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We lay in bed, talking about our future. We're both incredibly happy, excited, and nervous about our wedding on a handful of hours. He sits up when he hears a noise and I giggle, hiding under the blanket. 

"I think it's your boyfriend..." Yoongi laughs and lays down next to me, hugging me to him.

"My boyfriend? I only have you, my love." I rub his cheek and look into his eyes.

"Kyo. Your Japanese boyfriend." He starts laughing harder. "He couldn't take his eyes off of you. You were dancing around in the kitchen making food. He kept watching you." He kisses my lips softly. "I think he knew what I see in you."

"I was singing along to one of his songs... I was dancing around in the yakata he brought as a gift. That's it. I scared him.* I start laughing and cover my mouth hoping I didn't wake anyone up.

"He told me the meaning of that song... He said the way you screamed made him want to hug you." He smiles and kisses my forehead.

"I screamed with the emotions of the girl I was once. I didn't know you both were watching.. I used to joke that song was for me... C... My first name starts with that letter.." I laugh harder remembering the past. Begging friends to go with me to see Diru and screaming the lyrics... My arms once covered in cuts, my hair dyed bright red, screaming lyrics written by Kyo.. My heart breaking when I didn't make eye contact with him. "He said he remembered me. Well, he said he thought he did. I said I had bright red hair, and cuts down my arms. He looked said when I said that." I shrug and cuddle closer to my husband.

"He loves you." Yoongi whispers in the dark.

"Oh whatever. I don't love anyone but you, husband." I can sense he's scared. "When I was a teenager, I didn't think anyone understood me. Kyo's lyrics gave me security. I grew up and realized that I was the only one I needed to make happy. Then I met you. My heart became full." I kiss his lips. I whisper in his ear "Remember what I said in Japan..." 

He nods, climbs on top of me, and presses against me. I let out a quiet moan. He look in each other's eyes, and I nod. He slowly enters me and I whimper and cover my mouth. He wraps his arms underneath my shoulders and pulls me down on him hard and I gasp and try not to scream. Our eyes are looked together and I start crying softly, feeling his love and his fear.

"My love, I only want you." I whisper between gasps and whimpers. 

He growls in my ear, slams into me and whispers "again" 

"I only want you. I only want you. Only you, my love. Only you, Yoongi.." I cling to him, feeling him starting to feel close to an orgasm. "My love.. My Yoongiverse." 

He bites my bottom lip and whispers "cover your mouth... I need to ruin you."

I nod, take a deep breath, preparing for him to be brutal to my flesh. I cover my mouth and look deep into his eyes, feeling our souls unite. He starts growling and I feel his tears fall on my chest. I pull him closer and whisper "More... Release your fears. I'm not going anywhere, my love " I feel his shaking while tears are falling onto my chest. I rub his back and just hold him, chasing his thoughts away. He stops crying and starts pounding me into the mattress. I cover my mouth and try to be quiet. I wrap my legs tighter around him and he starts moving around and he grabs my hips.

"You get fucked hard tonight. Last night as my girlfriend..." He growls and I feel his sweat and tears dripping on me. I nod and adjust to how he wants me, knowing I'm going to be so swollen and will probably hurt. I also know, I am going to love every second. "Cover your face with the pillow. You will be more quiet." He slaps my face, but it's more of a tap. I nod, cover my face from my nose down, holding the pillow right against my face. He tilts his head so I look into his eyes. He smirks and nods. I nod in response. He nods again and I rub his cheek. He holds my legs up and thrusts inside like he's never done before. I bite the pillow and scream into it. He smirks again and repeats his movements. My body reacts and I end up having an orgasm on him. He shudders against me and growls. He picks up his pace, bruising my flesh. I'm screaming into the pillow and right when I feel him getting close, he pulls out, and forces himself down my throat. I keep eye contact with him and start sucking while he fucks my throat and cums in my mouth.

I reach up, hold his face in my hands, and suck him hard once more. I feel him shake. He looks away and snuggles close to me again. I feel him shiver again and I wrap my arms around him.

"Yoongi. I love you. Only you. The only thing I could love more is our children. I'm never leaving you. I love you. Ich liebe Dich." I repeat three phrase in Korean and he cries on my chest again.

