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We're holding hands walking around his hometown. He's showing me places that mean a lot to him growing up and on his road becoming Suga. I'm giggling and smiling at him watching him glow. He's such a gorgeous man.

We stop at a little building and he starts laughing saying he had his first kiss there. I giggle and squeeze his hand. "I bit her. I had no idea what I was doing." He laughs really hard. "She didn't like me anymore." We start walking around more and he is pointing out things and laughs at his former life. We head back to his parents' house and the sun starts to set.

"Husband?" I look at him. He looks at me and smiles. "Husband?" He stops walking and looks at me.. "Could we watch the sunset and kiss before going inside?"

He nods and we sit outside and I'm sitting in front of him. He looks down at me and tilts my chin up to face him. We're looking in each other's eyes and I start to giggle.

"What is going through that head, my amazing wife?" He kisses my nose and we look in each other's eyes.

"The last time we watched the sunset, we were naked before the sun fully set. Good thing we're not home, huh?" I giggle.

His eyes darken with memories of us. "We could now.." he whispers. I sigh looking in his eyes, not breaking eye contact. "I think your body is craving me. Right?" I nod slowly and moan softly. He nods as well. "I think... We could have a quick meal.." I shake my head. "No?"

I shake my head again. "Not quick.. I want to make love, not fuck.. I like when you growl.. The longer, the more you growl.. Plus you purr after you...." I feel my face getting red.

"You blush so easy." He kisses my lips softly. "You're so cute. You say such amazing things then you blush. Such a good girl." He growls in my ear and purrs.

I shiver missing his touch and whimper. "Yoongi...." I touch his cheek and rub it. 

He leans into my hand and growls. "I need to feel my kitten.." I nod and he jumps up. "We have quick meal. Then afterwards we have long meal before we sleep... We have to be quiet then." He pulls me up and hugs me tight. I hear his heartbeat and I place my hand on his chest.

"I love you." I don't realize that I squeak and I bite my lip.

"You keep biting that lip, I'll be tempted to bite it myself." He rubs his thumb on my bottom lip. "My kitten needs to purr for me?" He kisses my lips softly.

"Yes, Husband.. Your kitten needs to play with you." I whisper and look in his eyes.

"Let's go. Now." He pulls my arm and rushes to the little building his father uses for storage. He starts throwing boxes and containers on the floor from a table. "Lift dress now." He starts pulling his pants down and I sit on the table, noticing he always picks the perfect heights to have me sit on. "Off our to the side?" He stands in front of me breathing heavy.

"Side.." I start adjusting knowing that look in his eyes. He's craving my noises and my warmth.

He holds me close and whispers while rubbing my clit. The moment I start feeling close, he rams deep inside me and I cover my mouth. He places his forehead against mine and starts growling softly. I cling to him and whisper to him in close. He nods and kisses me looking into my eyes. I start to shudder and orgasm on him. He starts still while my orgasm ends. He smirks, kisses me and starts thrusting into me harder and faster and I bite my lip looking in his eyes. He kisses me deeply knowing I'm close again. 

He whispers "I want to feel it, kitten..." I nod and try not to make much noise and he covers my mouth so I can relax a little. I start grinding into him and using the table to move with him. "You better have another one... Now kitten." He thrusts into me harder I scream into his hand and throw my head back. He keeps thrusting into me making sure I can't hold back anymore.

I shudder against him and he smiles as he removes his hand to kiss me. "Finish inside me, baby.. Please Yoongi... I need it baby..." I start bucking my hips knowing he's close. He nods and starts growling louder and I kiss him to keep from screaming.

He pulls me closer and I'm half hanging off the table just using his body to keep from falling. We look deep in each other's eyes and kiss deeply when we have simultaneous orgasms. He gently puts me back on the table and we stay close until we hear voices outside. We start laughing and kiss once more getting ready to go back to being the cuddly, cute couple that isn't addicted to fucking each other so much.

I help place the boxes and containers back on the table that just witnessed our burning desire for each other. "Oh kitten.. Look.." he is holding a notebook and he flips through it. "Old songs I wrote. Mostly raps." I look and see the handwriting of the once boy that dreamed about being known for his songs. I smile against his shoulder and he starts laughing. "This is about love. What I thought was love. Oh I was so young." He reads a few lines and starts laughing. "Doing my homework, sharing your drinks with me, sharing cigarettes, and making me food." He starts laughing harder and hugs me to his side.  "You do most of those. No homework though." He kisses my forehead right as the door opens.

I jump and gasp and his father is standing there smiling at us. I start giggling and he reads more laughing. His father laughs and shakes his head. "Apparently I don't love him because I don't do his homework that he doesn't have..." The three of us start laughing and he takes another notebook out of the box and starts showing me things he drew next to his songs. We walk out and I shiver at the chill in the air.

