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We're snuggling on the couch and I keep moaning softly and rubbing my stomach.

He looks at me concerned.. "kitten, you okay?" He rubs my stomach gently.

I nod grimacing. "Yeah.. just cramps... Haven't been without my birth control in 10 years. Everything is mad.." I giggle a little and he kisses my forehead.

"It'll be worth it. Just think about how intense..." He rubs my stomach more and smiles. "You need anything?" 

I shake my head. "It'll be okay in a few days. I'm just going to be grouchy." I smile and adjust the heating pad and sigh. "My body hates itself right now. It'll be okay." 

He still looks concerned about me and starts texting on his phone. Shortly after he places it down it rings. It's Omma calling. I start laughing that he asked his mother about me having horrible period cramps. He looks at me really concerned and then he rubs my cheek listening to his mother. "Omma said ginger tea..." 

I nod and watch him hurrying into the kitchen. I start laughing and text Jimin. "You know how I'm feeling like crap? He texts his mother to get tips. How is he this precious?" 

Jimin texts back, "You do know only a few of us have sisters... We don't really ask about it. How are you feeling? Are you pregnant yet?" 

"I'm so not thinking about getting pregnant... I'm hurting too much too even do anything. Even have snacks... Yoongi doesn't leave my side for long. Oh shit. He's yelling talking to Omma.. He's so worried. Come help calm him down. Ha ha ha!"

Jimin sends back "I'll get the brothers. We'll take him out to get drunk. He's worse than a new dad." 

I smile and set my phone down after saying thanks. "Yoongi..." I say loud. He comes running into the room looking scared.

"Are you having?!" He waves his arms and I start laughing.

"Your brothers are coming over to take you out. You need to chill... It's just a period." I start laughing. "I know this is new to you... I'm be okay. It's been a decade since I've had one.. Well, I've had them but not full no periods... I've been on birth control. My hormones are just getting regulated." I kiss his hand and laugh. I hear Omma speaking but can't make out the words.

"Omma said that you are going....." He looks pale and really worried. "Going to bleed for a long time... Stop laughing, Omma! If she bleeds, she might..." 

"Hey... Hey hey hey.... I'm not going to die. It's not like blood, blood... Yoongi..." I start giggling. "Will you make some ginger tea? I'm feel okay shortly. I'll change the patches and it'll be okay." His eyes look so worried. "Yoongi, what are you going to do if I get pregnant and go into labor? I think you'll pass out." 

He looks scared more. "I will scream everyone needs to take care of you. You won't hurt during that? Right?" 

I cover my mouth and laugh. "It'll be like shoving a watermelon out of me... It will hurt, but we'll have a baby. Little Yoongi Junior." I keep giggling while he screams.

"No! That won't happen!!?? Really?!" He starts to look sick. "Stop!!!" He tosses his phone on my lap and I keep laughing.

"Omma, I think he has no idea whatsoever... He hasn't seen labor or anything has he?" I laugh into his phone.

Omma and I are talking about being pregnant, labor, periods, and just being women. We start laughing about certain things and Yoongi looks so freaked out hearing.

"Omma, I think you need to tell him that everything will be okay... He doesn't believe me.." I laugh and have him his phone back.

"Yes, come be with her. She keeps bleeding!" Yoongi yells. "That's normal? That's normal? Okay... Yeah, they're coming.. She said I need to stop... Okay." Yoongi sits next to me looking really scared and I can't help but laughing.

After he hangs up and hugs me. "Yoongi, honestly... It'll be a horrible time for a few days. Just think... I'll be craving you more. I won't be able to get enough." I play with his hair and kiss the top of his head. I start rubbing his neck and groan a little because the cramps are intense for a moment.

"We need to go to hospital? We go now." He starts trying to get out of my arms.

"Yoongi... Shhhh.... Just relax. I'm going to take a bath. I'm be okay." I rub his cheek and kiss his forehead. "I'll drink the tea while I'm in the bath. I'll be okay."

He nods and kisses my nose.

He yells that his brothers are here. I finally feel better and get up to hug them all. Jimin keeps laughing when he sees Yoongi looking scared.

"Just imagine him when I get pregnant." I start laughing and hugging them all. Jungkook starts asking how I'm feeling and gives me a little paper bag and whispers it'll make me feel better. Seokjin hands me a paper bag as well, saying the same thing. The rest give me these little bags and start laughing at him.  

"She keeps..." Yoongi sighs and starts rubbing his neck.

"You just need to fuck the cramps out." Jungkook laughs and leans on my shoulder.

"Maknae! Hush. He doesn't need to know that..." I start laughing really hard and the others nod their heads.

"Oh shut up!" Yoongi starts walking away but we laugh more. The some follow him, laughing more each time he yells.

"Maknae..." I whisper and grab Jungkook's hand. "Thank you. You're adorable." He smiles and kisses my cheek.

Jimin holds my hand and we walk into the kitchen. "We are going to eat then go drink. You want anything?" Jimin hops on the counter and smiles.

"Yeah. Make sure he's drunk and laughing. He needs to understand that this is natural. I'm going to bleed a lot for a few days..." I start making more ginger tea. We start laughing and I stop.  "Oh fuck.... Be right back... Feeling.... Nevermind..." I walk down the hallway and Yoongi screams and tries to follow me into the bathroom. "No, you don't want to see me!" 

He opens the door and he closes the door. "I watch. Make sure you're okay.." I shake my head and point to the door. "No, wife! I stay."

