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In my world my father is my sun.

 He lights me up at night for I am the moon, even with Earth blocking his view at times, he manages. 

Yet parts of me stays frozen over where he cannot help me, the dark parts of the moon in which earth cannot see well. The sun tries to warm me even more in the non-reachable spots that I have, yet when he continues to try harder and harder he burns me. 

So Earth protects me, keeping me in tact and away from the sun, nobody understands why the moon wants to see the sun, due to the fact it burns her each time. 

Whenever they ask her, all she replies back with is “he also helps me shine.” 

Fully disregarding how many times the sun has burnt her. Only caring to help show that the sun can indeed help her shine, for if he can’t, then she was wrong… and all was for nothing.


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