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You're Always Learning the Hard Way

By R

You hung your hopes
On an aluminum future

And you thought that
You were set.

You didn't know how
 good it was getting

Cause you hadn't
Gotten there yet

You've yet to be as good as your younger sister

But that isn't saying much

You were telling me
'Let's stay in touch"
When you meant
"Let's stay out of touch"

You're always learning the hard way

Hard isn't a great way to learn

You can learn to 
Manage the damage

But it's only
a 25 ¢ return
a 25¢  return

Works for me.

I proved I finally proved it

I always look good to me

Please don't hold perfection against me

I get reality in the 3rd degree.

I luv your lovely indifference

Two felonies
But alas
No arrests

We can meet in the Media library

I'll see if you pass the test

You're always learning the hard way

That's good as
Both of yourselves agree

I can count on you
Giving me good advice

And watch me
Disintegrate for free

Works for me

So fly a kite over Pittsburgh

Let's meet where Point Park points

We'll watch Pittsburgh
Sink into a sink hole

And listen for an "oink"

There's always a way
Of an outhouse

A life lived on the edge

You can go by your
2nd grade feelings

I go by Sister Sledge

You're always learning the hard way

You always look 
Good to me

Forget everything that I've told

That always works for me

Works for me.


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