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We're at a celebration for his Father's birthday and he's squeezing my hand nonstop introducing me to family members. He keeps smiling brightly saying my name to all of them. I don't speak much except for a few phrases he's taught me. I'm still trying to learn but I'm not picking it up very much.

"Kitten, come with me." His Mother takes my hand and she leads me over to a very regal, royalty looking older woman. Omma sits down next to the woman, talks about me, and I hear her say Yoongi. I take that as my queue to bow so I do. I keep my eyes cast down and Omma pats my arm.

The older woman stands, gives me a huge hug, and holds my face. I try not to make eye contact but I do on accident. I jump a little and the woman laughs. "Water... So much water in you." The woman laughs again. "Look at me." I listen and look at her. "Fire in you as well. You are perfect for him."

Omma squeezes my hand and I bow. The woman pats a chair next to her softly, and I sit. Yoongi comes over and kisses the top of my head. I look up at him, smiling and whisper "I missed you." He smiles, kisses my forehead, and whispers he missed me as well.

The women are talking and looking at us. Yoongi sits next to me, holding my hand. He looks stoic, says something, squeezes my hand, and Omma starts laughing. I just put on my fake smile, trying to not let anyone know I have no idea what's going on.

"She is matchmaker. Cousin. She says we are perfect. Long time together. Married in souls. Omma says she thinks we need real wedding. I say that you are my wife and nothing change. You said all you need is love from me." Yoongi whispers in my ear. I turn to him and smile a giant smile at him. "Matchmaker cousin says you have lots of water and fire in your eyes. Says we are perfect."

"Fire gets out by water. Water kills fire... So I'm steam?" I ask.

"I have Earth and water. Our water feeds the earth in me and the fire feeds off that. We are perfect." He kisses my neck after whispering in my ear.

"All we need is some wind then." I giggle and cover my mouth.

He starts singing loudly and I just stare into his eyes. He whispers after he sings "I have wind. You just need to hold on tight to me." 

I giggle and hug him. He kisses my shoulder and I hear Omma saying something so I let go of him and look at her. She's smiling ear to ear and pointing at Yoongi. They start playfully arguing with each other and he grabs my hand, jumps out of his chair, and we take off running. I more let him pull me because I'm not used to walking in heels. I stop, take my heels off and run after him. 

We run into his Father and he hugs us both, I can smell beer and soju on him. He starts kissing Yoongi and I on our foreheads laughing and shouting something. Yoongi blushes.

I hold his hand tightly and I start running towards a door. Yoongi pushes it open and we run out, the door slamming behind us. We hug and start laughing, not sure why we did what we just did. I kiss him and we look into each other's eyes.

"He says his youngest son has a beautiful wife. He says your eyes tell what you're thinking. He knows we make grandchildren soon." Yoongi shakes his head. "I don't think I want children right now. Just us. I'm selfish." He grabs my face and kisses me passionately.

I moan softly in his mouth and he pulls away slowly looking around the area we're in. He starts walking, holding my hand and we go into a little room that makes me think of a bridal suite to get dressed, makeup on, pictures taken, tears shed about the new life, and friends and family gathered around. He points at a loveseat and I sit on it. He kneels in front of me and slips his hands up my dress, removing my panties. "I need my snack." He says without taking his eyes off me.

"No snack, I'll be really messy... Quick meal?" I rub his cheek and he nods.

"Deal. Quick meal. Really quick. Cover your mouth..." He smirks, knowing what it does to me. He undoes his pants and pulls them down to his knees. I see the hickies I left on his hips the other night and smile. He smiles and shows his hips off. "You liking my love bites? Wife did them." He smirks again, pulling me by my hips closer to him.

"Lucky woman. I'm jealous." I smile and adjust my hips so I know I won't squirt. He readjusts my hips so I do. He winks. I move my hips and nod at him. He moves my hips again and nods. I shake my head. I rub his cheek and kiss him 

He starts slowly entering me and I moan softly. He moves my hips and growls. I know he loves me in this position, but I'm feeling like I'm going to squirt and make a huge mess. He just keeps his pace slow and gentle. He's growling softly and I'm moaning softly. He slowly pulls out and whispers "Quick meal. Just feeling each other. Have loud meal when we're home." He kisses my forehead and stands up. He starts pulling his pants up but I need to clean him.