"I'm so scared... Never had this before.." he whispers. "Seeing how some others look at you..."

"Hey... Come on, smile. For now on, I'll always be by your side." I cry holding him, hearing his fears are mine as well.  "I'm scared you'll wake up and decide you deserve better... No longer want your kitten..." I cry on his shoulder.

"How you think this? You're my... Soulmate. You are perfection. You never took anything from me... You never wanted more. Only hugs and kisses more. That's it.. Others wanted so much... You wanted just to kiss me and hug me. Your eyes made me feel loved.." he is almost yelling.

"Yoongi, my love... How you feel towards me is how I feel... There's a reason I called you..." I take a deep breath and tear up. "The reason I called you Danna-sama..."

He cups my face in his hands, presses his forehead to mine, and we both cry. Not from real sadness, just anxiety from the big day in a few hours. Our nerves are playing tricks on us and we're both scared the other is going to leave. He closes his eyes and we both listen to the other breathing. Our fears start to subside and we kiss.

"Yoongi, I love you." I whisper.

"I love you too, kitten." He whispers. "Are you serious about changing your name tomorrow? You want to be that?"

I nod my head. "Jimin said it means kitten. So I'll be your kitten forever. And I'll have your last name." We both giggle and kiss more.

"Kitten, the sun is coming up... Brothers will be here soon to take me away." He sighs. I nod.

"Omma will be here to help me get dressed." I hug him tightly to me. "And poor Kyo will be stuck here hearing me crying about missing you." He laughs.

"He better text me pictures of you crying." Yoongi laughs and we hear a knock at the door. "Go away. Not ready." I giggle and kiss his shoulder. The door opens and his brothers come jumping on the bed play fighting and yelling. I hold the blanket close to me so they don't pull it off me and expose my naked body. Yoongi smiles and yells at them. They all leave and he stands up and puts his boxers on. "one last kiss as boyfriend... Next kiss, as husband." I crawl over to him and kiss him deeply. He growls softly in my mouth. "Think we have time?"

I shake my head.."Next time will be as husband and wife." I kiss his nose. We look in each other's eyes and tear up. "It feels like forever...." He nods, holding my head to his chest.

"Just make sure you miss me." He smirks and laughs a little into my hair. I nod against his chest 

"You have me. You own me. Mind, body, spirit, and soul. This life, the next one, and the next one. You own me for the rest of our lives." I kiss his chest and he sighs. He throws on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I watch him putting his socks on and grabbing his tuxedo bag and shoes.

"See you, girlfriend. Next time, you'll be wife." He smiles. I nod and kiss him once more.

"I love you. No matter if you're boyfriend or husband." I whisper between kisses. He smiles against my lips. I watch him leave our bedroom and I lay down and stare at the ceiling, counting the hours until I'm his wife.

"You okay?" I hear Kyo at the door. I grab my shirt and put it on.

"Yeah. Just blown away by everything... I meet him, I yell at him for bumping into me, we go outside and talk. He eats the kimchi stew and gets drunk from the soju.... He says that he's my 'Korea boyfriend' and I think he's just playing games with me.... Then we keep meeting. He keeps telling me he likes me. I think it's going to end, I just enjoy his attention...." Kyo sits on the bed listening to me. "He says he wants to take me to Japan... We see Diru... I scream every fucking song and dance around. He hugs me during Mushi... I cry during that song... He just holds me and I sob. He doesn't laugh... He takes me to Germany... He sneaks around and makes a song with you...." I scoff and grab my vape. "He asks you, Kyo-san... He knows the word I call him is Japanese.. I tell him it means a lot to me... He never asks..." I look down and Kyo pats my hands.

"He asked me. I laughed and said whoever called him that must think he's a God." Kyo laughs and takes my vape. "Oh what the fuck! Fruit? Really?" He laughs and hands it back.

"Plum blossom." I nod and take a puff. "So he knew the meaning that night... We got drunk together that night... I told him I would...." I clear my throat. "I told him I would walk by his side as a ghost, if I couldn't crawl along side of him as his lover in life.." I look down.

