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I'm with my bestie in the house he bought for us. Her and I are dancing around and singing to each other. We're driving soju and he's making music with someone and we're trying to be quiet but the song playing on my phone makes me crave him so I go looking for him.

I hear him laughing and I open the door with the bottle in my hand and he looks at me. His eyes spark and I start giggling. "We're lonely.." I take a drink. I only know the guy in the room very little so I try to not to get crazy.

My friend yells from the other room but starts laughing "Leave your husband alone! He's working so don't try to ride him!" I wink at Yoongi and he laughs. I take another drink and wink at him again.

I close the door and go back to our little party in the kitchen. We start singing along with the new song playing. One of his songs comes on and I sit on the floor remembering what he said the song was about and start missing him terribly.

"What's wrong? Don't want to drink anymore, sis? You're looking sad." My bestie sits next to me. I hold her hand and smile at her.

"Not really sad, just craving my husband. This song... He has no idea what his voice does to me." I start laughing knowing he's probably listening to us. I don't normally go into his home studio unless it's important.

They both come out and Yoongi sees me. I just open my legs, bite my bottom lip, and stare at him. The other one with me seems oblivious to me. My bestie takes my phone and skips a few songs then she squeezes my hand. We start laughing, both remembering nights connected to this song.

We both get up, she restarts the song and I walk over to Yoongi and whisper in his ear "listen to the lyrics... It's about you."

She starts singing softly and I sing softly with her. We start dancing around and I look at him and wave him over. He comes over and he holds my hand and I grind against him and scream "do what you want to with my body" with the song. He growls in my ear.

"Do what you want with my body, don't stop this party" I scream again grind against him while singing, but it's more screaming.

He grabs my hips and whispers in my ear "Is my wife craving her husband?" He squeezes my hips tighter.

My friend is dancing with her eyes closed and I can tell she's really drunk. I stop grinding on him. "Let's go get food!" I squeal and finish the bottle in my hand.

He laughs and says "why don't we just order food and you two can eat and sleep." He looks at his friend and says "My wife is drunk. She's not normally like this." He laughs and kisses my cheek. 

I sit on the floor next to my bestie and lean on her shoulder. We hold hands again and we start laughing. 

She leans her head back and sighs. "Damn. That soju is strong. You drink that a lot?" 

"Not often. Maybe a couple of drinks but not a lot." I giggle and they're across the room talking.

"Let's go get food. You both need to sober up." His friend says and laughs.

"Only if we get more soju!" I shout and hooks the empty bottle up.

Yoongi nods and helps me up and I kiss his lips softly and nibbles on his bottom lip. My bestie starts talking to his friend and I wonder if we have enough time for a quick meal looking in his eyes 

"We don't have time. Plus you'd be screaming..." He whispers. "Maybe I should choke you?" He smirks and puts his hand around my neck. A soft moan escapes my lips and his eyes flash. I lean into his hand and moan softly to him again.

The music is loud and we can barely hear anything else. He lets go and he stops the music. He says something I don't understand but I am willing to go anywhere with him.

We are walking down the street to this little stall on the sidewalk and my friend says she has no idea what to order. I tell her Yoongi will order everything. He always picks the best things. She hugs me and I start tearing up, knowing she's going to fly home in only a few days. I miss her terribly.

We sit down and he orders and his friend orders something and I squeal soju. Everyone laughs.

Food and drinks come. My friend is driving water and I have another soju shot. Yoongi holds my hand and squeezes.

A song starts playing and I mouth the words. I start laughing and I take everyone's soju and drink them to the song.."one, two, drink. One, two, drink." I giggle and wipe my chin.

The food comes and I decide I need to feed him the first bite but he's talking and laughing. I get up, shit on the table in front of him, and finally feed him my first bite. I smile at him and wink. I drink the refilled cups of soju. He nudges my leg with his hand and I sit by my bestie. The only one that I trust with my life besides him.

She starts looking around and nods. I look at her and nod back. 

"How long have you known each other?" His friend asks.

"Oh damn..." My bestie and I look at each other both start counting the lifetime of ups and downs we've been through. "Over 25 years..." I hold her hand and she starts telling the story of how we met.

People sitting around us start laughing and listening to the drunk women laughing and leaning on each other.

