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He's snuggling against me and looking over my shoulder and laughing at thirst clips of him. I keep kissing him randomly during ones that I say are my favorites.

"You have no idea how much I wanted to be a water bottle, husband.." I whisper while he laughs uncontrollably. "Look at this! Watch watch watch!! Look how you press against it. Fuck...." I'm not sure if he's laughing at me narrating or some of the comments I show.

"I was hot! It was hot. I didn't realize I did that." He keeps laughing. "I have no shoes on. I was hot." He keeps pointing at the clip.

"Oh yeah you were hot. You're just hot. But watch that hip press you do... Fuck...." I keep smiling at him and replaying the clip.  "And husband, look... You can see the outline of you..." I pause the clip and zoom in.

He slaps at my phone and I giggle. "It was hot! There was no reason except for being hot."

"Yeah. You were hot. Hot and bothered! You do that hip press when you get really close.. Or least with me. You do this..." I play part of the clip again. He keeps laughing.

"Okay, next time I'll just push against your hands." He laughs and kisses my forehead. "I'll have you put your hands on me and I'll just push into your hands." He keeps laughing and doing the hip press, little thrust and laughing.

"Oh you laugh now, but I'm telling you Husband. I wanted to be a plastic bottle of water." I smile and keep watching him move around on the bed. He always seems to hypnotize me when he's moving around.

He lays on his back and whispers he wants to take a nap. I snuggle against him and he quickly goes to sleep. I lay there listening to him breathe. I kiss his chest softly. I whisper I love him. My eyes get heavy and I drift off to sleep.


Someone is banging on the door and he gets out of bed in only his boxers and socks. I smile watching him jog out of the room. I follow him but stay hidden just case, no idea why but I do. I'm in pajamas he teases me about but I just smile at him.

I hear the voice and it's Namjoon and Hoseok. Neither of us were answering our phones so they decided to come over. He's missing recording time and photos. He turns and sees me hiding, not very well. He says he's only going if I go as well. They both look at me and yell for me to get ready. 

I got ready before he did. I'm sitting on the couch, still feeling awkward about being with them alone. They both talk about what they're doing and I just sit with my knees to my chest listening. 

Yoongi finally is ready and he takes my breath away. He does a dance and says "Like it? Wife picked it out." He smiles and starts almost dancing, when they ask what he meant about wife.

I try to explain we just call each other husband and wife, but not really married. It started one night we were drinking together. I feel my cheeks blushing remembering that night...


We were watching I've of my favorite movies, doing soju shots and kissing. We only made it half way through the movie before we were both drunk. He suggested we sneak out and go eat. I wasn't hungry, but just wanted to be with him. We held hands and ran down the sidewalk. I screamed his name and slid into him, it was drizzling and just perfect. We went to a food stall, he ordered food and more soju. We kept laughing about nonsense only we understood. I kept doing a weird dance move but being more and more silly each time.

He was eating and I stared, feeling really drunk. I started drinking from the bottle and poked his nose and said something REALLY sexual to him, but in German. He had me repeat it, looked up the translation, and laughed. He whispered "When we get home, Kitten."

I didn't remember what I said, but he was very lovey dovey. He finished eating, paid, and we stopped at a little convenience store and got water. We sat on the sidewalk talking, laughing, and I drank water. We walked back holding hands. I whispered in his ear I wanted him, correction I needed him. He kissed me and said we were almost home. I pulled him into a dark, creepy sketchy alley and I started rubbing against him. He said I could only have a little snack then we'd have to go home. I think his nerves got the better of him, and he came really fast.

He pulled me all the way home, running and yelling I needed to be faster. I kept laughing and squealing he came on my shirt. We didn't make it inside very far, only to the foyer. 

He whispered afterwards, "I can't believe how fast you finish when you've been drinking." I start to feel self conscious and he whispers "Maybe you should always drink!" He kisses me and presses against me, pressing me into the floor. "Let's go to bed. More comfy." He whispered between kisses.

"Let's go to the couch... Closer.." I whispered. "I can try to make you cum." I started licking and sucking on his neck.

He smiled at me and whispered "It'll take forever tonight. I'm drunk." He kept growling and purring. 

"Am I good wife?" I asked him, still feeling the soju. I didn't realize I called myself 'wife.' He looked at me and nodded. 

"Am I good husband?" He started kissing me and I nodded.

"Best husband. Mine." I said between kisses.

We didn't process what we just asked each other until the third round of trying to get him off. I think we were both sober. I was laying my head on his shoulder and gasped. He jumped and grabbed me, like he was trying to pull me closer to him.

"I called myself wife.. You called yourself husband.." I whispered. He looked in my eyes and looked confused.

"When did we do that? I have said that I don't mind thinking about marriage with you.. That's why you have the ring.." He says and rubs my hand. "Plus you think of me when you see that." He smiles at me, then his eyes widen and his smile fades. "Oh.... Tonight... By the door...."

I nod and start to curl up on the couch, away from him. Feeling like I've pushed him too far or he's regretting it. 

