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I look at him while he's driving a long desolate highway. Every five to ten minutes we see another set of headlights. He's playing his favorite songs and his arm is out the window. He's going to record a new album and forcing himself to hard. I reach other and rub his leg. He looks at me and smiles.

"Are you hungry? A sign says there's a place up here." He says. I nod my head, just looking at the man I am absolutely in love with. I look at the ring he started wearing when we're together and smile. "What's gotten a smile on your face, wife?" He rubs my cheek and starts singing with the song playing.

I giggle, lean into the seat, and say "You. Just being near you. That's why I'm smiling." He smiles back at me and keeps singing. I start squealing, laughing, and screaming his name. He laughs and kisses my hand.

"Think the place is closed?" He asks. The building is dark outside but there's lights on inside. We're sitting in the car, he's finishing a cigarette and I'm just watching his lips.

"The sign says open..." I say softly. I point and he nods. He notices I'm watching him really intently so he starts licking his lips and moving his tongue, watching me from the corner of his eye. He smirks and I groan. "Stop that, Husband... You know what that does to me!" I playfully slap his arm.

He leans over and licks my bottom lip and down my jaw to my neck. My head falls backwards and I moan softly. "That's my good girl... Moan for me, baby." His hand grips my neck gently and I moan again. "Look in my eyes and do that, baby girl.." I open my eyes, he grips my neck tighter, and kisses my neck. I moan looking in his eyes. "Let's go eat." He smiles at me with his absolutely beautiful smile. His eyes are hoping the place is closed though.

"Maybe they are closed... We could find a place closer to the house you rented... Maybe?" My voice quivering. "I mean... If you're hungry we can eat here..." I start to feel flustered and I fidget.

"Aww.. Look at my little kitten. So flustered.. Are you feeling needy, baby?" He growls softly in my ear. His breath on my neck causes me to moan softly and I start to ache for him. "It's too bad you're wearing pants... If you were wearing a skirt or a dress I could touch you and make you cum a few times..." He fakes a sigh of frustration. "You just had to wear pants.." His hand grips my inner thigh and pushes my legs open. "You know, I keep thinking about my head buried there. You squirming under my tongue and fingers. Oh fuck baby... Feel the reaction my body has to you?" He takes my hand and grinds against it. I look in his eyes and moan. My moans are pleading with him a million times to touch me. He kisses my lips softly and smirks. "Lays get food. Maybe We can go see that bridge you wanted to see before we leave."

I nod, still pleading with him to not stop, but I obey. I undo his seatbelt first and he smiles then I undo mine. Not sure where that started, but I always click his then mine. Just another ritual I guess we have. Much like him having the first and last bites.

"Yes, Husband. Let's go eat.." I try not to show how bad I'm craving him. He only teased me on the plane. Our seats were together and he kept being just awful and teasing me.

"I think I like you like this. So needy... When you have your snack, it's more intense. Your eyes are more intense. I can feel how needy you are by just looking in your eyes. My little, needy baby girl." He cups his hand on my cheek. "I think my baby needs to rub herself while I'm driving tonight." He smiles and kisses me before we walk in. 

I hold his hand and the waitress says "Hey folks. Have a seat. Menu's on the table. I'll be there shortly." She's talking to a couple of older men and refilling their coffees. The group is laughing and I see a jukebox. I ask if I could play something. He tosses his wallet and nods, while looking at the menu.

I start flipping through the ancient jukebox, CDs inside, and smile when I see a song that I want to play. I start going through his wallet and pull a dollar bill out. I have to pick 3 other songs, but not sure what I'll pick so I go back to looking. He comes up behind me, and he softly grinds against me. I smell his cologne and I sigh.

"What is wife playing? Besides thoughts of her Husband dragging her to the bathroom and using her? Hmmm? My wife thinking about being ruined by her husband?" He whispers in my ear and I whimper. "I take that as a yes. My needy baby.." I feel his drag his teeth across my neck and he growls softly.

"Yes... Yes, please.. Please husband... Please?" I whimper softly, trying to make sure the people can't hear me.

"If only you were wearing a skirt... I would drag you to the bathroom, lift your skirt up, and just ruin you. I would.... Do just like at Jimin's birthday.." He chuckles and my body shivers against him, remembering that night. How intense it was, us really being nervous about being caught. I dig my nails into his arm and whimper softly again. "You're wearing pants though. Too bad not a skirt..."

I turn to face him, "I have some in the suitcase! I could change! Really. I don't mind!" I don't realize how loud I say it until I look over his spice shoulder and see the trio looking at me. I look down and they start laughing and talking to each other again. "Please?"

He tilts my head up and he shakes his head no. "Not this time, needy Kitten. I think when we leave you should give me a show..." He smiles devilishly and smirks. His eyes so showing just how bad he's craving me too.

"I picked a song... Your turn... There's 3 songs left to pick." I kiss his lips and he licks my bottom lip. He's really enjoying this torture he's putting me through.

