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The Birthday of the Stars

By R

A life about
A light gone out

The Word made known
a salvation seed sown

A perfect catch
A life from Darkness

A loser
Has the last laugh

A take down of
The rap of the

Cuts down a kingdom

A sad street beneath
The feet of each

The street repeats
The street repeats

And the sorry excuses
Of what's gone around

Lie breathless, panting
On the ground

Undying words
Chapter and verse

Speaks new life
Breaks the curse

The Earth, it
Lets go

& Catapults God's children
Into the unknown

So play the bass
Snapped and strong

The world
And all its
Gone alongs

Will be blown out
On the bithday
Of the stars

The stars
That tell you

Who you are.


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