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Portfolio management service involves managing one’s investment portfolio in debt, equity stocks, fixed income instruments and structured products by experienced capital market professionals and portfolio managers. A research team assists the experts throughout portfolio management services in Singapore.

The entire team works together towards optimising an individual’s investment subject to assessed risks. Portfolio management services are extendable towards managing an equity portfolio.

Portfolio Management Services: Key Objectives

Ø  Risk diversification and mitigation

Ø  Capital preservation

Ø  ROI (return on investment) optimization

Ø  Liquidity management

Ø  Achieving long-term growth

Ø  Ensuring tax efficiency

Ø  Cost management

An In-Depth Insight into Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio management is a methodical approach towards increasing profits at the risk-adjusted levels corresponding to your asset. Anyone with individual investment hunger will use this service before making any important decision in this regard.

Since these services are based on thorough research and facts, you are relieved from having to do any work. Thanks to the experts providing portfolio management services, you will have adequate knowledge of managing market difficulties.

There are different kinds of personal management services. These are described below:

Based on Fund Management

Active Portfolio Management: Its main purpose is to optimise return on investment by lowering the risks. The plan involves asset distribution across multiple stocks or classes either negatively correlated or not related at all.

Portfolio managers constantly monitor the changing market landscape to ensure that the portfolio remains aligned with market risks and opportunities.

Passive Portfolio Management: This approach is focussed on fixed portfolio distribution in alignment with the current market trend and also strong enough to stay immune to turbulent economic conditions.

Investment managers prefer investing in index funds since they increase passively over tenure and require minimum intervention. This is usually a conservative approach towards managing portfolios. However, they will provide attractive returns over time.

Based on Investors’ Control

Discretionary Portfolio Management: This type of Singapore expat advisory entails complete control over every individual portfolio. The service provider chooses and executes a strategy tailored to your objectives, risk hunger and tenure without consultation with the investor.

Non-Discriminatory Portfolio Management: This approach allows an individual to have complete control over his portfolio. The portfolio managing professional works as an advisor-cum-manager. The manager advises every individual investor on investment. However, the final decision always rests with investors.

Based on your decision, the investment manager will make the final decision. It could cost time and effort over time, especially in equity markets where tactical transaction is often required for risk mitigation.


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