"I expect as much from you." Kyo takes another puff from my vape. "When you called him that... Your eyes... They shined. Sparkling. You looked at him, blushed, and called him Danna-sama. He's very lucky. If he hurts you..." Kyo glares at me.

I laugh "Oh Kyo-san... Kawaii desu!" And poke his nose.

He starts laughing and pats my arm. "Thank you, Onii-san." I bow my head and nod.

"Onii-san? Really? Damn." Kyo laughs and pats my head. "Thank you. I'll be Onii-san. You're the only one that call me that." 

I nod and hug Yoongi's pillow. "Arigato, Onii-san." I smile at Kyo.

"His mother will be here soon and wonder why I'm with you in your bed. Get up and I'll make breakfast." Kyo stands up and leaves the room. 

I get up and check my phone, already have 10 messages from saying he misses me. I respond and send a selfie. 'last one as girlfriend.' He responds with hearts. I throw on pants and a bra and start making coffee. I send him pictures of Kyo making breakfast. "Kyo-san said I can call him Onii-san. Big brother. It's normally chan, but I don't know him well enough for Chan... So it's San." Yoongi sends pictures and a text from Jimin comes through..

"Stop texting each other. Put your phones down now. Relax before the wedding. We have 6 hours." Yoongi and I both respond with "No! We're sexting!" I start laughing and Kyo looks at me. "Oh. Sorry. I'm being silly... Baka..." I point at myself. He throws a towel at me and I laugh.

"Where's my daughter?!" Omma calls into the house and I run out to see her. I hug her tightly and kiss her cheek. She rubs my cheek and smiles. "I knew you were the one the movement he said you were learning Korean..." I bow my head and tear up. She nods and tears up as well.

Kyo shouts "Come eat!"

We hold hands and she looks at Kyo with wide eyes.. "Kyo-san, my Onii-san. Big brother.. Just don't call him cute." He laughs and shakes his head. He hands us each a plate and I hop on the counter and start eating. I decided I'm going to eat everything I want to, today. 

Kyo and Omma start talking and I text a clip to Yoongi. "They're getting along..." He responds with thumbs up and sends a clip of his brothers handling him soju and he winks at the camera. "You better not to be too drunk to fuck me, husband. I'm going to scream tonight. No holding back."

He sends a selfie with his eyes wide and "really?" 

I respond with a selfie and "yes"

Jungkook shoves his phone in my face and I laugh. "Say hi, kitten!" 

I shout "Marry me, Yoongi!!!" I bounce a little bit and giggle.

I hear the song Kyo is going to be singing and I feel the tears burning my eyes. I look at Jungkook. "This song... Ain't afraid to die...." I start singing softly and scan the crowd for Yoongi. I don't see him all I look at Jungkook. "Watch this.." I take off running towards Kyo and see Yoongi stand up. I hug Kyo and smile and bow to him. I take my shoes off and run to Yoongi, almost knocking him over. "I missed you. I'm ready... You're my husband." He kisses my forehead and I shout "We're married!!!" I lift our hands up and everyone laughs. "Where's the rings?!" I start scanning everyone and Yoongi laughs. "Do you?"

"I do. Do you?" He smiles at me.

"I do!" I scream and bounce around. His brother hands him the rings and we put each others on. "We're married, bitches!!!" I hug Yoongi and he starts laughing kissing my forehead.

"Well... That was the quickest wedding I've ever been to.." someone says.

"We're married! Sign the papers! He's stuck with me forever!!" I shake my hand at him and laugh hysterically.

"She's stuck with me!!" Yoongi shakes his hand at me and he laughs hysterically. We hug tight and kiss. "My wife everyone!!" He shouts. I bow and can't stop smiling.

I squeeze his hand and wink. He smiles and we both take off running towards the car waiting. He jumps in and waits until I'm buckled in before he drives off. He drives to our home and I jump out running towards the door before it's in park. He runs after me yelling but I just start stripping running through the house to our bedroom. He catches up to me and sees me sitting on the bed looking at my ring.

"We're married... We really did that?" I look up at him.

"Yeah.. We're married. Together forever." He whispers.

I lay down, open my legs, and whisper "Come on, husband... Your wife needs you."


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