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 Happy fucking birthday. 

It’s your daughter again, desperately looking for someone to talk to about missing you.

 Your birthday is in two days, one technically after I get myself to fall asleep.

 I hate that I miss you. 

I hate that I still want to make you a birthday card saying I love you, even though I can’t even write my last name down without feeling disgusting, remembering it’s yours. 

I hate the way that I can’t get rid of the last gifts you gave me even though I can delete pictures of you off my phone.

 I hate the way that I’m doing so well and you can’t see it, cause if anyone wanted to see me do good it was you, even though you kept me down in the first place.

 Out of everyone who said they’d stay you were the last person I expected to be cut out of my life as a child, even though I’m the one that did it, I feel abandoned. 

I hate the way that I can remember how your presence felt but not your face. 

I hate the way that every-time I see someone with the same clothing, bag, shoes, beard, or facial shape as you I get so scared I can’t breathe.

 I hate the way that I am currently sitting In my room alone at 12am writing about how much I hate you, just because I miss having a dad. 

The worst part is that I don’t blame you for messing me up so badly.

But guess what, I didn’t need you after all. 

I’m a designer for a play at my school, I’m in the speech team, I’m gonna be in the school talent show with 5 of my friends, I’m in a dnd game, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 

All without you.


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