"And then she looks me dead in my eyes and says 'the next slide I'm going to stand up and scream that's my boyfriend! He says it was normal!!' And I don't believe her. And guess fucking what... Next slide, she winks at me and shouts 'where did you the picture of my boyfriend?! He said it was normal!' sits down and starts laughing. She was the craziest, sweetest, kindest, and most loving person I ever met." My bestie says hugging me. I hug her tight knowing she is not going to be able to just drive to me and I'm not going to just drop everything and go to her.

"Yeah.. I was an angry kid looking for humor. I knew more than I should have." I nod and take another drink of soju 

"Did you believe her when she said she knew him?" His friend says while laughing.

I hear the first three notes of one of his songs play. I look at him and squeal really loud. "Do it baby!!! Do it!!" 

He looks at me embarrassed and stands up and dances slowly.

"Nooooooooooooooooo... Not the dance... Start singing along." I giggle and clap my hands.

"Only if you take 2 bites." He says. I nod and take a mouthful of food and chew. I watch his body language change and he starts rapping faster than the song. I forget to chew just mesmerized by him. He gently holds my chin and moves it up and down to remind me to chew. He doesn't miss a beat and goes back to looking amazing. He takes the bottle of soju from the bottle and chugs it. "I'm a king, I'm a boss. I'm her husband!" He sits down and winks at me.

I scream while cheering him on. My bestie leans over and whispers"You have him wrapped around your little finger... I can't believe he did that." We both laugh and they go back to talking. "This is going to be hard. The time difference, the distance, and your busy schedule... I'm going to miss you." She squeezes me and I tear up.

"You will just have to come see a lot. Spend the summer with us. The girls would love it. They'll get spoiled. You know they were spoiled last time. Omma just loved them." I hug her tight 

"It's a date. We will just move in." She laughs and kisses my forehead. She's always been very mothery towards me even though there's only a few months between us.

We start talking, eating, and I drink some water. He lights a cigarette and puts one in my mouth. He leans over and whispers "You look life you need something between your lips." 

My eyes widen and I squeal. The owners come over with more food and drinks, only water now, but hands Yoongi anywhere bottle of soju. After our group finishes eating I shout and bow. My friend bows with me. Everyone starts laughing because it turns out I said the absolutely wrong thing.

"Wife! You can't say that!" Yoongi says laughing. I feel confused and he covers his face. "You just said that you were going to get fucked." 

My bestie and I hug each other and start cackling against each other. "I guess we're fucking, sis." We laugh harder and hug tighter.

He starts apologizing for me and I nod. "I drank too much soju." I bow besides him. "I'm a dumb American." He smacks my butt.

After he goes and pays my bestie and I go skipping down the sidewalk. We're singing, laughing, and watching the city looking absolutely beautiful.

"I see what you love about him. He has duality like you. Loves hard, loves deep, loves real. But loving... it's hard for both of you. You're perfect together." My bestie says while smiling. "Never seen you this happy. Looks good on you. Although you need to eat more. You're so skinny now." She holds my wrist. "I know you worked hard. Just don't disappear." She knows that I had an eating disorder when I was younger.

"I promise. He's mentioned that when he was looking at pictures I found. He said he loved me before and he'll love me no matter what." We turn around and wait for the guys to catch up. I take a deep breath and shout "Come on, Grandfathers!" She and I laugh when Yoongi flips me off.

"I still can't believe this all started over food.." she laughs. "He hit you with a door and you freaked out not knowing it was him. I keep telling the girls that he fell in love with you before you both did anything. I tell them that so they don't feel pressure."

"It's true. All we did until we met up when you and the girls were there, was hug and kiss a few times. They were physical but only oral. Then New York was when we fucked first. He already flew me in Texas for the shows there. And he drove across the state to see me for a couple of hours at work. Then he flew me to New York. It was joked about, us going the next step. He didn't expect it though. He just followed my lead " I feel him hug me.

"What are you saying, wife?" He kisses my neck.

"That you fell in love with me over food. I had you under my magical spell." I giggle and hug his arms.

"I still can't believe you met her over food." His friend laughs. "Sounds like a stupid drama."

We all laugh and they walk with us to our home.

My friend says she's tired and goes to bed. His friend says he's going back to listen to the song again because everything is going to be new after the break.

We sit on the floor on front of the couch and start kissing. I whisper"want a quick meal?" He nods while kissing me and he slips my panties to the side and pulls his pants down slightly.

The moment we both feel each other's body heat we moan softly.

"My wife.." he whispers in my ear and I nod. "Say I'm your husband." I nod and kiss him deeply.

"Yoongi, you're my husband. I love you." I moan feeling him gently inserting himself inside me.


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