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We're all sitting together, my friends' kids dancing around, singing, and just being adorable. Hoseok is teaching them dance moves and everyone else is just talking and cheering the kids on.

"Who's playing the music?" I ask Yoongi and smile seeing how drunk he's getting. 

"Um. I'm not sure.... You?" He starts feeling his pockets, not feeling his phone. "No idea where my phone is. Fuck it." He takes another drink of his beer. I get up and start looking for his phone. I have an idea I wanna do when the kids go in the other room or if we do. Whichever comes first. Hoseok and I worked really hard on this idea.

I find his phone and it's not playing the music. I walk in and hand his phone. "Everyone! Who is playing the music?!" I shout above the music and talking.

"Oh I am, sister!" Hoseok raises his hand. He smiles at me and goes right back trying to show the dance move again to the youngest. She's trying, but she's not getting it. I smile at Hoseok keeping his cool and not losing his temper. I know I would have.

I gasp when I hear the song start playing. I look at Hoseok and he winks at me.

"Yoongi.... Baby... Here's your birthday gift..." I start dancing around, and singing the song softly. Hoseok is moving his arms to give me hints on the move next. Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook start singing on the top of their lungs "Just wanna be, wanna bewitch you in the moonlight. Just wanna be, just wanna bewitch you all night" I keep looking at Hoseok because I'm forgetting the next dance move, and I know the second chorus is when I'm supposed to climb on his lap and basically dry hump him. 

"Stop! Stop stop stop stop!" Yoongi shouts. I stop dancing and I start to feel nervous. He hated the dance. "I need more beer... Come on, wife.." when we're walking out of the room, I see Hoseok wink.

I hear the song restart and I start my dance again, but not as intense because I'm pouring beer in his glass. I hand Yoongi a bottle of soju and push him in a chair. The second chorus comes on, and I start grinding against him. He drops the soju and grabs my hips, pulling me closer. I smile and hear the guys screaming again "Just wanna be, wanna bewitch you in the moonlight. Just wanna be, bewitch you all night." I smile and kiss him, grinding on him and he pulls me down on him more and I pull away softly. "I need to finish.." I continue my dance and I whisper in his ear "just wanna be, bewitch you in the moonlight. Just wanna be, bewitch you all night. Just wanna be, bewitch you in the moonlight. Just wanna be, bewitch you. One last time in the ancient rite." 

He pulls me on his lap and he growls. "You do this. You make me crave you when people are near? You need punishment... Ride me. No noises. Just fuck me. Make me cum." I look in his eyes, wanting to laugh because he's never this aggressive with his words. He normally says he needs to feel me, touch me, taste me, or even hear me. "You hear, wife?" He undoes his pants, stands up slightly, pulls his pants and boxers down. "Ride me until I cum. Don't care. No noises from you. Cover your mouth. Come on." He pulls my panties and leggings down "lift." He taps my leg, and I do. He slips only leg out and looks at me. "Hurry." He reaches down and starts stroking himself. He growls softly. "It needs you. Now fucking come on. Fucking listen to me." He grabs my hips and starts pulling downwards on his lap. He rubs my clit and I bite my lip to keep from making noises. "Good. Wet for me. Fuck. You were already wet. Dancing for me makes you wet? My dirty kitten. Now, listen. Ride hard and faster. Quick meal. Now."

I start slowly moving my hips and trying not to moan.

"Nope. Fuck this. Get up. Sit on counter. I fuck you." He growls and kisses my lips softly. 

I jump up on the counter and head the music getting turned up. I wonder if they know or heard him. I start to blush, feeling nervous there's friends in the other room and here we are in the kitchen...

"Now. Bite your lip. Im going really rough until I cum in you." He growls and rams all the way inside me. I cover my mouth, shaking, trying not to scream. He pushes me down so I'm laying down on the counter. He's fucking into me with a savageness he's never had before.

I cover my mouth with both hands and keep shaking. I look in his eyes and he nods. I move my legs higher on his hips and just succumb to him, and the many orgasms he's planning for me. I start grabbing at him with my right hand, covering my mouth with my left. He takes his shirt off and shoves it in my face.

The scent of him overwhelms me and I have another orgasm, this one I squirt on him. He places his right hand around my neck and starts squeezing. I bite his shirt so hard, I hell like my jaw is going to break. He lets go of my neck and grabs my thighs. He pulls me closer and keeps pounding away at my swollen, drenched, red flesh. My thighs are turning red from the friction of him and his hands holding them up. I know he's holding me at the angle because I squirt a lot.

