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We're laying on his bed talking, snuggling, laughing, kissing, and looking in each other's eyes.

"Why are you so perfect?" I whisper in his ear.

"You're the perfect one." He growls while stretching and hugging me.

I sigh happily and kiss his chest.  All of a sudden I have a thought.. I want to see if he'd like it... "Yoongi?" I look at his face and his eyes are closed and he grunts. "Yoongi? Baby?"

His eyes open and he smiles. "I love hearing you say baby. Yes, kitten?" He kisses my nose.

"Would you want to try something later with me?" I whisper again.

"Sure. Whatever you want to try, we'll try." He snuggles up to me more and I giggle smelling his scent and being in his arms.

"Do you want to know?" I kiss his lips softly.

"Is it food?" He asks with his eyes closed.

"No, Yoongi.." I feel my face blushing.

"Drinks?" He sighs and pulls me closer.

"No.... It's sexy though..." I giggle and cover my mouth.

"Oh yeah. Now? Wanna do it now?" He starts tickling me and I squeal and flail around.

"No! Yoongi... Please!" I end up saying louder than I really wanted... "I will need to get a few things first though...." I start thinking who I can ask to go with me because I want to surprise him.

"Baby?" Yoongi sounds concerned.

"Sorry, baby. Just thinking... I want to surprise you... Not sure who to ask to go with me.." I look at him and smile.

"Would you be naked?" He asks and smirks.

"No, dressed. But the idea might be too much for some..." I whisper.

"Ask Jungkook. He is wild. He will give you honesty." He hugs me and I feel kinda weird about having him go with me.

"Okay, baby. I'll text him." I send a text asking if Jungkook will help me with a surprise for Yoongi, he says yes and he will come get me tomorrow. He sends a text later saying we will eat lunch together. Now I feel really weird...


I'm with Jungkook and we're chatting, he keeps smiling at me knowing I'm nervous. We walk in the restaurant and he sits across from me. "So. What's the surprise for Yoongi?" He hands me a menu. "Or do you want me to order for you?"

"Um... Order for me... And I want to surprise him.... Part of it is bought and at home... The other part... I need help.... I feel weird asking.." I start to blush and cover my face.

"Sister, I'm here for you. Honestly. Nothing too much for me to help with." He smiles at me.

"Can I text it?" I ask very timidly. He nods. I type out "I need a dog collar that will fit my neck, a rope like leash, and a chain leash.." I can't bring myself to hit send. I hand my phone over to him.

"What?!" He screams and starts laughing and slapping the table.

I cover my face and try not to cry, feeling terribly embarrassed. I hear his laughter die down and feel his hand on mine.

"Sister, Yoongi will have no idea what to do with you... Wait. Leash for him or you?" He smiles at me. I point to myself. "You know....." He starts laughing and I just smile and blush. 

"I think we both know he enjoys at least the idea of it... Hell... The entire fan base has theories... The Agust-D stuff... I mean.... Very heavy hints.." I try not to say a lot because it's a little awkward and I start wishing Jimin was with me. "Is this awkward for you?" 

"Not at all. Just curious.... Why doing this for him? You're going to just force yourself in the room wearing the items?" Jungkook smirks and I just look down at the table.

"Haven't thought that far ahead... I know he's been stressed about music he's doing. He finished only two songs last week. He's convinced he should have more done." I sigh and take a bite of food. "We both know what kind of perfectionist he is." I start to feel better about being with the youngest brother.

"Look. I'll help. He has said some things before you. He said some things that made me wonder. I'll help you. You're my sister. Okay? No matter what. Even if I start thinking things, I don't say." We both laugh and we finish our meal.


We're at a store that seems like straight out of a movie. Hidden away, nobody else is in there but the owner and us. We both are covered up trying to hide our identities but it seems useless in a place like this. I pick out collars and hold them up to my neck. Jungkook shakes his head no and he picks up a few, holds them up to my neck and shakes his head again.

"You need one that brings out your eyes. You have your makeup lined out? What are you wearing? Colors I mean. Makeup?" He looks at the selection of collars I have in my hands. "Really these depend on your outfit. And makeup.. "

"I have a picture.... I asked Jimin... We picked out makeup colors as well...." I whisper really embarrassed and not wanting to show him. "It's like a one piece black thing... Jimin said a smokey eye. Gray instead of black." I show the picture of the makeup Jimin took off my face.

"The outfit?" He picks up a couple of collars and looks at the picture and nods at a couple. "Have the outfit?" He looks at me without a hint of flirting or being anything but helpful to his sister.

