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Some times it just feel like I wanna die or escape from this world and leave my family .The school and it is like no one cares about me also my parents .Some Time I just want to escape the world.           No one cares about me if I leave my family everyone will be happy I feel like I know sometimes I am wrong but something’s I can’t do I am pressured to learn.I don’t know how to comb my hair so it doesn’t mean I am abnormal.I just want to go away from this drama .         I just want I happy life , real friends and a loving family.Who love me for who I am and not say if I don’t know how to comb my hair I am abnormal.I am tried of being compared to my cousins ..          I am  just 12 some girls don’t know how to comb there hair .I am not the only one that don’t know.Today I was calling appi to comb my hair and see said you don’t even know how to straighten your hair .when see was finally coming to my hair she went to the other room to pick up the brush and I was in other when I said to come here in the other room said no.   When see finally after saying please a hundred time she was angry . She was teasing me the whole day so when i was crying she said why are you crying know I am here .I was like you teasing me since the morning and I person can’t even cry after you teased her.So I kicked  her and I agree it was my fault.I was just tried of being teased.            After that I locked my self in a room and cried a lot but now that I have written it I am okay .This is based on real life events and if you liked my story please comment but this isn’t the part two of my other story because of I used the same cover.I will send the part two of it after a week or two because I will write what happen till then.


  • Mar 09, 2024

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