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Post traumatic stress..... You know that can be any thing, ANYTHING! That hits your brain so hard that you just can't get over it. And when you try to hide it from the world on your alone time, it becomes a PTSD thing. No one knows because you have not been able to share that with anyone. So it just keeps getting bigger and bigger in your mental state, when you finally react people say your crazy!!!! You shut down and then you just go psychotic to a human eye, in reality there is nothing wrong with you!, you just have PTSD!!!!! Shit my kids all 6 of them boys gave me PTSD!!! Diapers trigger my PTSD, and on top of that I have split personality no thanks to them, I'm also hyper active and can't concentrate on one thing because there's Six, Six, Six things I have to pay attention to. Damn that makes me a very mentally ill human being, or does it????


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    Mar 09, 2024

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