Mister M Pt 32 Read Count : 60

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Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
I'm sitting outside smoking a cigarette wearing the dress Jimin picked out and barefoot. I took my shoes off. I put music on my phone softly.

"Nothing scares me anymore. Kiss me hard before you go" 

I start crying knowing I'll be leaving soon. I see him dancing around with his youngest nephew and cheering. I see him looking around and hugging his cousin that got married. I know he's really drunk.

A new song starts. I just watch half drunk, half sad, half happy, 

"I will love until the end of time" 

I keep wiping my tears and just can't stop the waterworks. My phone vibrates. 

"Where are you? My lips crave you." He sends a selfie of him pouting. My heart skips a beat.

I take a picture of the night sky. I see him dancing with his nephew again. That kiddo loves him so much.

I repeat the song and just cry.

"Promise you'll remember that you're mine. Baby can you see through the tears?" 

I mouth the words and hear him laughing and screaming. His brother walks over and the three of them are just wiggling, following the kiddo. I see his parents walk over to him and he looks so incredibly happy. 

"Where are you? I miss you terribly, kitten." He sends a clip of everyone celebrating the wedding.

"Outside. Just needed air." I light another cigarette and look at the sky.

"You're the prettiest star out here." He says. I turn and look at him. He smiles and kind of hops over to me.

"Are you a happy meow meow?" I giggle as he kisses my neck.

"Just missing you. Craving you. Let's go hide..." He starts pulling me towards a dark corner. "I will fuck you there. Yes... Fuck I need you." He pushes me against a fence and starts kissing me like he's never done before. 

"Wait..." I whisper between kisses.. He looks in my eyes and I shrug. "There's nowhere to really hide. Anyone could see us."

He sighs and looks back at the building. "My car. We go fuck there." He starts marching towards his car and unlocks it. He jumps in and starts pulling his pants down.

"Baby.... The lights..." I giggle at him struggling to take his shirt off. He starts hitting the dome light and shuts the door, it goes off. 

He starts trying to pull my dress down but I'm trying to pull it up. He sighs and throws his arms up. "I give up. I'm too drunk..." He starts laughing.  "Too much soju." 

I pull my dress up and slowly lower myself on his lap. He growls and grabs my hips. I moan in his ear softly and he shivers.

"Lean back, baby. I'll take care of you..." I reach down and slide him inside me. I moan feeling him throbbing. "Are you close, baby?" 

He holds on to my face and doesn't stop kissing me. I try not to giggle and start riding him hard and fast. Feeling him throb with each movement our bodies make. I swear he's close so I keep riding him like crazy. He holds on my hips and starts thrusting into me. He starts moaning my name and bucking his hips.

"Cum inside me, Yoongi..." I moan softly and bite my bottom lip.

"Not close. Just loving you, my wife." He slams me down on his cock and I scream. I keep screaming, kissing him, and whimpering. "You better squirt on me." He starts growling in my ear. 

I scream his name and he flips me over effortlessly. He places my knees on his hips. "You may there, baby. I make you squirt so much. You be happy." 

I nod my head and he starts pounding inside of me. I grab his jacket and cover my mouth while I scream. He uncovers my mouth and growls he wants to hear me scream. I nod. 

He thrusts inside me, kisses me, and starts choking me. "Sorry baby. Taking me long time.." he starts slowly down after my fifth orgasm. He doesn't move and just stays inside me. I rock my hips slowly. "No. I just feel. I feel you... You love me.. Right?" He looks in my eyes. We only have the moonlight like in Japan. 

I nod and stare into his eyes. They look sad. "My Yoongi... What's wrong?" I kiss his lips softly 

"I miss you so much. I miss you... Please stay longer. One more week." He hugs me so tight I gasp. He starts crying and kissing me.

I start crying as well and kiss him back. I squeeze my thighs against his body and he starts fucking me roughly again and I start screaming almost instantly. "Yes.. Yoongi. I stay." 

The moment I scream "stay" he cums inside me. He collapses on me and we lay in the backseat covered in sweat, tears, kisses, and each other. 

"Thank you. You stay another week. I miss you already.." He sighs and rubs my cheek. "I cry this time at night. You're still my star. Brightest prettiest one "

I start crying and kissing him. "You're my husband. The best one."  I hold his face and just look in his eyes.

We hear someone shouting his name and we look out. We see his mother and father standing outside the door of the building and we start laughing. We're both nervous they heard or saw us... We start dressing and try to sneak out of the backseat. We go running towards laughing. 

His mother looks at me like she knows and straightens his shirt and jacket. She points to his neck where his tie was. I start getting really nervous and she pats his cheek. She takes his hand and they walk in. He turns to me and winks.

His father takes my hand and we walk in. He leans over and whispers "Everyone was asking where Yoongi and Kitten are. Aunt say he was outside kissing you by fence. Your face red. He breathing hard.... Say smoking and dancing... Don't say trying to make baby." He starts laughing and I blush.

We walk in and I put my shoes back on, they're right where I left them. Yoongi hugs me and kisses my neck. "My princess."

I turn my head and look at him. "My King." 


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