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Yoongi is in his studio and I've been trying to get him to pay attention to me. We haven't touched much in the last couple of days and I miss him. He snuggles up to me every night and we kiss and say we live each other, but I'm craving more.

"Oppa?" I crawl over to him and lay my head on his knee. "Baby...." I nuzzle against his leg. "Husband?" He looks down at me and smiles. I always wonder why husband gets his attention but none of the other phrases. "Husband? Your wife is needing attention..." He smirks and rubs my cheek. "Please Husband?"

He keeps looking at me, smirk on his face. "Show me. How needy you are." He grins evilly and licks his lips. He knows how him playing with his tongue gets me going.

"Husband?" I am not sure what he wants me to do. I playfully bite his leg. He taps my cheek with a finger. "Yes Husband? I look up at him 

"Show me how needy you are, wife." He purrs when he says wife. "Show me."

I back up and sit on the floor, lifting my dress up and showing him the panties he picked out. "Like this?" I slowly rub my inner thigh and moan softly. He nods his approval. "How about this?" I pull my panties to the side and rub my clit softly and I moan a little louder. He nods again. "Oh. You want to see more?" He smirks and nods, his eyes not leaving me. I slowly insert a finger, lean my head back and moan louder.

"Keep going. Show me." He commands. His voice is gravely, deep, aggressive and full of love.

I nod and take my panties off all I have better access. I start rubbing my clit while using a finger. I moan his name and grind against my hands.

"Use two now." Yoongi turns his chair to watch me better. I bite my lip, nod and insert another finger inside me. A purr escapes my lips and I moan again. "Think of me inside you. Oh my beautiful wife. You make that noise with my tongue... Ach. So beautiful."

I rock my hips, grind against my hand, moan his name and still beg for his attention. He smirks with every noise that escapes my mouth. "Please Yoongi... Baby... Husband... Please?" I roll my hips against my fingers inside me.

"Stop. Now. Come here. Now, wife." He growls and I don't want to stop since I'm feeling an orgasm building, but I do. I walk in my knees to him and he takes each finger and sucks it. I moan feeling his tongue dance around in my finger. 

"Husband, please..." I whimper looking in his eyes. I start to grind against his leg and he smiles.

"Aww. Is my wife needy? So needy? Oh fuck wife. You're so wet." He growls and rubs my cheek as I grind against his leg. "On my lap. No moving. Just feel." He pulls his boxers off and I climb onto his lap and slowly lower myself onto him.

I grip his back feeling him enter me. My walls clenching around him, begging him for release. I roll my hips, thinking about nothing but how amazing he feels inside me. He holds my hips while I ride him, forcing me downward on him. I start whimpering, feeling my orgasm growing. I start whining and begging him for permission.

He nods and kisses me. "Only if you look in my eyes when you cum on me." I nod and look in his eyes, hold his face, and release sweeps over me and I'm in a state of bliss. "You better not stop." He growls. "Keep going. You wanted attention. Now take it." He bites my neck and I squeal. "Fucking keep going."

I smile, loving it when he speaks like that. He only does that when he's in AgustD mood. I whimper softly and start riding again. "Like this, baby?" I whisper in his ear. "You like feeling the pussy you own? You own it." I kiss him and he growls. He bucks his hips and thrusts hard into me. "Is my husband going to reward his wife? Husband going to cum inside his wife?" I coo, fighting back against my moans and screams wanting to escape.

"Shut up. Keep riding." He smiles, kisses my lips and strokes my side. "So beautiful." He groans, signaling he's getting close.

I nod, lean back a little, holding on to the desk, and riding faster and I start crying out his name. He nods in response and thrusts hard inside me. I swear I can feel his precum inside me.

"Don't stop." He growls and squeezes my hips hard. He pulls me closer to him and moves his hands to my waist. He forces me down onto him and I scream. He smiles with each scream and I feel like my eyes are rolling in the back of my head.

"Oh my husband. My wonderful husband. I love you. I love you so much." I keep confessing my love to him and he confesses to me. We are both trying to hold back so this moment doesn't end.

"Stop. Stop now." He breathes deeply, trying to catch his breath and calm his beating heart. "Just feel. No moving." He bites my neck gently.

"Husband..." I try to protest but I feel him throbbing and twitching inside me. I moan loudly and cling to him. "Let me have my snack..." I moan and tighten around him.

He moans softly and shakes his head. "Just feeling you. Fuck you feel amazing. Oh baby... Yeah.. do that again." He encourages me to move my hips slowly because I keep tightening around him. My walls, begging him to keep going. My swollen, wet, hot walls tightening around him each time his whispers, kisses, or hugs me. 

"I love you body." He growls. "After this song, I'm going to ruin it completely. I own you."

I nod slowly and moan. "You do own me. Ever since we met." I kiss his lips passionately, holding his face. "Since the first day we met. Those eyes... Fuck... Your eyes."

