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"You don't have to stay all night, baby. It'll be boring probably. A lot of watching me chart." I tell him outside my job, kissing him in the car.

"No, I stay. I watch. You watch me." He says between kisses.

"True. You just want to see me around my coworkers." I giggle and kiss him more. I look at my phone. "We better head in..."

We walk in holding hands. He's carrying my work bag and a bag of food he wanted to bring. He watches the usual chaos and I just got the ground running. Counts, reports, signing on/off, and setting everything up. 

"Hey, my love.." I kiss his cheek. "You want to follow me or sit here?" I whisper in his ear "If it's a quiet evening we can go hide and have a snack." 

He smirks and jumps when one of the patients grabs his hand. I giggle. "Now, Marie... What have I said about touching my husbands?" Marie mutters something and rolls of in her wheelchair. "I call everyone my husband and say I'm very protective and will dot her eyes if she touches them..." He laughs and shakes his head at me acting like I'm punching.

"How many husbands are you up to?" A housekeeper asks laughing.

"Wouldn't you like to know? You wanna join the stables? I'm the only female and you live to please me." I squint my eyes and the housekeeper and I start laughing. He walks away. "He doesn't mean anything. He's funny."

Yoongi nods but looks upset. I jog over and see my "work wife" and introduce them. She shakes his hand and starts joking around with me, mostly our inside jokes and he just watches. He sits down watching us laugh and do little dances. I get hugged by another work friend and I introduce him to her as well.. She asks if he's going to leave because she thinks she needs "wifey wifey time" and I laugh hugging her.

"Wait... You make noises at work without me?" He laughs.

"Nooooooooooooooooo!!! They're being silly!" I hug him and keep giggling. "Okay.. I gotta get to work... No more slacking." He nods and follows me around doing my first medication pass. I start explaining different things and he looks interested. I can't stop smiling. "Alright... Last patient for now.." I get done and head back to the nurses station to chart.

"Hey girl. Going out. You coming?" My coworker pokes my arm. "You've lost more weight. Damn." She pokes my side and calls me tiny.

We go outside with my coworker. My work wife starts laughing and saying inside jokes that patients have said and I respond to her. Yoongi laughs watching the craziness unfold. I start jumping up and down screaming "What did you get me? What did you fucking get me?!" One of the coworkers yells "Baba-booey!" And I dramatically fall over screaming "It's not much!!!" 

He looks confused and just laughs. My coworker starts singing and we start dancing around and then we act like we're fighting. It's the typical insanity that we do to deal with the stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, and negating the negative from work. He just watches me and I giggle and look at him. He's my everything. 

We all get done smoking and we go inside and start being professionals. One of the patients comes up and wants to meet him. I introduce them and say that patient is my little brother and Yoongi is my husband. Jonathan talks about shows he likes and is amazed Yoongi hasn't seen them.

I start charting, ordering meds, responding to messages, checking lab reports, and just the usual. Some CNAs come up for creams, lotions, and powders because showers are being done.

He starts asking questions about things and I explain the next I can. I say I used to be a CNA here but now I'm a nurse. I worked hard to get where I am. I've coworker talks talking about "that weird Chinese group" and I correct her but she doesn't listen. I throw a paper wad at her and say "Look, we've been over this.... Until you're done being a little fucker, don't utter one word to me. Deal?" He starts laughing and kisses my cheek. "She's fucking stupid. She knows. She *FUCKING* knows! Everyone has corrected her. She thinks she's funny. She's going to be funny when I kick her face in." I glare and Yoongi kisses my cheek again.

He whispers "Aww, does my little kitten need to taken to a hiding spot and touch her? Does my good little kitten need to feel her husband?"

I smile at him and giggle. "Always. I hope you know that..." I look in his eyes and kiss his hand. He smiles and hugs me.

He watches me charting vitals and writing progress notes and other stuff. He laughs at how many times I've washed my hands or used sanitizer. He decides to take my hands, and put lotion on them. He says they look dry, and he doesn't like dry hands. A few people keep watching us, one threatens to call the boss, I state I got permission so go ahead and call.

"Your voice is aggressive tonight. Is my kitten okay?" He whispers and follows me into the bathroom. He just pushes me against the wall, kisses me, and has me grind on him. He laughs when I moan softly. "There's my baby. Such a good kitten." He bites my shoulder and pulls my shirt up. "Lean on sink. I need to feel you for a minute."

I nod, look in his eyes, kiss him softly, and I moan softly "Ruin me, Yoongi... Please baby.."


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