"Kitten, come here." He whispers. After a few moments, he whispers "Kitten, come to me." I still don't answer or move. He says in a stern voice "Kitten, I said come. Now."

I fake moan at him. "There. I came."

"Oh the fuck... Nope." He says while he pulls me close to him. "Bedroom, now." He stands up, pulls me up and stops me from trying to pick up the trail of clothes. "Later." He pulls me into the bedroom.

I just stand next to him, hugging him, feeling sorry for myself. I'm convinced he's having doubts and going to try to end things between us. He looks upset. He looks borderline grossed out.

"Look, Kitten..." He sighs and climbs into bed, patting the mattress next to him. "Kitten, I need you." I look at him and shake my head no. He's covered himself up so I can't tell if he "needs" me or not. "Lay next to me. Come on, Kitten. Your bias Suga wants cuddles." 

A smile starts creeping across my face and I climb into bed, next to him. I start running my hand down his chest, but he stops me. I start kissing him, he kisses me back, and when he growls softly I try again. He stops me again.

"Talk first. Then sex with your bias. Kitten, I mean it." He rubs my cheek and I feel tears burning my eyes. 

'This is it. I'm losing my life with Yoongi... At least I got to know him as well as I did. Oh fuck... Hoseok said he's my next boyfriend... They were joking, right' I start thinking.

"Kitten..." He takes a deep breath, covers his face, and my eyes burn with tears. "I've never felt this before..." I roll on my side, facing away from him so he doesn't see me cry. "I always said ARMY is my girlfriend, my wife... We all say that." I hear his voice change, sounds deeper. I look at him, fearing the worst. "You... I want you as wife..." He looks at me and I start sobbing into his side. "I don't mind it. I have been bugged about marriage. Omma loves you. She may not act like it, but she always asks how my Kitten is." He laughs and I notice he's crying. I rub his chest, making sure I rub more on his scars. He holds my hand over his heart. "It's beating like daechwita.." He laughs and looks at me. "Kitten.... Why you cry?"

I try to stop crying but my tears keep flowing. "You... Might not..." I just cover my face and cry 

"I might what? Need you? Want you?" He says in a loud voice, almost yelling. I shake my head. "Leave you?" He shouts. I nod. "What the fuck? Are you stupid?" He grabs my hands, pull them off my face. "You think I leave you?!" I can smell the soju on his breath and he is sitting on his knees in front of me. He's shouting Korean at me and I'm just looking in his eyes. He screams "closet " and starts kissing me. I can feel his tears on my face and on his lips. He pulls away, still pinning my hands to my side. He closes his eyes and just sobs. His tears burning my skin and I start sobbing as well. 

I want him closer to me, just for a moment, so I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer. He moans and looks in my eyes. He lets go of one of my hands and I just start rubbing him. He starts growling softly, thrusting into my hand. I adjust my hips and guide him inside and he thrusts hard inside me. I whimper softly and bite my bottom lip. He growls louder and I take his hand and place it on my neck. I nod at him. He shakes his head, moves his hand. I nod and place it back.

"No! Not tonight. Not now." He purrs while slowly thrusting into me. I nod and press against his hand. He pulls his hand away. I place it back on my neck. He growls "No" loudly and removes his hand.

"Yes! Fuck you! Yes!" I scream, moving his hand back to my neck. I press against his hand, not breaking eye contact, and I moan softly. "If too much, I'll say Oppa." I adjust my legs so I can meet his movements. 

He sighs, smiles, and growls. "Kitten, you better say Oppa... I'm not hurting you tonight." I nod and kiss his arm. "Kitten, what are you doing? I'm close already..." I nod and pull him closer to me and press against his hand.

"Husband...." I moan softly and rub his tear streaked cheek. "Mine... I love you, Yoongi." I feel him twitching, knowing he's really close. He starts pressing his hips into mine, growling and grunting."My Husband.... I need you.... I love you" He lets go of my other hand, and I move his other hand b on my neck. He starts squeezing and thrusting into me, hard and fast. I cry out, cling to him and just feel his chest.

He grinds against me, then starts rubbing my clit, pressing his hand on my neck. I gasp, hold his arm with both of my hands, and moan his name. He pushes harder on my neck, and I moan his name again. Our eyes not leaving each other. I start tearing up and I can't stop thinking he doesn't want or need me anymore. He lets go of my neck, and starts cradling my head with both his hands. He starts whispering in my ear.

I cry out, cling to him, and squirt on him a little. He knows I'm holding back, so he starts thrusting into me harder. I pull him closer, look into his eyes, and see he is tearing up too.

I gulp down my sobs and whisper "I love you more than anything. I need you more than air. I love you more than I've ever loved anything or anyone before. Please don't leave me." My body just shudders against him and the floodgates of tears release. I just cling to him while he's thrusting harder and harder into me. When my sobs are replaced by moans, he growls in my ear.