"You're going to be grossed out and won't eat." I sigh. "Fine. Turn your back..." I start checking if I was over bleeding and get everything changed. I look up and see him watching. "I'm fine, my love.." 

"That's.... A lot..... You sure?" He starts to look really scared. "You go to hospital if worse?"

"Yes, if it gets worse we will go to the hospital. Everything is okay. This..." I move my hands around. "This is normal. Just wait a few days and I'll be grabbing you nonstop craving you inside me. Even more than before. We will just have to be careful... I could get pregnant then..." I smile and wash my hands. "Now go. I'll clean up this murder scene." 

He nods and I hear them all yelling and laughing. I shake my head, clean up, wash my hands again, and take more pills. I walk out and they all yell "Murderer!" I bow and laugh. I walk into the kitchen and start looking in the little bags they all gave me. Each one is little bits of love. Pill bottles, candy, chocolate, patches, little bits that do many women seek out during this time. Each is different but similar. I laugh at the signs of love from them go in to thank each and every once of them with a hug. The hug me back and explain who they asked. Some sisters, some mothers, some ex's used the items, but they are all sweet.

"How come you didn't give her one?" Taehyung asks Yoongi.

"I knew but not really. Only brothers... Girlfriends never lasted long. Except her.." Yoongi looks sad for worrying so much. I hold his hand.

"You have so much to learn... It's okay. You know the important things." I hug him and kiss his cheek.

"I feel stupid." He whispers in my ear.

"No need, my love. I know you said your exes weren't into.... Only your tongue technology.... No worries about anything. Smile for me.." I kiss him softly.

He smiles and kisses my forehead.

"Now, all men go! Get out! I'm going to watch sappy movies. You get him drunk, bring him home. Bring him home when he's passed out." I laugh and playfully push them out the door. 

They all leave and there's a knock on the door. I roll my eyes and go answer it. Yoongi is standing there and grabs my face and kisses me deeply. I moan in his mouth and sigh. "Okay. You will be okay.. You still need me." He smiles and leaves. I wave and watch him get into the vehicle and they leave.

I lay on the couch and sigh. I start watching a new drama and doze off. I wake up to the door opening. Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok and Jungkook are carrying Yoongi in and they laugh. I help putting him on the couch and ask if they're hungry. I start making them all something to eat listening to how the night went.

They sit at the table and I check on Yoongi, still passed out snoring. I make more tea, and sit with them. They keep telling me little things he did and said. They keep laughing and I shake my head smiling.

"I knew he's worried. He keeps saying he wants me to go to the hospital. I think if he's still worried, I'll go tomorrow. That way he can hear everything is okay. Might call the doctor tomorrow to have him talk to Yoongi. He's going to be a mess if I get pregnant.." I start giggling and they laugh.

"Thanks for the food, sister." Seokjin hugs me and the others follow. They all leave and I go back to my perch on the couch watching my drunk husband.

I'm making him breakfast while he sits at the table drinking coffee talking about his night. I giggle knowing he was upset until his fifth bottle. He says there was a woman that started flirting with him and he said she needed to leave because he was sick.

I giggle. "You didn't say that!" He nods his head and smirks at me.

"I tell her I'm sick and cough. She runs away. She knew that I'm married. She says she wouldn't tell. I think she's gross. I only want you." He gets up and I meet him halfway taking his coffee cup.

"I'll get more. You relax. I feel so much better today." I kiss his nose. He smiles but shakes his head.

"You relax. You need to stay relaxed." He kisses my forehead.

I finish making breakfast and set everything on the table. I drink another cup of tea and we eat.

He comes in the bathroom too check on me. "I'm not bleeding anymore." His eyes get big when I'm washing my hands. "Everything is back to normal. Wanna have a little meal?" I look at him in the mirror. He nods and pulls me into the bedroom. I start giggling while he strips both of us. I lay down on the bed, and he starts rubbing me and sighs feeling how much I need him.

"You're more.... More than before... I want snack ." He whispers and kisses down my body. It doesn't take him long before I'm screaming, grinding on him, and squirting. He looks up at me and smiles.  "Wow.... Faster than before. I think I like this.." He kisses up my body but I pull him up faster.

"I can't wait. Please, baby... Now... I can't..." I start whining at him and he nods and slowly enters me. I claw his back and he growls. "Already?" I kiss his nose. He nods and keeps going slowly. I beg him for more but he shakes his head.

"No, gentle... Slow.. Fuck.. You feel warmer and more swollen." He growls and kisses my neck. "I'm close... If I go faster, it'll end." He purrs in my ear and I moans his name.

"Faster, Yoongi. Please... Please baby. Do it." I start grinding against him, begging for him to speed up. He shakes his head and keeps going slowly. I pull him closer to me and roll over all I'm on top. "I need more... Please.." I grind into him and rocking my hips faster.

He holds my hips and I start riding him faster and harder. He starts growling and yelling out. I sigh and go faster. I feel him throbbing and know he's close. I start rocking my hips harder, knowing that always gets him to cum. He shouts and I scream as we have simultaneous orgasms. He holds me close and keeps growling.

"You keep.... Fuck..." He groans. "Keep gripping really hard.... Fuck..." He thrusts into me, knowing if he keeps moving he will stay hard. He starts thrusting into me harder and I scream again. I end up squirting on him and ride it out on him and he cums inside me again. 

We collapse on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms but I jump up to clean but he grabs my hand.

"I don't have the birth control preventing..." I whisper.

"Let's see what happens..." He whispers and kisses me deeply, leading me back to our bed.


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