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He's sitting on my couch getting licked by my dog. I'm straightening up and cleaning. I watch them and just smile. He's so perfect. After last night, we're just a giant, messed up family. 

"Hey. What are you trying to do?" He says to my dog doing his chomp chomp thing meaning he wants kisses. Yoongi kisses my dog on his forehead. My dog licks him. He starts laughing.

I get back to work. We're having a family dinner again, and I'm so excited. We slept late and we still have to get items from the store. I'm starting to worry about everything, when I feel Yoongi hugging me.  "Hey cutie pie." I kiss his cheek and smile.

"Let's just order something. I want to snuggle with you some more." He whispers and kisses my neck. "Not enough snuggles." He smiles and kisses my neck again, this time he licks it.

I let out a soft moan and he squeezes me tighter. "I need to do a lot of things.. laundry, cleaning, tidying up. So much... And then dinner... Wait. You haven't eaten yet. Are you hungry?" I look at him worrying about him.

"Yeah I did. You haven't. You need to eat. I ate leftover kimchi jjigae. There's some left. I'll warm it up." He lets go and I grab his hand. "Kitten, you need to eat. That shirt is big on you now. It was tighter when I brought it for you. You're disappearing. My curvy kitten is not so curvy.."

I nod and look down, only thinking about I'm still not skinny. "I had coffee. I'm not really hungry. I'll eat dinner. Promise." He tilts my chin to look in his eyes. "Yoongi, I promise."

"You better." He says then kisses my forehead. "If I wanted little skinny almost ghost woman, I would have that. I miss your curves. Your soft squishy hips." He looks sad but he smiles at me. "No matter what, I love you. You know that, right?"

I nod slowly. "I know you love me. I think because I see you more now, you like me better now." I motion around my body.

"That is not true. I'm not as busy. That's why. Plus you're coming home with me next week. I need you to stay with me. That way I can make you eat." He feels my hips. "Mostly bone now. No more squish." He kisses my lips but he seems sad.

"Okay, husband. I eat. You make me something. I'll eat it." I hug him, noticing my arms fit differently. Maybe I am taking my diet too seriously. I shrug it off and then I get back to work.

I hear him softly talking to my dog. My dog barks like he's answering. He keeps showing the dog what he's doing and laughing. I start opening windows and lighting incense on the altar. He watches me and smiles at me. I smile back.

"I bought more. I hope they like them. My grandmother loved flowers so I bought one for her. My grandfather has a special one as well. I hope your family approves..." I show him the boxes and he sniffs them. He nods and smiles. My dog jumps up and licks his arm.

"Food is done. Now, sit down and eat. You've done enough." Yoongi places my bowl on the table and sits down. "You eat at least half."

I sit down and start chugging the water he placed down. "More please.."

Yoongi shakes his head. "You always chug water before eating. Not today. You eat." He takes the empty cup from me.

I take a few bites and sigh. My stomach is starting to hurt. "I need more water please..." 

He shakes his head. "Eat. You've only eaten few bites. Few more." 

I take a few more bites and ask for water again.

He shakes his head. "Eat."

I take two more bites. I can't bring myself to eat anymore without water. I'm stronger willed than him, or so I think.

"Eat..." He says softly. He looks really worried. His eyes show how worried he is.

"If I eat anymore, I'll throw up..." I hold my stomach, it's honestly grateful for me eating the 15 bites of food. It growls, wanting more food but I poke it.

"See? Your tummy wants more." He gives me another cup of water and I chug it down like nothing. "Now, 10 more bites. Then more water."

I glare at him and take another bite. "5 more." He shakes his head. We start bickering about how many bites until he grabs my wrist.

"Look. I couldn't do this before." He overlaps his fingers on my wrist. "You are not the same. I want you back. I don't like this. You don't eat. You're disappearing."

I see tears in his eyes, I look down, and whisper "okay, 10 more..." I take my bites and try not to feel sick. This is more food I've eaten in one sitting for the past eight months. I stand up, bow to him, and try not to cry. 

"Now, water. Then you finish." He whispers. I shake my head, holding my stomach. "Okay. We snuggle until your tummy feels better." I smile softly and hug him tightly. "I am really scared for you, Kitten.." He whispers and squeezes me tight. "I don't like you like this.."

I start crying and just hug him. He holds my face while I'm sobbing and clinging to him. He says he liked me fat. He liked I was warm and squishy. I laugh at that. He starts feeling my cheeks and saying he liked my puggy cheeks, now they're gone. 

"I promise I'll eat..." I whimper in his ear.


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