"I'm not going anywhere. You're mine. You're my kitten. My wife. You hear me? Fucking mine. Nobody else can have you." He stops moving and sobs on my chest. I hold his face on my hands and I kiss him. "Mine. My Kitten. My lips. My eyes. My nose. My cheeks. My chin. My forehead." He starts kissing each part of my face he says is his.

"Yours.. All yours, Yoongi." I whisper. He nods.  We kiss, keep pulling the other one closer, and he stares down at me. "What, Husband?" I whisper. He just stares. "Husband? Are you okay?" I'm staring deep into his eyes and then without warning he slaps me across my face.

"You think I leave you? You think I should leave you? No. Fuck you. I keep you." He slaps me again, other side of my face. I grab his hand and lick it. "Yes. I keep you. Nobody else have you. You.. Belong... To... Me.." he growls, pressing his nose to mine. I shiver and don't take my eyes off his. "Fuck you. Thinking I leave. They always leave. They always say 'Yoongi is weird. Yoongi doesn't want to lick all the time. Yoongi just wants to fuck. Yoongi isn't good. Yoongi spends too much time with music. Yoongi doesn't fuck good. Yoongi doesn't kiss good. Yoongi doesn't give gifts. Yoongi doesn't Yoongi doesn't.' Not you. You say 'Yoongi is amazing. Yoongi is so handsome. Yoongi is so sweet. I love Yoongi. Yoongi, I love you. Yoongi, I need you. Yoongi, snack or meal? Yoongi, I need my snack. Yoongi, you're so perfect. Yoongi, don't change. No, Yoongi, gift too much. Yoongi, no gifts just kiss me.' I don't leave that. Now cover your mouth." He puts his hand over my mouth and starts pounding away at my flesh. I don't take my eyes off of his. I just nod, with my hand over his.

He moves our hands, and holds both my hands. I start whispering how much I love him, need him, and how I'm close. All he does is stare at me. Ib try to hold back but I just can't. I try not to, but I scream his name looking in his eyes. I lean my head up to kiss him but he rolls us over so I'm on top.

"You make me cum inside you. My turn. Make me cum, Kitten." He rubs my cheeks and looks sorry he's slapped me so hard. "My beautiful Kitten. So beautiful.. My Kitten needs hand necklace?" I nod, his hand goes around my neck. "Ride me. Get your reward, Kitten." He growls.

I start slow and I'm holding on to his headboard, not realizing it's slamming against the wall until he grabs my hips when yells when he's cumming inside me. After we've kissed and I've cleaned him with my mouth, he looks at the wall and starts laughing. I just look at him, not wanting to take my eyes off him.

"Kitten, baby girl... Look. We broke the wall." He starts laughing again and points. "The wall is broke.." I look and see a perfect shaped headboard hole. He looks in my eyes and we both laugh. He pulls me down on the mattress next him. "I love you so much, Kitten. I'm not leaving you. I would like to spend every minute on you. You take vacation, go on tour with me. You sleep next to me. We are together. I no longer flirt with anyone but you. I do staring lives. You watch, I stare in your eyes."

I giggle feeling my whole body blush at his words. I become putty when he starts cupping my face in his hands, kissing my lips, whispering how much he loves me. He smirks and his hand starts wondering down my body. I gasp and grab his hand, to stop him. He shakes his head no, moves my hand to his chest, and moves his hand down my body again. My legs are closed and he opens them. I keep looking in his eyes and he nods, I shake my head no. He nods and kisses me.

"I make you feel good. Let your Husband do this." He whispers.

"I feel good kissing you, Husband." I whisper back.
"No, I make my wife feel loved." He kisses my forehead. "Let your husband do this, my wife. My beautiful, beautiful, wife." He kisses my forehead again. 

I smile and whisper "You think I'm beautiful, my husband?" He nods and gently starts rubbing my swollen flesh. I moan his name softly, holding his face in my hands. We start kissing, I'm screaming into his mouth, looking into his eyes, and he crawls on to of me again. "Please, husband? I want to feel you again...." He nods, looking in my eyes.

We repeat until the sun starts to rise and we are both exhausted. I feel really swollen and hurting a little. We watch the sunrise snuggling in his bed covered in sweat, kisses, tears, and each other.

"Yoongi, you really are the best... I've never really liked being a snack but I crave it with you. I love having meals with you. I just love you..." I look his eyes, and we kiss over more and snuggle closer and sleep in each other's arms.


Yoongi and I look at each other, blush, and smile. "I call him my Husband..." I say softly. Hoseok and Namjoon smile at Yoongi and he nods.

"I call her wife. Next tour, she's coming with me. She will be at my side." He smiles very proudly. "She's mine. No joking about being next. She belongs to Yoongi. See necklace? My name." He pulls down the collar off my shirt to show off his name on my necklace. "She buy it. She say 'Oh I just love him! He's my bias. I wear his name.' She buy it and she show me. Yeah. She loves me. I love her. Let's go. Missing new songs and photos." He grabs my hand and we all leave.


  • Mar 26, 2024

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