"Okay, Kitten. We pick songs, then you pick what you're going to eat. I know what I want." He deepens his voice when he says 'i know what I want.'

My body shivers against his, my breath becomes ragged, and I whimper. He laughs, motions towards the jukebox and starts flipping through the songs. I feel him pressing hard into me, making sure I feel how he's hard. He starts grinding his hips into mine, and growling softly. "You feel that, Kitten? My cock needs you so much. Needs your mouth, your hands, your pussy." He groans and grunts softly. "Need you so much. Feel it, Kitten?" He drags his teeth across my neck and I inhale shakily. I close my eyes and hear him pressing buttons. "Your turn."

I can barely think but decide my first song was the best choice. I see a song I really like and feel it ties into my first one. "Order for me, please. My Husband always orders for me.." I sigh and press my hips and ass into him. "Your turn, Husband."

He groans, one hand on my hip, gently moving me around so I can feel his ache for me. My heart flutters, my eyes close, and I hear my first song.

I turn to face him again while the little restaurant is filled with Nina Simone's "Feeling Good." I start to dance a little, swaying my hips, looking deeply into his eyes, and softly singing. I wrap one arm around his neck and whisper "I just wanna need to make you feel good, Husband.." I rub my hands on his chest and he stares at me during my performance. I keep glancing over his shoulder to see how far I can push it before they see. I unzip his jeans, his eyes get big. I sing softly "A new life for me and I'm feeling good" in his ear. He starts thrusting against my hand and I bite my lip. I'm staring into his eyes and he closes his eyes, getting a rhythm that I know very well, he's wanting to cum so bad. I slowly remove my hand, zip up his pants and he growls, gripping my neck.

I keep looking in his eyes when the music plays his first song. I smile at him, realizing he chose a jazz song as well. He unzips his pants, sticks my hand in and starts thrusting into it again. I nod and look in his eyes. I sing softly to him, cupping his cheek. I keep watching the trio and the cook that joined them. Another coffee refill and I squeeze my hand around him. He gasps, and kisses my lips. I can tell he's really close. 

I try to judge which will finish first, him or the song. I whisper in his ear "Cum for your Kitten, husband. Cum in her hand. Think about ruining your wife's holes, beautiful husband... My beautiful, beautiful husband." He gasps again, grinds his hips and I nod. "Be quiet, husband... Nobody can know your wife is jerking your wonderful cock right now. It's so big, Husband... I think I should use both hands.." He growls softly, his eyes close, he presses his forehead against my shoulder and cums, shuddering against my hand. "New record for you, baby." We both giggle and kiss.

My second song comes on and he smiles devilishly. I look at my hand and he whispers "Eat it, Kitten." I lick his cum from my hand and his mouth drops open. I smile and start dancing around again but this time, I'm singing louder. "I put a spell on you... Cuz you're mine!!! Stop the things you do. Watch out! I ain't lyin." He laughs, knowing that I sing this to him a lot. Especially when he's been teasing me. I grab the collar of his shirt, pull him closer to me and sing to him "I love you, I love you, I love you!" He places his hands on my hips and starts growling at me. I giggle and decide we should sit down. I accomplished making him cum. The last song he picked out starts to play. 

I hug him and start tearing up l. He hugs me tightly and starts singing softly.."May be surrounded by. A million people I Still feel all alone. Just wanna go home. Oh, I miss you, you know.." I try to contain my tears but the idea of who he is and who I am just hits really hard. He starts whispering "You are home to me. Korea, US, Germany, Anywhere. As long as you are with me, I'm home. My name has been screamed by millions. I only want to hear you whispering it." He starts to sway with me clinging to him, trying not to cry. He kisses my forehead and keeps his lips longer than normal. "I'm fine baby, how are you?" He sings softly, but he looks in my eyes and I see tears hiding beneath the surface "With you, I am home.." He sings softly and kisses my nose. I shudder against him, just clinging to him. "Let's go order..." He leads me to our booth.

I scoot into the booth first and he scoots in next to me. The waitress comes over and starts saying how we remind her of when she was newlyweds with her husband. I smile and she points at the men at the counter. "I'm Mabel, your waitress. Frank says you're lucky, young man. His Doris wouldn't kiss him on the cheek until they were married five years. Dawson says his Frieda couldn't keep her hands off of him. Guess that explains why Dawson and Frieda have 8 children. Frank and Doris have 4 children. Me and my Ray have 5. Big families aren't the way anymore. You two lovebirds are just simply adorable." I giggle, blush, and lean my head on his chest. He kisses my forehead and laughs.

"Thank you, ma'am. That means a lot to me." I smile at her and she nods, it's a kind of women's bond and she winks at me. I smile back at her and she tilts her head at Yoongi and winks again. "I think my Husband is just dreamy..." I kiss his cheek and he laughs.

"What's y'all having?" Mabel asks. He looks at Yoongi, holding the menu. 

