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"What does my kitten wish to do today?" Yoongi stretches against my body and I sigh happily.

"You." I say honestly. He laughs and kisses my neck.

"Still can't get over pajamas." Yoongi laughs and tugs my pants, signaling he wants me to take them off. "They match your baby shoes." He laughs harder.

"They're cute! Much like you. So adorable." I rub his cheek with my hand. I smile at him.

"They look like baby shoes." He laughs harder and pulls my pajama pants off and slips my pajama top off over my head. "That's better. My Kitten is more beautiful." He smirks at me. "I think I need My snack.." He starts kissing me.

"My husband, I haven't showered since last night.. We were pretty intense last night.." I start to worry about me smelling.

"Oh shut up. I know what we did last night. I haven't had my snack in a few days. I miss my snack." He slowly lowers his hand down my body. He gently starts rubbing my clit and all my thoughts disappear. "Is my kitten needing to purr for me?" He whispers in response to me sighing at his touch.

"Always, my love.." I moan softly. "I always need to purr for you,Yoongi." I smile at him.

"Good. Now, relax. Just enjoy." He holds my head to my chest and starts rubbing my clit with his thumb and inserting a finger. I cry out and press against him. He grins against the top of my head and starts fucking me with his fingers. I feel myself tighten around his fingers, trying to milk him of his seed. He gave me an orgasm quicker than normal.

I start giggling and hugging him tightly. "I think that was a record, my love." He nods against my neck.

"Now time for another record. Let's see how fast my tongue technology works on you." He starts kissing down my body.

I watch his kissing a trail down my body. "Wait... My love... Wait.." I whisper. He looks up at me concerned. He kisses my stomach once more and we are just looking at each other, smiling. "I just want to see you between my thighs for a moment before I lose all thoughts..." I smirk at him.

He laughs and starts kissing my inner thighs. He whispers sweet little declarations of love with each kiss. He bites my inner left thigh and I squeal. He looks at me and laughs. "That's my kitten. Always squealing." He winks and goes back to kissing my inner thighs. "I think I torture you little longer, my Kitten." 

I lay on my back, savoring his breath, kisses, hands on my body. I reach down and run my fingers through his hair. He's letting it grow out again because I said I wanted to pull it as a joke once. 

"Ready, my love?" He whispers and kisses my stomach. "I time this. You better not hold back. You get close, you finish. No holding back." I nod, signaling I understand. I hear my watch make a beep and he starts licking my clit with an intensity I've never known. I try to hold off from making noises, but he knows me too well. He keeps licking, sucking, and nibbling on me. I end up screaming his name and squirting on him. "Wow. That's a record. Have to beat that time.." he says in a whisper.

My head is spinning and I nod, with my eyes closed. "Yeah..." I really don't understand what he said to me. "Uh-huh." I hear him laughing and another beep.

"Record breaking now.." he starts devouring me and I can't hold back. It feels like mere seconds from the moment his mouth touched me. I hear another beep. My head is still spinning. "Great. That record is broken. Got new one to break. Kitten, you okay?" He starts laughing and kisses my stomach.

"Uh-huh." And I start making nonsense sounds like I'm talking. He starts laughing harder. I feel him moving my head is still all fuzzy and spinning. I make another intelligible phrase.

"Oh? You need another one? Okay, Kitten." He starts devouring me all over again, but uses his fingers inside me. It's another mere seconds before I'm screaming his name, grinding against him moaning 'please' he keeps going, this time until my legs give out and my body goes limp. "Didn't time that one... I think we need to redo it." I hear him laughing softly.

I let out a groan and try to scoot away from him but he grabs my hips, pulling me closer. I can't speak but making noises and can barely move. I can barely keep my eyes open and focused on him.

He starts laughing, evilly and licks me really slow. I pop my head up and moan his name. "Oh you can speak?" He starts slamming his fingers inside me, devouring my swollen, extremely sensitive clit. "You better pass out, Kitten." He growls against me. I arch my back, grind against him, and promptly pass out.. 

I wake up to him rubbing my back and kissing my cheek.  "Good morning, sexy." I whisper. "Oh my head hurts...." I cover my head with a pillow. He starts laughing and keeps rubbing my back. "Okay, this headache sucks!" I groan. He laughs harder.

"Come on, let's get you in the shower... I promise I won't do that again..... Today...." He kisses my shoulder, smiling, really proud of his work.

"Please promise not again this month..." I moan. He turns the lights off and walks me to the bathroom. He has the shower running and he climbs in with me. "Promise... Not again this month...." I repeat.

"I promise not again this month. Now, lean on my and just relax, my baby." He rubs my back as I start to feel better. "You never done that before... Did you enjoy it? Even just a little?" He whispers against my neck.

I nod. "I did. Never did that before. Have you?" I look in his eyes. He shakes his head no. I kiss his lips and whispers"You taste like mint.." He starts laughing.

"I was scared so I started asking about if I needed to take you to hospital... I learned you'd be okay so I showered and brushed my teeth. We're going out for dinner. Brothers going too." He starts washing my hair.

"Who did you ask?" I look at him curiously.

"Brothers." He smirks.

"Yoongi! They're going to tease me!" I playfully slap him. "Not fair! I don't ask them for information on you..." I hug him and laugh.

"Only the crazy ones. They said as long as you made noises when I touched you, you were okay. Plus, I told you to pass out..." He looks really proud of himself. "Never done that. Plus, I think of something."

I rinse my hair and look at him. "What did you think of, my love?" I start putting conditioner on my hair and I look at him again. "You okay?"

He nods and smiles really big. "I get kitten tattooed on me. Maybe a kitten face. That way you're always with me." I smile at him.

"If you do that, I'm going to get your name tattooed on one of my inner thighs so you're always between my thighs." I rinse my hair of the conditioner and we both start laughing.

At dinner only two of them keep winking at me. Jimin leans over and asks what it's about.

"Yoongi made me pass out from orgasms.... He asked them if I would be okay... Now they're teasing me.." I whisper and Jimin starts laughing really hard and slapping my arm. I just shake my head. "Okay.... Since Jimin thinks this is funny I'm telling everyone." I look at Yoongi and he sticks his tongue out a little and I shiver. "My cruel, tortuous husband made me pass out today... He wouldn't stop until I passed out. Okay? Everyone start laughing. Poke jokes... Go ahead.." I motion my hands in a 'come on.'

They all start laughing and I look around and see the tables around us are empty so I start giving details, laughing at how red Yoongi's turning. "See his face!!?? He knows he's cruel! Look at that face!" I hold his face in my hands. "This man is dangerous! How come nobody warned me?! I was innocent before I met him!"

"Yeah, fucking right!" Shouts Jungkook. "You're a fucking freak! Don't lie!" He starts laughing and throws his napkin at me.

"Hey! That's neither here nor there.... I'm giving my side... I may have said I was going to break my hips on him.. I may have said that I wanted to suck him until he turned blue.... But that doesn't mean I'm a freak! I might have said I wanted to lick him until my tongue fell off but that doesn't mean I'm a freak!" I throw his napkin back at him. Yoongi takes my drink away from me and gives me his water. "Hey! I am not drunk... A freak maybe, not drunk.." I can't keep a straight face and I start laughing so hard I snort.

That causes everyone else to start laughing and I snort again. We're all laughing and crying and I wrap Yoongi in a big hug and whisper "Your turn when we get home, my husband..." He kisses my forehead and shakes his head, smiling.


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