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I wake up to him snuggling closer to me. I giggle and feel him shiver slightly in his sleep. I reach down and turn the electric blanket back on. When it starts to warm up I hear him sigh happily in his sleep. I lay there thinking how lucky I am to be with him.

His phone rings and breaks the magic in the room. His sleepy raspy voice answers and I feel him cuddling back up next to me. I shiver feeling his cold arm press against my hip. He's mumbling and I try to stop but my hips start pressing into him. My ass starts grinding into him and he hangs up. He bites my shoulder gently and growls softly in my ear.

A moan escapes my lips and he sighs. Pulling me closer to him, he sighs and I feel him smile against my neck. "I had dream about you. You were wild." He whispers and kisses the back of my neck. I don't want to break this moment so I just nod. "You were underneath me, screaming my name so loud.. Someone thought you were hurt. I say no, she just loves me." He sighs again and presses his stiffness into me. I moan softly and shiver. "Aww. Kitten cold?" I nod.

He covers us up tightly and starts pulling my panties off. I lay on my stomach and part my legs, welcoming him. He crawls behind me and I moan softly feeling his body heat. I try to push against him but he stops me. "Just feel you, kitten. Just feel me.." he slowly enters me and I gasp feeling his entirety inside me. He groans on my neck and moves his hips slowly. I start moving my hips but he stops me again. "Just feeling.. Not a meal, my lovely kitten wife. Just feeling love." He kisses my back and traces down my spine. I decide at that moment I'm going to get his name tattooed there. Every time he needs to feel, he will see how he owns me.

He growls and pushes deeper inside me. I cry out, my body begging him to do more. He growls in my ear "You make me feel so loved. So much love." He presses harder inside me. I reach back and hold his hand and shudder. He sighs and smiles against my back. "My kitten is needy? Aww, my poor baby kitten.." He starts fucking hard into me and the moment my breathing becomes jagged he slows down. "Not yet, my lovely kitten. I savor the moment." I felt myself gripping on him, begging for more, begging for release. He just snickers against my back. "You think meal before breakfast?" He sighs. "Hard, deep, rough meal? Then have slow meal after we eat?" He nods his head against my shoulder. "Yes, I think..." He adjusts himself so he's holding on my hips and starts pounding away inside me. I start shuddering and whimpering. "Already, kitten? Then feel how much I love you..." He starts pounding harder and faster then I start screaming into the pillow, hoping nobody will hear. His hand slowly grasps my neck and he squeezes. I just lose control and orgasm, pulling him in deeper. He growls and slows down while I regain composure.

"My beautiful, beautiful kitten." He kisses the back of my neck and I press into him and whimper. "Turn over. Miss those eyes.. Those blue eyes that show me love.." He pulls out slowly and I gasp. Missing his warmth and hardness inside me.

"You fuck me like you hate me, Yoongi?" I wrap my arms around him and kiss him passionately. He groans and rams inside me. I cover my mouth and scream into my hand. He nods slowly and holds on to my legs, showing me how tight he wants me to squeeze him. I nod and start squeezing his hips with my legs.

The harder I squeeze, the harder, more brutal he fucks into me. His breathing changes and I know he's close.

"Cum inside your kitten, my love. Fill me..." I moan in his ear. He holds me close and starts growling against my lips. I answer every growl of his with a whimper and a soft kiss. He growls more until he stares feel in my eyes and we both cum at the same time. Our bodies shuddering together and lost in each other's eyes.

We both whisper "I love you" at the same time and giggle. He kisses my forehead and slowly pulls out. I sit up and grab his hands. He stares in my eyes and smiles. I start cleaning him and he growls louder. He holds my hands and just whispers "Oh kitten, you are the most perfect." 

He taps my arm and I stop. He whispers "We need to get clean and go eat... They're waiting." He laughs and I cover my mouth. He kisses my nose and we go into the shower.