He looks at me and I nod. "I want the bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi. My wife wants the... Caesar salad with grilled chicken, and no croutons." He looks at me. "Diet Pepsi for her. Can we get another order of fries? Maybe cheese fries? She always says she's on a diet, but I fell in love with her when she was bigger. I keep telling her she needs to stop losing weight." Mabel smiles at him then winks at me.

"You know, young lady, my Doris was on a diet for years. She finally said she didn't care about looking good because she had a husband." Frank holds his coffee cup up, almost like in a toast, and smiles at us. "The important thing is to remember, he loves the tarnation out of you."

Yoongi and I both laugh and hug each other.

"Young couples make me sick. Blech. I remember when Frieda and I got married. We drove to Oregon. Or was going to. We had to stop it felt like almost every five miles because she had to kiss me." Dawson laughs and winks at us.

"Yeah, My Kitten is the same. Always kissing on me, hugging me, and nibbling on me." Yoongi laughs and kisses my forehead. "I'm the same to her as well. Can't believe she's my wife." 

I blush and he tucks my hair behind my ear. Everyone laughs and he just smiles at me.

The food arrives and I give him the first bite, but I give him a cheese fry and a piece of chicken. I hear the men snickering and one says in a hushed tone "Wait until they're together five years. She'll snack his hand away." There's laughter and Yoongi smiles at me.

"If you smack my hand away, I'll just pin you against the wall, press my hand against your beautiful neck and take what I want." He whispers in my ear and drags his teeth across my ear. I whimper and try to unzip his pants, but he stops me. He shakes his head and keeps eating.


We're back in the car, my seat leaned back, my pants off, and he's rubbing me. I am moaning his name loudly and I bite his arm. He growls and slaps my face. "Stop trying to get away from my hand. You're being punished, Kitten." And he starts edging me again. He glances at me and growls "Nope. Not enough. I want you edged so much, the moment I finally enter you, you squirt on me. So not enough yet. You remember your word?" 

I moan "Oppa..." He glances at me to see if I'm actually saying it or repeating it for him. I look up at him, smile, and go back to hiding my face against his arm. He sighs happily and I groan when he stops. "Please? Just one, Husband?"

"No. Not until we are at the house. We will be alone tonight. I'm fucking you everywhere tonight. You looking forward to it, Kitten?" I nod against his arm but I am getting upset about not being allowed to cum on his fingers. 

I hear the turn signal come on and I look up to see what's happening. There's a little lot on the side of the road and he points to the backseat. I climb in back and he climbs in after me. He pulls his pants down and starts stroking himself in front of me. The only light is the full moon. I start rubbing myself for him to watch. I look in his eyes and moan. He growls and places my hand on his cock, and he starts thrusting. He starts rubbing my swollen clit and growling louder.

"Please. Please... Please Husband! Please!!" I start whimpering, my legs trembling and trying to touch him. He pushes my legs off his hips and keeps thrusting into my hand. He starts fucking me with two of his fingers and I'm so swollen it feels like more. 

He growls loudly "Fuck baby girl... You're so swollen. All over my fingers? Hmm?" I nod and cry out. "Oh so needy. My Kitten is so needy... Needing to feel your Husband? What if your Husband just cums into your beautiful swollen pussy? Hmmm? Be a good girl and take it?" 

I cry out again "Yes! I take it?" He gets closer and rams inside me. I cling to him, crying out loud and grinding against him hard. He holds my hips tightly and he starts grinding into me. Our movements in perfect sync. I start to scream his name and he growls my name. I lift my hips to feel him deeper.

He starts fucking my harder, deeper, and faster. I scream more, not coherent words, just screaming. My lungs on fire, my orgasm building incredibly fast because I'm finally having release with him. "You better squirt on me, Bitch. My Bitch. You like when Daddy fucks your pussy? Huh? You want Daddy's cum deep inside you? Fucking bitch. Take it. Take it all." He's slamming me into the door and I can't stop screaming. I have most count on orgasms and he yells "You better fucking give Daddy your sweet, sweet squirts." He goes even faster and I gasp.

"Yes Daddy!" I have never said that to him before. He's never referred to himself as Daddy, but I'm loving it. I start trembling and he growls. "Daddy!!!" I scream. He holds my head up so I'm looking in his eyes. He nods and I scream his name and gush all over the backseat. He holds me close and I can tell he's not far behind. 

He growls and don't gives me my reward. He collapses on me, our breathing ragged and not catching.

"What possessed you to say Daddy?" I whisper.

"Just felt right, Kitten.* He kisses my lips softly. "Oh Kitten. Every time is magical. I love you so much." He squeezes me tightly to him and I sit up, wanting to clean him. He puts his pants back on and walks to the driver side door.

I climb into the front seat and start putting my pants back on. "You enjoy, Daddy?" He nods and kisses my cheek.

"Did you enjoy, Kitten?" He starts back on the road and I sigh happily. He turns music on softly and I start to doze off to sleep in complete bliss.


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