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Skiing is a sport loved by many across the world. Different people love it for different reasons. Some love exploring the snow-covered mountainous terrains with their loved ones, while others love the adrenaline rush that skiing down steep slopes provides. 

In fact, for many skiers, going on an adventurous ski holiday is an annual tradition. This is because skiing is an adventure sport that has many different types. From Alpine to Nordic and freestyle to snowboarding, let’s explore the various types of skiing in this blog post. 

Alpine skiing

Best for beginners, Alpine or downhill skiing is the most common and popular type of skiing. For it, you need to reach the mountain top using a lift, then put your skis on, and ski downhill. Its equipment can be chosen based on skill levels, which are beginner, all-around, and advanced.  

Nordic skiing

This type involves several other forms of skiing in which the ski boots’ toes are attached with the binding, enabling one’s heels to rise. Simply put, in Alpine skiing, boots are fully fixed, whereas in Nordic skiing, which is commonly seen in ski-jumping events and cross-country races, only toes are fixed. 

Freestyle skiing 

Freestyle skiing gives skiers the freedom to perform tricks such as twists, turns, spins, and more, as they ski down. Rails, aerial jumps, features, races, and bumpy slopes are all part of this broad type of skiing. To carry out such feats, specially designed skis that provide great support and help maintain balance are used. 


Snowboarding isn’t exactly skiing but is enjoyed by most skiers. Snowboards are smaller and are strapped to boots to help people go downhill. Split boarding is another form of snowboarding, wherein the snowboard splits into two ski plank like parts. They can be detached for ski touring or walking and reattached for snowboarding downhill.
Other types

•	Off-piste skiing
•	Cross-country skiing
•	Telemark skiing
•	Adaptive skiing
•	Ski touring

An absolute necessity

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Through this list of the nine types of skiing to enjoy in the mountains, we hope you have discovered at least one new type you might want to try on your next ski holiday. Remember to prepare accordingly for an unforgettable experience.   


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