We hear a door close and we both jump and look at each other. We can hear music and he shoves my panties in his pocket. We look around and see if we left anything. I grab my heels and we walk out. We walk back into the party line nothing happened and I grab my purse, pop mints and gum in my mouth. He lights a cigarette and offers it to me, I shake my head no. He places his arm around my waist and we are just watching everyone have fun.

His Father puts his arms around both of us and I jump. His Father yells over the music "Grandchildren do not come from the mouth, daughter!" I turn beet red and cover my face. "You know how grandchildren are made, son! Get out of here and go make one. Look at her hips." Yoongi turns red but laughs.

His Father walks away laughing and shouting "mouth" in Korean. I look at Yoongi and he looks really embarrassed. "I'm sorry that happened... I didn't..." He starts to say.

"I don't care. He's right. Grandchildren don't come from the mouth. You come from my mouth though." I wink and try not to blush from my words. His eyes get big and he smiles.

"Let's go say goodbye to Omma. She will understand. I will say that I have to finish music or something. We go home, be alone." Yoongi pulls me closer to him. I whimper looking in his eyes.

"They go make grandchildren!!!" His Father shouts louder than the music and everyone goes quiet, looking at us. 

Yoongi grabs my purse and we run out, but I'm laughing this time. "Husband, my coat..." I say to him.  He nods and kisses my forehead. He waves to the valet and they run outside. We walk back into the party, he grabs my coat and shouts we're leaving. He waves and again we run out, my coat, shoes, and purse in my arms. I laugh as we run outside and climb into his vehicle.

He's driving, the sun is setting and I ask if I could have a snack. He looks at me funny and says he's driving. I nod and start rubbing his pants. He starts adjusting while driving and I lean over and start licking him. He starts growling softly and making sharp breaths. I giggle because he keeps revving the engine when he growls. I lift my head a little and whisper "Pull over... I'll stay hidden." 

He whispers I should sit up because my mouth keeps distracting him. I lean back in the seat giggling and randomly dragging my fingers through his hair. He pulls into a parking lot, leans his seat back a little, grabs the back of my neck and pulls over to him. He looks in my eyes and growls. I shiver and bite my bottom lip, looking in his eyes. He pushes my head down and I begin again.

He shouts and hits the steering wheel. I wink at him and start kissing it. He closes his eyes, tries to catch his breath as I sit up and take a drink of water. He looks at me and rubs my cheek. He whispers "I'm tired now..." and laughs.

His phone starts ringing and he groans, sitting his seat up. He answers and I hear Omma shouting and laughing. He covers his face and says "Shibal" over and over as Omma laughs. 

He looks at me and says "Father keeps yelling that Yoongi and Kitten are married and making grandchildren... Omma says he won't stop. Omma says you can't have them. Father says that his sons have powerful sperm and you'll be pregnant tomorrow." He closes his eyes, smirks and shouts "Shibal!" He starts laughing and looking in my eyes.

"I'm on birth control, no babies..." I start laughing, looking in his eyes. "I don't care how powerful your sperm is, birth control is stronger." 

He starts cackling and repeats in Korean. Omma laughs harder and she starts yelling. He winks at me, rubs my cheek and whispers I was perfect and he thinks we need to do it again so he gets used to my mouth when he's driving. I giggle and he drives home. 

He sits on the couch and holds me. Nothing but silence and our breathing can be heard.

I look up and him and whisper "I love you, Yoongi." He looks down at me and smiles brightly. "Do you want children?"

He shakes his head no. "I think you're right. We adopt. We can adopt a bunch of kids. I don't think I want children though. Not right now at least." I nod my head.

"If you do, let me know... I mean if you want biological children...." I whisper, looking in his eyes.

"I said no. I think adoption would be best. I don't want to lose you or the babies." He looks sad. "I don't know what I would do if I lost you..." He holds my face and just looks in my eyes. "I haven't had you in my arms long enough." 

I tear up and nod.


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