Chaos And Confinement Of The Mind Read Count : 45

Category : Poems

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I've lost control. I am nothing but a whisper to the wind filling the void of this hole. Screaming for help to the highest power but the borders of my throat are sealed and straining my body hour to hour. I’m freezing but feel as though I’m filled with fire. Smoke filling the lungs I use to live and drilling its way through every layer of my being. I keep it confined, the shattered shards of glass once a mirror I held as a reminder I’m alive, now the very thing I am blind from. Clawing at the walls of my mind for any hope of sanity but the walls are closing in on me from the expectations of reality. My life is a nightmarish spiral of chaos, an unraveling and entwining of every fear and doubt I've ever harbored. “Wake up!” I shriek but this is real. A nightmare that is impossible to wake up from.


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