"Promise not to laugh?" I whisper. "I took this picture and sent my husband...." I scroll through the pictures and stare at it. One of the only sexy pictures I've ever taken. Kneeling in front of the mirror in his old apartment, outfit on, makeup Jimin and I did, hair messy, blowing a kiss, and I smile remembering Yoongi kicking the door in yelling my name and how... Well, the rest went that evening.

"I promise. I don't laugh. If I think something would look better I'll let you know. Okay?" He smiles and I believe him.

I show him the picture. His eyes get big and he removes his mask and stares. "That's not you... Oh wait." He zooms in. "That is you. There's tattoo. Damn. You do this for him? Damn." He keeps staring and I jerk my phone away from him feeling embarrassed again.. "Hey... Don't think like that. I couldn't believe that was you! You look different. Damn.... If you breakup, can I have you?" He winks and laughs.

"No, Hoseok and Namjoon are next? I think that's what they agreed?" I try to remember the drunken conversation the night we had the 'practice' wedding. "Is that right? You were there." 

"Yeah. Hoseok and Namjoon are going to fight for you. Yoongi says he'd kill them both." He laughs. "No wonder he loves you so much." He tries to look at my phone again. "You doing your hair like that as well?" 

"No idea. Kinda thought of braids on the sides of my head... So if he wanted, he could grab...." I trail off. He tries to look at my phone again so I show him the picture again. "I'm kinda thinking about getting a white one as well. Or do you think a different color?"

 He thinks and holds up a few different colors of collars to my face. "White or pink. Maybe there's something here...." He looks around and motions his head. "We start all over. He's already had that one. Brand new everything today."

He takes my hand and we walk over to the lingerie. We go through the racks and we both think one is perfect.

"White and pink... So a white and pink collar?" I ask holding a couple of leashes and the lingerie.

"No. Red. Draws attention to your neck. Off sets everything else. Your hair, eyes, outfit, everything. Put those back." He holds up a collar and nods. "This one. Yes." I notice it says "kitten" on it and I smile.

We are looking at a few more things because he decided I needed shoes. I said I didn't. We agreed in getting the shoes. We're laughing, whispering and looking at everything we picked out. The owner rings everything up and I pay. Nothing else is said until we're in the car.

"You might get pregnant today, sister." Jungkook laughs. "Better get you some things." He winks.

"I need leashes..." I look at the bag. "We put them back..  is there a pet store? Nobody would think anything of it."

He nods and we get to the store and walk in. He links my arm around his and I giggle. This is the first time he's done something like this. Normally we just walk next to each other or I'm holding Yoongi's hand. We pick out leashes and a couple of dog toys, because why not, and standing in line to pay. My phone rings. It's Yoongi.

"Hi husband. Everything okay?" I giggle into the phone.

He sighs and I know what it means. He's missing me. "Yeah. I miss you. Coming home soon?" He growls and I know he's stretching. "Ask brother if he's staying for dinner." 

I look at Jungkook. "No, he has plans. Another date. You know him." I wink and Jungkook smiles. "Anyway, I kinda wanted tonight just to be us. Alone.."

Yoongi laughs and says "Okay. Want to have food delivered? That way we can just be lazy. What you feel like?"

"You. I feel like having you.." I whisper into the phone.

"Come home soon." Yoongi whispers.

We hang up, I pay, and we leave. He drops me off at the sidewalk and says "tell him I'm sorry I didn't come in. I'm busy." Jungkook smiles and nods.

"Thank you. You've helped so much." I kiss him on his cheek and his face gets red. We both laugh and I grab my bags and run into the house.

Yoongi is laying on the couch with his eyes closed. I kiss his lips softly and whisper "stay here. I have surprise for you.." I go into the bedroom and hurry up and get all dolled up. I check in the mirror and take a picture and send it to Jimin. "Look what the youngest and I picked out for Yoongi." For some reason I don't feel awkward sending him these pictures.

"Damn. You might be getting pregnant!" Jimin responds. "Has youngest seen you in this?" 

"No. He only saw the package. How's my makeup?" I text 

"Beautiful fur him to ruin." Jimin sends a wink emoji.

I smile at my phone, take a deep breath, open the door, place the leash in my mouth and crawl out to Yoongi. He sits on the couch watching me and he just stares.

"Husband? You okay?" I finally whisper while I'm kneeling in front of him.

He keeps staring at me and nods slowly. "I'm good." 

"Next time, I'll tie you up, husband." I giggle and lick his hand.

"Oh I'm not sure there will be a next time. Might not stop." He scoots down into the couch and motions for me to sit on his lap. "My kitten, want to be ruined right now?" He whispers in my ear.

I moan softly and nod against his neck. "Please, ruin me." 


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