" I look in his eyes. He shrugs. "No, tell me.." i whisper.

"The others didn't enjoy it much. Only wanted me to taste them. Not you. You wanted everything. You didn't let me pull out when tasting me. You just swallowed... Amazing. They asked why i look happy the day after. I said you swallowed. Nobody believed me. Said you were too nice. I knew i loved you very much. I thought I was husband then. You were wife." I nod, looking in his eyes. "Let's shower.... We have busy day."

I giggle and follow him down the hallway to our bathroom.


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