He starts growling and I hear a noise at the door but it stops. I look and he slaps me. "Eyes on me. Fuck. You did this. You caused this. Fuck!" He shouts "fuck" again. I can tell he's really close but doesn't want to cum yet.

I wrap my legs around him tighter, uncover my mouth and whisper the first Korean phrase he taught me. He screams "fuck" again and slams into me over last time, causing me to orgasm yet again squirting on him. He fills me and he collapses on my chest. "Baby." He clears his throat. "Are you okay?" He looks up at me and I nod.

"I'm okay, husband. How did I cause that?" I whisper in his ear.

He starts laughing. "The way your hips swayed. And bewitching me. My little kitten witch." He kisses my lips softly. "Hoseok taught you that dance, didn't he?" I nod my head. "Good thing he's my brother. I would have made him watch me destroying you." He gets up and looks at his pants and starts cackling. "My pants caught the squirting. Look."

I look down and see the huge wet spot on his pants. I start laughing and then the door opens and Jungkook throws clothes at Yoongi. "Thought you might need those. By the way, didn't hear anything. Only heard Yoongi screaming Fuck. Everyone went to get ice cream. I'm the one standing guard. Good going, Yoongi! Destroy her again!" He slams the door and I hear him laughing.

"Oh my Gods... I'm so embarrassed.." I say into Yoongi's chest. "If Maknae says nobody heard, they all heard." I shake my head feeling incredibly embarrassed and happy in the moment.

"No, they left after the song played the second time. Hoseok text. You didn't notice the message on your watch?" He points.

"No, I didn't... So nobody heard?" I start thinking back to the second time the song played. "You dropped the soju... That's when they left, isn't it?" He nods. "You planned that?! Seriously?!" I start laughing.

"Hoseok would send clips of you dancing and using that giant cat stuffed animal for me. One clip you slammed on the chair and squealed 'why doesn't it hurt like that with Yoongi?' Hoseok told me the song you wanted and the dance. I read the lyrics. Sad song. Love ending." He pulls on his fresh boxers and pants. "Your turn, baby Kitten." He slips my panties on first then my leggings.

"Why are you so good to me?" I look in his eyes. "Honestly... You're so amazing."

He smiles looking deep in my eyes. "Because I feel the same towards you. You're perfect for me." 

I kiss him and pull him on top of me again and I hear the door slam. "I guess they're back." I whisper.

"Yeah. They got us ice cream. Let's go." Yoongi says.

"I'll clean up the soju. You go. You need to taste mine anyway." I kiss his lips once more before hopping off the counter. I get the broom and start sweeping and giggling to myself. 

"So.. how was it?! Give the deets, woman!!" B yells and hands me an ice cream with a bite out of it. "Thank your husband." She rolls her eyes and laughs.

"Guys... He's so amazing... I keep pinching myself thinking it's all a dream... He's absolutely perfection for me." I take a bite of the ice cream. "Ohhh. Tangerine. I'm surprised Yoongi didn't take this one..." 

"Hoseok got the same for both of you." G says. We all three laugh and I hurry up and finish cleaning up the bottle and his pants. "Did he piss his pants?" G asks laughing.

"No.... I squirted.... I better wipe the counter down really well..." I spray the counter and let it sit. "Hoseok and Yoongi had that planned... So here I am worrying and freaking out someone hearing us and only Jungkook is here. Fuck.." I wipe the counter and use another round of spray. "I better mop the floor real quick too... Little shards of glass are not fun.." so I spot mop the floor and wipe the counter. "Clean up is no fun." I laugh and we walk back in the room with everyone else. "Husband, I put them in the closet with the mop..."

Yoongi nods. "Need help with the ice cream?" He takes it and takes another bite. "You're tastes better than mine. Switch." I start laughing and switch cones.

Everyone is talking again and eating ice cream and the kids are right back to learning dance moves from Hoseok and Jimin helps. I just watch everyone and smile leaning on Yoongi. "You're happy, right?" I look at him.

"Of course. I have my wife, friends, nieces and nephews. Mostly I have my kitten wife." He smiles and kisses my nose. "I'm the happiest Yoongi." He finishes his ice cream and takes mine. He finishes that one and jumps up and starts dancing around with the kids and I laugh. 


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