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My skin feels like sandpaper, my eyes feel like jelly just sitting in the sockets ready to be let go of at any moment.

 Honey spills from my lips whenever I smile. 

Not the sweet honey, the honey that attracts flies and is so utterly sticky and obnoxious. 

My hair is short and brown, not light brown and silky like melted chocolate. No, dark brown and frizzy like an unwashed dog.

My eyes are blue but not like the ocean or a new days sky like yours, no, blue like the full, pale, grey blue of the sky after it rains. 

yet we in reality have the same shade of iris’. 

You do everything just right, I can do the same thing you do, but you would do it better, you make me look pathetic.

My eyes have been raining since birth. 

I’d say my own name with pride knowing I fill your absence, knowing I can be who you once were. 

Knowing I’d no longer be myself. 

There are billions of house lights shinning bright, reminding space that they are indeed there, but I am not there, I’m not shinning like the rest.

Do the aliens above me know I exist? 

Do they think of me when they think of Earth? 

No, No, they think of someone else.. anyone else.


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