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I'm dancing around with Hoseok and we're laughing. He's trying to teach me how to do a dance move but I just wiggle my butt at him. He starts laughing and yells "Yoongi!!! Your wife is showing her ass!"

Yoongi walks in the kitchen, and is shoved out of the way by Jungkook. "Hey. I wanna see her ass!" He starts laughing and I stop and start blushing.

"My wife doesn't show her ass.. She shakes out a lot." Yoongi starts laughing and shaking his ass.

Jimin smacks Yoongi's ass and shakes his. We're all shaking our asses and Hoseok just laughs. 

Hoseok starts recording the chaos and I start slapping Yoongi's ass. 

"More!!! Husband, do that thing..." I whisper in Yoongi's ear.

"What thing?" He says.

I whisper in his ear the hip rocking move he does when he's about to cum. He starts laughing and says "No! That would be in one of the clips you watch and drool." He laughs and kisses my forehead.

Jungkook tries to get me to whisper what I said but I don't. He starts doing a bunch of dances and I just shrug. 

Yoongi does it and I scream. I start cheering and tell him to do it again. Hoseok zooms in on Yoongi's ass. I see Hoseok's eyes get big after Yoongi does it.

"Fucking sexy.." Hoseok starts laughing "I got that!!! Yoongi!!"

Yoongi turns red, pulls me by my hand, and we walk out of the room. "Now you're going to feel that, kitten." I start giggling as he pulls me down the hallway. He pushes me into the bedroom and slams the door. I keep giggling and he pushes me down on the bed. He starts grinding on me and my giggles turn into moans quickly. He kisses my forehead and smirks at me. "You wanting that? You missing it?"

I nod and start pulling at his clothes trying to get them off. He just laughs and gets up. I whimper softly and he just stands in front of me, while I lay on the bed beckoning him.

"Everything off." He growls softly. His stare shows how much he needs me at this moment. Our eyes meet, I giggle softly. "You'll stop giggling soon..." He pulls me closer to him by my ankle and I giggle. He starts growling and kissing me.

"Husband, everyone is here... They might hear or come barging into the room..." I whisper between kisses.

 "Don't care. Now, my wonderful beautiful kitten... Shut up." He smirks and kisses me.

I nod and smile at him. He nods at me and I nod back. It always amazes me how we speak without words a lot of time. He positions himself and he smirks and takes a deep breath, I know that means he's going to be rough. He's not Yoongi, he's D.

I whisper the song I always do when he's being rough in his ear. He bites me neck and growls. I try not to make much noise but I end up crying out loudly and clinging to him when I orgasm. He bites my neck more and I just whimper for more from him.

He growls and kisses me. "Why are you so perfect, my wife?" He whispers. I just smile against his skin and moan softly. He growls again "Answer me, wife." I whimper softly and he bites my chest, growling. "Answer me."

I whimper "I'm not..." He slaps my face and glares at me. "Yoongi, baby... I'm not..."  I whisper to him. He slaps me again. "You think I'm perfect?" I look in his eyes 

He grabs my face and kisses me deeply. "Perfect for me." He looks in my eyes and whispers "It's always like our first time... You're perfect." 

I smile and kiss his neck. "It's better than our first time.. We're married.." He laughs and nods. He kisses my nose.

We get up and shower quickly, he refused to have me clean him like normal. We get dressed and leave the room. Everyone is talking and outside. We watch them and he squeezes my hand. "We were seven random guys that become brothers. Now I have you. I hope they find someone like you. Perfect for them."

I kiss his shoulder and he kisses the top of my head.

"Perfect for you. I like that. You've always said that to me. I'm perfect for you. You're perfect for me." I whisper and he smiles.


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