His father laughs and says that I'm like him, hate the cold. Yoongi nods and holds my hand. His father puts his arm around my shoulders and the three of us walk to the house and I start to worry if I smell like Yoongi.. "They're bickering over food. So, Yoongi.. You decide." 

Yoongi starts laughing and says "Kitten picks." I widen my eyes and shrug. "You decide. It's your turn." He kisses my hand.

His father laughs and explains the choices and reminds me that no matter what, it's my choice. We walk inside and his youngest nephew comes running up to me and I pick him up and just smell him. He smells like baby powder and lavender. He starts babbling and I nod. His oldest nephew comes over and holds my other hand. He leans on my arm and I rub his head. "What are you hungry for?" I ask his oldest nephew. He shrugs at me. "Ice cream?" He nods. "Okay. Tell them I said ice cream." Both of the boys go running into the room where we hear voices in.

"They will ignore that.." Yoongi says and laughs. I smile and we hear someone shout something and he laughs. "Yeah. Denied. You pick." 

I look at him thinking how I just want to have him. He shivers looking in my eyes and he shakes his head. "Not yet?" I whisper. He nods. "I don't know what everyone wants..." He rubs my cheek. "I don't want to pick something someone hates." 

He smiles. "What does the kitten feel like? Besides that..." I smile at him. "Want me to pick?" I nod and kiss his cheek. "Okay. I'll go pick. Look at these." He hands me the notebooks.

I sit down and his father sits next to me and looks at the same page. "Oh. Don't read that one." He sighs. "That boy..." He flips the page. I just look at his writing and see his writing change from page to page. I wonder I'd he was hurrying up to get the words out and he was worried the thoughts were going to leave.

"Okay. I chose. Said you wanted it." Yoongi sits on the other side of me and I feel his leg press against mine and I crave him again. I look at him and he hands me the notebook he keeps smiling at. "This song... It is like you. What I wanted and wished for. This was before I moved to Seoul."

He points to a page and his father shouts "Don't show her that! She's too nice. She won't understand. You're bad." I giggle against Yoongi's arm happy nobody else knows that side of me. His father slaps at him playfully. "Don't show nice girls that shit!" I start giggling and covering my face. "See? She is embarrassed! Your dirty thoughts." 

I keep giggling and his father gets up and goes into the other room. Yoongi whispers "Good thing nobody knows. This song... It's about you. Everything you do and everything you are. I told future." He starts reading it to me and I blush hearing his thoughts when he was before the man sitting next to me. He winks. "This part..." He reads and whispers in my ear "You did that earlier... Your eyes and body do those." 

I bite my lip and whimper softly to him. He growls softly and I shiver but I start feeling like we need to stop with the intense eye contact.

"She picked? She picked that? Are you sure she likes that?" Omma says looking at us. I nod. She gives me that "Mom" look and I nod again. "Do you even know what that is?" 

"I can describe it but not the word.... I'm sorry.... I'm still learning..." I look down at the notebook feeling a little embarrassed.

"She said 'i want the food we ate the first time we were here. It was good.' So I said that." Yoongi presses his leg against mine and doesn't move. I look at his leg and see he is man spreading and I bite my lip again knowing that he knows what I'm thinking.

"Okay. We have it delivered." Omma leaves the room and we're alone again.

"Yoongi.... You know what I think when you sit like that... I just crave to be there.. between your legs, Danna-sama." I whisper staring at his lap.

"Then sit on my lap. You better grind against me hard." He whispers and I shiver. "I will say you were cold." He takes my hand and places it on his lap. "You should be here, instead of your hand." He kisses my hand and places it back on his lap. 

I jump up, sit on his lap facing him, and grind against him slowly. He grabs my hips and starts moving me faster and then he stops when I gasp. I start shivering and whimper looking in his eyes. "I better get up so nobody sees..." I whisper and then I see a shadow moving into doorway.

"Good timing, kitten." He whispers in my ear when his brother walks in.

"Food will be here soon. Omma says we need to be together so we can eat." His brother smiles and throws Yoongi a pack of cigarettes. And the three of us go outside and smoke a cigarette and talking about nothing important.

Yoongi leans over to me and whispers "Just a few more hours, kitten... Think about it." He kisses my cheek and I listen to them talking and laughing.  I see Omma coming outside and I point. We head inside and Omma puts her arm around me and walks me to the seat next to her but away from Yoongi. I start to protest but she says she wants to sit with her new daughter.

She asks about my life before meeting Yoongi, I tell the story about making kimchi stew, him bumping into me, me yelling at him, my friend and her daughter just being so swept up with them all being nice, and I skip the parts I want to keep between Yoongi and I. She talks about how sad he was and how he was quiet, but now he's loud, happy, and laughs all the time. I nod and she tries to feed me every few seconds it feels like. Yoongi comes over to my side and takes the first bite.

