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Green revolution in all-in-one ski suits? However, that should not sound unbelievable any more. A lot of campaigns are making people more aware of environmental pollution in different ways. Unfortunately, even in 2016, some brands were yet to jump onto the bandwagons and there were many still using PFC chemicals in their skiwear.

It seems that not all were concerned about sustainability and protecting our earth and environment. However, all these are a matter of passé. Things have changed drastically in the last 6-7 years.

These days, if you are not making recycled, sustainable, chemical-free ski and snowboard wear, these will not go down well with the green brigade. Therefore, ski trends in 2024 will see more and more brands falling in the line of sustainable fabric and quality to make winter special for skiers.

Drum Roll

Bib pants, camo, smock jackets – all used to be rocking ideas a few years back. Now they are replaced with more fashionable and functioning ski ensembles.

So, what makes the breaking style news for skiers and snowboarders? We sense it is going to be a drum roll. Coordination plays a role in making it an upcoming trend. Stylish it looks and comfy you will feel.

Other Ski Wear Trends

“Multi-functionality” is becoming a catchphrase in the fashion world, especially when it comes to skiwear that will keep you hot in appeal and feel on the slopes. Brands are working on apparels that have multiple uses.

And, this new outlook is intimately related to the concept of sustainability, a word already buzzing in ski wear fashion. An insulated ski jacket can be worn on slopes as well as on any winter morning while walking the dog.

A few colours are more loved than others during this year. Light blue looks good on the backdrop of glittering snow all over.
Elite brands are now in the mood of experimentation. Smarter marketers have also changed their style of promotion to sell one-piece ski suits or other skiwear online.

Choose your colour and style for jacket. Next, pick up pants that complement the look. There is a range of appealing ski wear sets. Honestly speaking, you will get spoiled for a selection. Luxury ski wear sets are also selling like hot cakes. Obviously, these are not meant for all, but those who can afford will never forget the luxurious feel.

Brands have taken a plunge into designing the entire ensemble instead of making only ski jackets or pants. It benefits them because customers often look for a complete set instead of trying to ‘mix and match’.


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