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After having fun skiing in the winter, summer gradually rolls around, putting an end to your enjoyment. So naturally, you are forced to store your ski gear, to keep them safe, clean, and functional. 

When storing your items, you must follow certain dos and don'ts. Since effective storage is important to ensure reusability. By keeping your items in good condition, you are also able to save money, as you need not repurchase ski gear every year.  

In this brief guide on storing your ski gear in the summer, we have listed all the important tips you will need. So, read on. 

Winterizing your ski equipment

•	Clean your skis/snowboards using a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt/debris. Then, allow them to dry completely, as moisture will cause rust. Air drying is effective but time-consuming while using a towel will also help save time.  
•	Wax the edges and bases of your skis to prevent rusting while they are stored. Also, consider using a protective cover as an additional safety measure against scratches. 
•	Store your skis flat or upright in a cool, dark place to prevent all forms of exposure and structural damage.
•	Leave the bindings on and avoid putting pressure on them. 

Storing ski clothing

•	Wash and dry your ski clothing including your all in one ski suits according to their manufacturer’s wash instructions.  
•	If no special instructions are provided, simply wash them in cold water using a mild, eco-friendly detergent meant for waterproof clothing. Avoid using fabric softeners and air dry them. 
•	If you are unable to clean them yourself, have them professionally cleaned.  
•	Before packing your ski all in one and other ski clothing, use re-proofing sprays on seams to reinforce them.
•	Repair damages and tears before considering buying more clothes. Special tapes are available for fixing minor holes and tears in waterproof ski clothing. Simply, apply this tape on both sides of tears/holes for added strength.  
•	Pack in vacuum-sealed bags and store in a cool, dry place. Doing so, will keep moisture, mould, and mildew out. 
•	If you have decided to purchase new clothing, we recommend washing, repairing, and then donating your old ones to charities that provide them to individuals who may be unable to afford them.    


The information that you have discovered through this brief guide on storing your ski gear in the summer will surely help you after you have enjoyed this ski season. 


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