He smiles and kisses my nose. "Keep me warm and hard while I finish working. Lay your head on my shoulder."

I nod my head slowly and lay it on his shoulder. I hear clicks off the mouse and he taps a few keys on the keyboard. Music softly plays and I hear a sound I'm convinced it's me moaning. I tighten on him and he laughs. "Yoongi... My love, was that me?" I roll my hips slowly to the music.

He doesn't answer with words but his body answers. My moan plays again in the song. I repeat everything and he smiles. I hear it again and start moving more. He stops the music and looks in my eyes intensely. "You stop moving. Listen to the song. Almost done." He kisses my nose and smiles.

I keep rocking my hips to the music and I moan softly. I feel him twitching, he's close I just know it. I start riding him, holding on to the back of the chair, grateful it has held us through so many sessions in here. "Yoongi, my love."

He smiles and keeps working. He glances at me and I ride faster. He nods slowly and sighs deeply. "Rides me." He demands. I obey.

I don't hear him working, only the song playing. It's done. He's going to have a listen through and then ask how I like it. I kept riding him but I get distracted by the lyrics. I slowly lower myself and listen to the words he wrote. I look in his eyes and start tearing up. He smiles and thrusts into me, causing me to scream.

After the third playthrough, I start whispering done is the lyrics. I start riding him hard, seeking release. He growls, holding my hips, and starts fucking into me. I use the desk as leverage and meet him with the same force. He squeezes my neck gently and smiles. "Your are such a good kitten" he growls thrusting harder.

I look in his eyes and nod my head. He nods back. I start screaming and clawing at his chest while I have an intense orgasm. He smiles and pulls me close to him. He lifts his shirt and my dress so our chests are pressed together. He uses my waist to slam me down on him once more and somehow, we both have orgasms.

He kisses me and rubs my cheek. I can hear our heartbeats and I giggle. He squeezes me in a tight hug and whispers "Did you like it kitten?"

I am not sure which he's asking. "I always love fucking you. You know how I feel about your music. Both are the best." I slowly get up, only to go down to my knees to clean him. He moans and holds my hair so he can look in my eyes.

"Fuck. Kitten. You are so perfect." He purrs. I smile up at him with his cock in my mouth. "That view is one of the best." I feel his cock twitch and I suck harder. "Yes, it was. I changed it but yes. From number 60. That's my favorite one." He sighs and I hear clicking again.

I finish cleaning him and hear my voice talking to him. I giggle on the recording. "We were talking about food?" I laugh and lean my head on his stomach and kiss it.

"At first.. listen." He smiles.

I hear us discussing what's for dinner and then he yells that I need to stop not eating. I don't need to lose anymore weight. He starts yelling about how he's worried about my health and he misses my curves and squishy hips. I start tearing up remembering that argument.

"I still feel that way." He rubs my cheek. I smile at him and nod.

We start bickering on the recording and I end up saying that he deserves more. He deserves someone beautiful. There's a slapping noise, and I remember the sting from his hand. He looks sad but he smiles. The recording is mostly us bickering about me losing weight, again, and I think I'm but good enough. I hear him growl and then I start moaning.

"If you weren't beautiful, would I do this? Would you cause this?" He yells in the recording but I keep moaning his name and saying I love him. He purrs and I hear the wet noises of us. I look at him and he smiles. "You were crying and kissing me. You thrived of my touch. Hmmm. Still do... I love you, wife." He stones my cheek and then I hear myself scream. I jump a little and he hugs me. "Listen closely..." He lights to the speaker.

I start confessing my love, my fear, and anxiety to him. He tries his best to end them, but I start crying and begging for more. I start gasping and whimpering. His eyes darken looking at me. I smile at him.

"This part... " He whispers. I start screaming more. Not just his name but I love you and please don't leave me. I moan a throaty noise and whisper harder. "I was choking you. You did this... Coming up." I start sobbing and begging him to never leave me, not to stop, keep going, and to ruin my pussy. I start saying all sorts of things and he keeps growling. He shouts and he smiles at me. "Listen what you say...." 

I turn my head to look at the speaker like I can see a video of us. "I want to stop by birth control, Yoongi.." We both start crying on the clip and he rubs my cheek. "That's when I had it removed?" I look at him.

"You switched from the implant to the other one. I think I like this one better." He says and stops the recording. "I use those noises to put in my song about love." He kisses my forehead.

"You know ARMY will pick up on that..." I giggle. He shrugs. He plays the song again, closes his eyes, and feels the music. 

He always amazes me. He smirks each time the altered moan plays. "I'm hungry. Let's go eat." He opens his eyes and helps me stand, even though I don't need the help. "No panties. I want to be about to touch you if I want." He kisses my nose and I giggle against his neck.


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