"I want to feel you inside me though..." I whisper. I start washing his back and just have to grab his ass. He starts laughing and washes his face. He turns and faces me and is getting his hair wet and I start washing his chest off and my hand wonders down and he grabs my hand gently. 

"Then keep me inside. No snacks, kitten." He washes his hair and I'm just amazed at everything he does. Watching in amazement as he flips his hair back and smiles at me. "My turn.." He kisses me and backs me up under the water. "Oh kitten... Look at you. You need your husband to help you." He starts washing my hair and I cling to him.

"Husband? You've been calling yourself husband lately.." I feel worried he's only joking around. He nods and keeps playing with my hair. He kisses me and I automatically reach down to stroke him. He moves my hand gently and kisses me again.

"Yes. I have. You don't want a Suga husband?" He laughs and taps my shoulder so I turn around. He starts washing my back and I keep thinking about having him as a husband.. I giggle and he taps my shoulder again. I rinse off and he nods. "You still want to have me inside?" He kisses my forehead and I nod. "So.... Wear leggings under your dress. You'll be warm and plus nobody would see my dripping down your legs." He laughs and hugs me again. "Let's get dressed. They're waiting. I say we were getting ready before the meal. Come on, my Kitten wife.. Your husband needs your help." He gets out and I'm just watching the light hug him like I do. 

I start drying him off and I shiver. He wraps his towel around me and kisses my forehead. He get another towel and helps me dry off. I cup his face in my hands and start kissing him. I just need him to know how much I love him.

He slowly pulls away from me and smiles. "We continue after eating. I promise." He licks his lips and I just can't stop thinking about his head between my thighs.

"I better clean again... I might need to be your snack, husband.." I smile and watch his eyes light up. "That way you only taste me." He smiles and we get back in the shower. I sneeze and groan. He looks concerned. "You came out... I miss you..." He starts laughing and reaches down to help wash me. We start kissing and teasing each other knowing we're going to be even more late.

"Yoongi! Where are you?!" Namjoon yells in the room. I jump and cover myself even though he's not in the bathroom. "You said few minutes. It's been 45. Come on." Namjoon sounds annoyed so I stop kissing on him and we get out 

"Almost done. Need to get dressed. Okay?" Yoongi calls out. "Sorry so late. I needed to feel my wife." He laughs at hugs me.

"Wife? Already saying wife?" Namjoon sighs. "Alright. 10 more minutes. Then we're coming in no matter what. All of us."

I start feeling nervous and hurry up getting dressed. I forget to put panties on and he points at them on the bed. He laughs and kisses my nose. I put my hair up in a bun and put my lotion on. The one he bought for me on our 6 month anniversary.

The door bursts open and they all come running in and tackling Yoongi to the bed. I gasp and start laughing at all of them yelling. Jimin pulls me on the bed and I just stare at him.

"You both are an hour late. What takes an hour, my sister?" Jimin says laughing. He winks and I start laughing.

"The matters of a husband and wife." I say. Everyone goes silent and I feel him hold my hand.

"Yes. Husband and wife." He repeats. "Brothers... I think I only want her to be the one screaming Yoongi marry me." 

Everyone is silent and I start tearing up looking at him through the others arms. I feel like he just stopped the entire world from moving just to hear my breathe. I feel the tears burn my cheeks and Jimin wipes my tears.

"Let's go get drunk!!" Jungkook shouts and jumps off the bed. The other follow but Yoongi and Jimin. They're both watching me cry.

"Let's go. A certain husband needs to eat so he can love his wife again." I look at Yoongi and giggle. He nods and Jimin places his hand on mine.

We both look at Jimin. "You are being careful, right?" He looks nervous. "You know... Namjoon..." He looks at the door. "He thought he was... Yoongi, you remember..." Jimin sounds so sad.

I nod. "Yes. I'm on birth control. No worries. No babies yet. Unless you count the dogs and cats." We all laugh and walk out of the room linked arms. I'm in the middle and Yoongi squeezes my hand when we catch up to the guys horsing around by the elevator.


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