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We're walking around in a museum. We're whispering stories about each display and giggling to each other. We're holding hands, kissing each other's cheeks or forehead, giggling, and falling more in love every second.

"My love, what is this?" I point at a display that I quickly read and giggle.

"No stories... This is for lovers. She wrote she misses him. She had his child... He died..." Yoongi whispers. "Let's go to others. This is sad." I see him reading the sign in Korean.

"No, tell me. Please.." I whisper and kiss his cheek.."Maybe it's how I feel towards you "

He turns to look at me with his eyes tearing up. "The love, yes. The sadness, no. She writes she can't live with him... She writes about the child not having him to protect them. It's so sad.. The love, yes. That's us."

I nod and ask him again to read it to me. He nods slowly and reads it. I start tearing up and I nod. He squeezes my hand and kisses my forehead while I cry.

"I would feel that way towards you..." I whisper between crying. He kisses my forehead and nods. "I don't..."

He puts his hand on my mouth. "No. Don't say.. Let's go look at this." He gently pulls me away towards a huge, towering door. "What is this?" He whispers kissing my hand.

"No story. It's a church door. It's from 'Inferno' by Dante. Story about hell. The levels. I think it's by Rodin." I ache to touch this beautiful artwork on the door. I smile at him. "We would be together. We could be a tree." He smiles not knowing what I implied.

"This painting was done by a cat chasing a mouse. All the paint fell and the cat lost the mouse." He points and we both giggle but my head keeps looking at the Korean display. "No, baby feet. We're not having sadness today." 

We look at a map and I point to a section that has Egyptian artifacts. He nods.

We swing our hands, smile at each other, and just enjoying ourselves. I think I see Taehyung and Hoseok and I point. He nods and smiles. We catch up to them and Hoseok asks why we look sad. Yoongi explains and Hoseok nods.

The four of us go look at the ancient Egyptian artifacts and the mummies and chat about it. Yoongi says there is something similar in Korea. I ask him and he says he was teasing me. I kiss his forehead and we hear Jungkook say in a loud voice we're gross. Everyone laughs and he comes jogging over to us.

He hugs me and I hug him back. "She's mine now." Jungkook laughs and Yoongi shakes his head. I giggle and cling to Yoongi. "Damn. Not mine." 

We go explore and run into the last of his brothers. I whisper in his ear in feeling hungry. He nods and says he wants to go eat. Namjoon laughs and elbows Seokjin and they both laugh harder. I cover my face and feel very happy nobody else is thinking like that.

"Didn't you eat before we left?" Namjoon laughs.

"Yeah, but not that.. Wait. I did do that but not the other... Snacks not food..." Yoongi smirks and winks at me. I just blush and can't speak.

Namjoon starts teasing Yoongi and he just smirks. I try to cover my face but I keep blushing.

We walk to a cafe in the art museum and sit down. I look at the menu and Jimin leans over and whispers "You better pick out something good. You keep losing weight, you'll disappear. I'm serious. Yoongi is worried about you."

I look at Yoongi laughing with his brothers and play fighting. I lean over and whisper in his ear "Are you worried about me?"

He snaps his head quickly to look at me and he grabs my thigh. "There used to be more.. Yes. Very worried." I shrug. "I loved you when you were big. I love you now. I didn't worry when you say diet. I think you do it too be happier. Good, you need happier. But now... So thin... Even Omma say she's worried..." He kisses my forehead.."So get pasta. Make me happy and eat it."

I nod and text his mother. "Sorry to bother you if you're busy, Omma... I was wondering, are you worried about my weight loss?" I hit send and within a few moments my phone vibrates.

"Yes, my daughter. Very worried. Your clothes are so baggy now. When you come back, I feed you. Yoongi needs to feed you more." She responds.

"Thank you, Omma. I will eat." I respond and she sends back a thumbs up. "Omma said you need to feed me more." I giggle and look at Yoongi.

"You need to eat." He kisses my forehead.

Seokjin watches me flip the menu over a lot of times looking for something that's going to be under my calories for the day.

"Sister, stop." Seokjin gets up and takes the menu. "I order for you. You eat." I look at him and see he looks nervous. "Please. Let me order for you."

I nod and look down at my lap. Yoongi's hand looks huge on my thigh but I remember when it looked small. I nod again and bow slightly to him. Yoongi squeezes my thigh. 1 long squeeze, 4 quick, and 3 taps. I look at him and he winks.

I start chatting with everyone and drink the water in front of me, Yoongi, and Jimin. Yoongi takes the water from Jungkook he tries to pass to me. "I'm thirsty..." I whisper. Yoongi shakes his head.

"No. You fill on water. You have food today. Yesterday I looked. You eat only 300. You burn more. No. You eat more today." He whispers and I e see him tearing up.. "I lose you.... " His voice trails off.

I tear up looking in his eyes and whisper "You deserve skinny and pretty." 

He cups my face and sighs. "You are beautiful. No matter what. You have beauty more than most people. I love you no matter what." He whispers and smiles at me.

I nod and hear them ordering and decide I'm going to get a salad. The waiter passes me up and Seokjin says he ordered for me. I nod and bow slightly to him. He smiles and nods.

I start to relax and I feel my stomach. Not sure if it's fat or extras skin. I start pinching it and Jimin takes my hands and looks at me. "No. Not today." He whispers. I nod again.

The food is delivered to the table and Yoongi puts a roll on the plate. "You eat." 

A plate with the most wonderfully smelling pasta is placed in front of me. I start picking at it and eat the chunks of vegetables. "Sister... Eat some noodles." Seokjin says. I take a bite and almost swear my stomach is digesting it.

"It's very tasty, brother. Thank you." I smile and try to offer him a bite. Then I order I everyone a bite, which they do take. They offer me a bit from all of theirs as well. I sigh deciding I'm full but Yoongi taps my leg. I look at him.

"You eat half. Not even 4 bites from you." He whispers and offers me another bite of his, which I take. He smiles and kisses my hand.

I end up eating half and my stomach starts to hurt. Yoongi asks if I'm okay. I nod and decide I shouldn't have ate so much. Taehyung orders dessert for everyone but I sip the coffee wondering how many calories I just consumed.

"Stop. When we eat together, no counting." Jimin whispers in my ear and I tear up while nodding.

"Okay. When we're together, no counting." I whisper back.

Yoongi kisses my cheek while Jimin hugs me tight. "You're so small now." He whispers and sounds sad.


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