Mister M Pt 48 Read Count : 104

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Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
We're laying on the couch laughing and talking. We randomly kiss, talk about something, then start laughing.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" I ask him.

"Let's go to place we eat at when I taste you first time.." he answers.

"I mean besides eating, my love. What would you like to do besides eating?" I look in his eyes and kiss his nose.

"I'm not sure. Maybe cuddle?" He shrugs and keeps looking in my eyes.

"What's on your mind, my love? You only stare in my eyes when your thinking about something..." I whisper and lick his bottom lip.

"Kitten, we really need to take the posters down... I don't like looking at my brothers when you're riding me.. Or licking me.. It's like they're watching.." he starts laughing and covers our heads with a blanket. "That's better. Now, let me nibble on you.." 

I start giggling and kissing him. "I don't pay attention to them in the pictures, only you." He smiles and starts nibbling on my neck. "I like feeling like you're watching me..." 

"You like when I watch you? How come you blush so much?" He kisses my neck. "You blush, turn red like pepper paste... You cover your eyes then let me watch, unless I'm kissing you and watching you. I like when you show me how needy you are." He kisses my neck and I squeak.

"You like watching me? I like watching you... Even though you don't do it in front of me.." I whisper and he pulls his head back. "What? You didn't know that? Why do you think I always try to get you to do that for me?" I kiss his lips softly.

He looks really confused. "Wait. You like watching? You mean when we're not together? Or you mean all the time?" 

"I would watch you all the time if you wanted. I line hearing your noises... You make the same with me, but more intense... Your growls are more... Animalistic... Yeah.. animalistic. Your purrs are deeper, more intense. Even when you finish, it's always more with me. Even if I'm using my hand..."

"You like watching? Me or anyone?" He's really thinking hard about this topic. "What if someone say 'kitten, watch me.' would you?"

"Fuck no! Not just anyone, Yoongi. I love watching you because you're my love. I wouldn't watch anyone but you." I kiss his lips softly.

"You don't watch anyone but me now? Right? Or you do watch?" He kisses my forehead, but I can tell he's feeling nervous.

"Only you from when we first met. Nobody else. I don't ask anyone to watch anyway. I don't walk up to people and say 'let me watch you. I want you watch.' That's just strange..." We start laughing together. "Oh no. I should have said when we first met 'Hey Yoongi. Let me watch you. I'll get you a water bottle. My hands and cold. Want to feel?' Yeah. You would have glared at me and never said anything to me." 

"Before or after concert? If you tell me you have cold hands, I would have you put them up my shirt. Always so hot." He laughs softly against my forehead.

"Or down your pants.." I giggle against his neck.

"Only if you let me suck your neck.. Or stick my hand up your shirt. When you hugged me, I wanted to see if they were real. No way they were real.." he laughs grabbing my tits.

"They're not that big!" I squeal and laugh. "They're okay sized. Not that big." 

"My hands can't hold one!" He starts laughing. He places his hand over my face. "I can cover your face with hand. Not your tit!"

We start kissing and laughing. I look in his eyes and sigh. He smiles and whispers he wants to go outside with me. I nod and we go outside, taking a blanket, and watching the stars.

"See that constellation?" I point. He nods and kisses my cheek. "That one is named Yoongi the magnificent." He starts laughing and I giggle.

"What about that one?" He points. "Is that I've called Yoongi's kitten needs kisses?"

I nod. "It's official name is Min Yoongi's kitten needs kisses, hugs, snuggles, and cuddles from Min Yoongi." He laughs so hard he stays crying. "Know that one?" He stops laughing so hard.

He smiles. "It's called tonight, Yoongi's kitten is getting fucked in the ass." He laughs and kisses my lips softly.

"Oh? I am? What if I want to fuck you up the ass?" We start laughing and he tickles me. I start kicking my legs and squeaking, trying to be quiet.

"Let's go inside. I am craving my kitten.." Yoongi whispers in my ear and I nod.


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