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I don’t have a bush. 

It’s a whole grown garden. 

You can’t enter my garden just because you simply think you have “the key” when you don’t. 

You’re not allowed! 

your trespassing!

 get off my property! 

You can’t own my soft gentle land, when you’re so rough and not kind to my warm soil with your jagged ruined hands.

 No, you may not hold me, you may not kiss me, you may not love me!

 For you know nothing but hate.. I know it. 

That’s all the world knows, and trust me, I would know what the world is. The world is harsh, it’s manipulative, it’s hating, it’s cruel, it’s fake. Worst of all it’s.. loving. 

The world will tear you down to your worst and then help build you back up.

 The world will stomp on your plants just to help you plant new ones. 

This world knew that your leaves wouldn’t make it in its bitter forest before, but now you would. 

The world knows what’s best for you, even when you don’t.


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