"He always gets the first and last bite. It's a promise. He can tell me if it's good." I smile and pat him on the top of his head. Everyone laughs and he hugs me. I wink at him. He presses against my back and I feel him breathe on my neck. My body tenses and I look up at him hoping he can read my mind. He smiles and nods.

"Aww. Look at the lovebirds." His brother says. Everyone laughs and he kisses my nose. I giggle and act like I'm going to bite him. Everyone laughs harder.

"You better be bite me later, kitten" Yoongi whispers in my ear and I try not to show any reaction but his eyes flash that he can see through whatever wall I try to put in front of him. We start making faces at each other and everyone starts talking and ignoring us. "I'm make you bite my chest so you don't scream later." He whispers in my ear again and he opens his mouth, and I open mine. He feeds me and says "You had my last bite." He kisses my noses and I giggle.

"Your turn, husband." I feed him my last bite and his brother starts cheering he hugs me.  After everyone is done eating he takes my hand and we go outside and he lights up a cigarette. He offers me one, but I shake my head no. We sit in silence, I lean on him, and puts his arm around me and we just cuddle looking at the stars.

"Look, kitten.." he points.  "The constellation that watched us in Japan..." He kisses my forehead and I kiss his cheek. "Maybe it brought us together." He finishes his cigarette and checks his phone. "Namjoon said he needs to call me. You stay out go inside?" I stay seated next to him. He calls Namjoon and they're talking and I don't pay attention about anything except listening to him breathing and his heartbeat. "Kitten, let's go in. It's getting late..." He takes my hand and we walk in. We say goodnight and go to the bedroom. His room when he was young.

We're getting undressed and I catch him looking at the closet. "You need to be my snack in the again?" I giggle hugging him only wearing my panties. He smirks and sits on the bed in his boxers.

"Sit on my lap. I miss you." He holds his arms out and I sit on his lap facing him. "That's my kitten.." he purrs in my ear. I whimper a little and he covers my mouth.  "No noise. Only breathe." He smirks again and tugs at my panties. "Take those off." I adjust myself so I can take them off without leaving his lap. "That's my precious baby kitten." He pulls me closer to him and I sigh. "Need to feel me?" He whispers while kissing my neck softly.

I nod my head and whisper "May I feel you, husband?" He nods as I get up so he can take his boxers off. He guides my hip while, like always, guiding himself inside me. He always has to rub my clit and smirk when I roll my eyes in the back of my head. "Why does it always feel amazing, Danna-sama?" I moan softly.

"Honestly? Because you're turned on...." He laughs and squeezes me tightly to him.. "It feels amazing because I love you." He guides my hips to slowly so I'm barely moving. I feel him twitching inside me and I start to whine. "No noises. Shhhh, Kitten. Quiet..." I nod my head but every sensation is amplified by having to keep quiet.

"Please... Please.... Yoongi... Baby...." I start trying to move faster but he holds me in place shaking his head. I start trembling and he covers my mouth with his hand. I tremble more and he nods.

"You better not hold back.. Come on, baby.. Show me." He lets go of my hip so I can move freely and I start riding him and he smiles while looking in my eyes the whole time. "Don't close your eyes. You better not fucking close those beautiful eyes, my beautiful wife." I start going riding him harder and he nods. He whispers in my ear all the amazing, beautiful, tender things as I try not to scream during my orgasm. He doesn't let me stop riding him and whispers I need to ride through it. I feel myself squeezing him and not letting go. "Aww. Is my kitten feeling better?" He moves him hand and kisses me deeply. Our tongues exploring each other, our bodies trying to fuse together.

I nod after we kiss and I whisper "yes. Your Kitten feels better, husband." I giggle and lay my head on his shoulder.

"Good. Now it's my turn. You better not stop." He covers my mouth with his hand again and thrusts inside me really hard. I moan and whimper. He looks in my eyes and keeps thrusting inside me and I push against him. He nods and I smile and nod at him. He pulls me even closer, kisses me, and cums deep inside me. I moan into his mouth while licking his tongue. He bites my shoulder and I gasp. "Baby.... I love you." He pants and clings to me tightly.

"I love you too, baby." I hold his face in my hands looking deep into his beautiful eyes. The once sad looking eyes are now bright with happiness. Even on bad days, he still looks happy.

"Come on, let's snuggle for a moment." He says after we both catch our breath and are just enjoying kissing each other. I nod slowly, not wanting to get up. We both gasp and moan when he is removed from me.

"I think...." I wink and he nods. I start cleaning him with my mouth and he covers his mouth because he's always loud when I clean him. After I feel he's cleaned, we snuggle into bed, pressed together and happily drift off.

He wakes me up climbing out of bed. I sit up and watch him put his boxers and shirt back on and leaves. I jump up and put my dress on and follow him. 

