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It started after a year I joined beaconhouse school system wah campus . My friends started to make me like I am not thier friend so I decided to ignore them and they tried to talk to me but i was to mad because they made me feel like that.                          So after a while  I started to talk with them and it was the biggest mistake .Now you will ask what they did so I well tell you in detail .it was fine at first but when it was our trip they were talking in the line I was after them .         They looked at me hundred time but ignored me so I felt really sad and tried to ignore them but on Monday .I went outside to talk to them after I ignored them on trip for some time .I said hello to them but I think they didn’t heard me or were ignoring me so after that I decided to ignore them .                                They were trying to know what happened why I am ignoring them and they tried fixing the friend but I ignored them.They came I hundred time in the break  to say let’s play  but I ignored them but the day was going and it  was very boring at the end I fixed my friendship with them because I thought I was nothing without them.                       The next day I went outside and had fun and it went well till Thursday but on Thursday in last period .Which was of PE  they ignored me and I was sad .I ignored them too but on Friday i started to talk with them .I know you will think I am insecure and an idiot for forgiving them .                    When I started to talk to them and it went well for a few days.Let’s jump to what happened yesterday so basically it was my friends birthday and I made cards and wrote some teasing things on one and happy things on the other one .I also made i bracelet for her .So when she was going home I said take both cards with you but she said I am not taking any .             Anyways she took the bracelet with her I was so mad that I teared up the card and throwed it in the dustbin .The next day when I asked why didn’t you take the cards with you.She replied they were so bad if i tooked them home there not be any respect left of me at home .I was so angry I said her to give my bracelet back and guess what she said I lost it and once you gave it you can not take it back so I was so mad at her.                     I should have replied that’s why you don’t get any gift from your friends because you don’t respect others gift and it was just a little prank but i replied you are mannerless  .Then when she asked for a from me I didn’t gave it to her because I was so mad at her and I know I am not I very good writer but I tried .             When the break arrived I was hanging out with my friends but know about a thing and was laughing but they say do you even know what we are talking about and even said these are our private conversations don’t intervene but all of our friends were also there .In the pe lesson they were fully ignoring me i didn’t want to play anything.               I was so sad because everyone is a fake friend of mine and they make me feel like I am the odd one out .I was very sad and I even questioned my self why I am in this school .I even was about to cry but I didn’t and I think this is the last straw but I am an idiot I will start talking with them tomorrow.I will try that I don’t talk with them.When the bell finally rang I was still un happy that I wasn’t even in the mood to pick my bag .When I finally did I sat down and my name was finally called .I was over the moon because I will not see them till tomorrow and I was feeling I little sad too because if I leave them I am scared no one will want to be friends with me. 
                   Let’s see what happens tomorrow and I will keep you updated with scenario .I feel like no one wants to be my so I am scared if I leave them no one will want to be my friend.So that’s why I am scared .If I wasn’t scared that no one will be my friend I will slap them and leave them as I am tired .  
              Every time this happens to me that if doesn’t wants to be my but still my friend.I stay with and ruin my self respect .I don’t know why I think that no one will want to be my .You will call me insecure but this has happened to me 3 years ago .I was a fool at that time and some friends friends of mine said if you don’t do this .We will not talk to you but after they shifted . 
            I made a lot of friends who cared about me and who didn’t say that . I am not mentioning there name because they were my friends after all . If they didn’t care about me and the biggest thing is I was nice to them after everything they did to me . 
                      I did listen to them what ever they said.I wish I had believed in my self and believe that everyone will want to be my friend even if i didn’t listen to them.I was the biggest idiot and I am still i idiot.If you liked my story and comment if you want a part 2.This story is real life.Let’s se what happens tomorrow I will keep you updated.
To be continued


  • Mar 09, 2024

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