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There are multiple benefits of hiring professional private wealth management Singapore services for expats. Without their support, you have to do market research before making investment and even then, you may fail miserably. These experts can feel the pulse of market conditions and correctly assess your risk appetite. Hence, they can guide you to choose the right investment windows for optimum return on your spent money.

However, many experts are working in this niche and potential investors have no idea about whom to work with. In this blog post, we will highlight some important points that you should consider while trusting an investment portfolio manager.

Past Track Record

Always check the past track record of a personal management service provider in terms of how well their funds work. You should interact with other clients for their feedback and testimonials to ensure that you commit your trust to a company known for best-in-class service.

Also, look for an investment portfolio manager with a proven track record of staying strong against adverse market conditions. It is important to remember that many PMS companies failed to weather the 2008-type economic meltdown and had no way but to turn their tail. It will be the worst decision to work with such a company that cannot sail against the rough weather.

Expertise & Experience

The portfolio manager should have in-depth knowledge about the market, current market conditions and future projection, risk factors and investment strategies. There is no use asking someone who has only a shallow understanding of market policies. Therefore, you should check the portfolio management company’s past experience and credentials before committing your fund to them.

Understanding of Charges and Offerings

Importance of this aspect cannot be emphasised enough. Most people don’t understand the importance of going through the fine print. However, ignorance is not a bliss and hence, they are completely in the dark about the charges that apply to any particular service. Consider it like a compulsion to engage with a company known for providing competent services.

Customised Service

The portfolio manager should take a customised approach while working with his clients. Your financial condition and ambition are not similar to others’. Therefore, the company must understand your risk appetite and what you want to achieve. Their strategy should align with your personal objectives.

They should not be driven by any other motive while managing your funds. With a slew of options available, being an informed investor always pays off.

For Singapore expat advisory, you should always consult a registered and reputable private wealth management service provider.


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