He turns and smiles at me and we go into the bathroom. I giggle while holding him in my hand while he goes. He kisses my cheek and whispers "I never thought I would have my wife do that." He smirks and waits for me. We was our hands and we go outside. He jokes about it being warm, but we're both cold because we're actually demons.

I nod and he offers me a cigarette, which I take this time. I kiss him and he smiles and kisses my nose. We are always cuddling, not sure if it's because we're cold or because we can't stop touching each other. I rub his leg and feel him tense so I move my hand higher. He bites my shoulder playfully and I moan. 

"When we go inside, how do you feel about long meal?" He kisses my neck and I sigh happily. "Long meal and we'll have to be quiet again. That just means I'll growl while biting you." He purrs in my ear. 

I whimper softly and pull him closer to me. He takes the cigarettes and stomps them out. "Good... I couldn't wait much longer.." I tug at his hand and we hurry inside. We're whispering to each other and I grab his ass. He pushes me into the bedroom and when he closes the door I start taking my dress off and he's pushing against me, kissing me.

"Lay down. Or do you want to be on top?" He keeps kissing me and I lay down. "I love you, baby " he whispers while kissing down my body. "I need my snack." He starts licking my clit and I push into him. He growls against my clit while licking and sucking on me. I cover my mouth but it's not helping so I cover my face with a pillow. He starts to speed up licking me and I feel my hips starting to grind against his tongue and he inserts two fingers. I scream into the pillow with my hands forcing it down on my face. He starts fucking me with his fingers and licking my clit faster and I feel his hand running up my body. I move the pillow and cover my mouth just as he free hand wraps around my throat. I feel myself lose control and I grab his head and grind against his tongue and fingers. He looks in my eyes and growls louder, encouraging me to cum for him. I bite my lips together and nod my head. He squints his eyes at me and I they're my head back and ride the ecstasy flowing through my body from me. I squirt on him and he lifts his head and keeps fucking me hard with his fingers. "You better fucking cum on my fingers, baby. Show me how good you feel." He bites my neck and I squirt again on his fingers. "Oh that's my good baby girl. Want another?" He purrs in my ear. "Make that pussy happy, baby girl. Come on, my beautiful baby. Show me how good your feeling." I keep nodding and squirting with each encouragement he gives me. I collapse on the bed and he slowly removes his fingers. "That's my good baby." He kisses up my body and positions himself on top of me. "Breathe baby... I have to force in. Your swollen. My poor, baby."

I take a deep breath, looking in his eyes, he thrusts deep inside me and he covers my mouth. I rock my hips underneath him and he growls softly. He's barely moving but my swollenness is just throbbing around him and making me needing to cum again. "Yoongi...." I claw at his back and he nods, looking deep in my eyes while I squirt on him. We both sigh together and he nods.

He reaches down and starts rubbing my swollen clit and slowly thrusts inside me. I feel my lip trembling and I grind against him. "You better not stop. Keep grinding through it, baby." He softly squeezes my neck and I can't hold back anymore and squirt on him. He kisses me deeply and starts thrusting hard and fast into me.

"Cum inside me, baby. Please baby... I need your cum so bad... Cum inside my pussy. You own it." I purr to him and he shakes his head. I grind against him harder, matching his thrusts. I start moaning and I cover my face with the pillow again. He uncovers my head and shakes his head.

He bites my tits and I try not to scream out. My body is moving in time with him, I seen to be having non-stop orgasms. I can't stop from making noises so he covers my mouth and pounds into me harder and faster than before. "You better fucking cum once more before I do. You better fuck my cock with that pussy.." Yoongi growls in my ear. I obey his command, but I have two more. I squirt both times. He puts the pillow over my face. "You're going to scream... I'm going to ruin that pussy. Do you remember what to say if it's too much?"

"Oppa..." I whisper and can't seem to catch my breath. He kisses my chest and starts pounding inside me and I feel like he's going to rip me open, but all good feelings. I start squirting on him as he cums inside me. He keeps fucking into me and I hold the pillow tighter to my face so I don't scream. I feel him slowing down and I move the pillow. "Baby, how are you so amazing?" I moan softly.

"I'm only amazing to you. You're the first to love being fucked by me. Most just wanted my tongue." He sounds proud of the fact I crave his cock all the time.

"I love your tongue, don't get me wrong.. Danna-sama, your cock and tongue are so amazing... The others were foolish to not to feel your cock." I whisper and he looks like he's going to cry. I cling to him and he sighs.

"I love you so much, baby..." Yoongi curls up to me and kisses my neck.

"I love you, husband. I'm sleepy now.... Let's cuddle and sleep." I whisper in his ear. He lays on top of me.

"Let's take a nap and repeat after." Yoongi kisses me and we slowly drift off to sleep.


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