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I'm sitting trying to be hidden taking pictures of him doing another fan meet. He looks absolutely annoyed but adorable. He keeps flipping his hair back and smiling at me. I stick my tongue out at him and giggle. He sticks his out at me.

"Why you keep doing that?" He texts.

"Because I like seeing your tongue. It's adorable. All of you is adorable." I send back 

"Oh watch these people. They're acting like they're the best. Seen this so many times. They will try to flirt with Namjoon first. He won't. Then they get desperate. Watch them." He rolls his eyes. He points at his phone so I read his message.

"Wow. Tell me how you really feel about ARMY, Suga..." I start laughing.

"Not all ARMY. Just the ones that act like this. Just watch. I've try to take phone. Happens all time." He signs posters and passes them down the table. He winks at me and scrunches his nose.

"You keep doing that, I'm going to kiss you. Or maybe that's why you're doing that." I wait to see his face in response.

"Come on over. My lips are lonely." He starts laughing. He puts his phone back on the table and Seokjin leans over and whispers something to him.

"I think Dad Seokjin is getting upset you're not being friendly.." I watch a bunch of fans of all ages pass through. I notice he's always friendly unless they act like they're better than someone else. 

There's a young girl in a wheelchair they all pose with. They shower her in attention and even get her autograph. It's heartwarming to see all of them do that.

"You keep that up, I'll be needing a snack, baby..." I send and giggle to myself.

He looks at me with his eyes wide. He stands up and holds his arms up like "what are you waiting for?"

I cover my face and start giggling like crazy. I'm really happy that security is willing to hide me. I asked if they would. Hiding in plain view works best I guess. I'm regretting dying my hair purple again. He dyed his hair as well. I told him I'm thinking of dying it black. He says he doesn't want that. He liked my natural color.

I watch the fan meeting end and they all sigh and look happy it's over. They have to get ready doing minor things and he walks right over to me and pulls my hand. I smile and get up and follow him. We don't say anything just walking in silence. We get to a hidden away corner and he pushes me in. He starts kissing me and grabbing my hips. 

"I wanted kisses the whole time." He holds my face in his hands and looks in my eyes.

"Why didn't you kiss a fan?" I giggle but half speaking how I feel.

"They not my Kitten. You are my Kitten." He kisses me more and sighs. "Too bad you wear pants... Dress be easier to have meal..." 

I stick my hand down his pants and start rubbing him. "I could have a snack, Yoongi..." 

His eyes widen and smiles. "Only if you want, Kitten." I nod and keep kissing him but I hear his name being called. He groans and hits his fist on the wall. 

I whisper "I still make you finish, baby.. No worries." 

He shakes his head. "No, afterwards. I like you take time. No time, babe."

I start stroking him faster and whisper in his ear "I need it, Oppa... Please... I need to taste you." 

He growls and kisses me deeply. He takes my hand out of his pants slowly and hugs me. I moan in his mouth and he pushes me against the wall.

"After.... We have snack... Then we go eat with them. Then we have a meal." He looks in my eyes and sighs. "Such beautiful eyes.. Just like ocean." He kisses my forehead, holds my hand and we walk back.  

"I think you're still showing for me, baby...." I whisper in his ear.

He laughs and nods his head. "From kissing you " He adjusts his pants and wiggles around. I watch him and giggle. He starts dancing and shaking his ass at me. I keep laughing and cover my face. "Hey. No covering!"

Jungkook shouts "Yoongi!!!! Yoongi!!!" And starts dancing around next to him.

Yoongi laughs and hugs me once more and they start chanting. He keeps looking at me and I make a face at him. He laughs and blows a kiss. I watch them all get in their places and I hear the song he promised not to play anymore when seeing them live. He keeps turning his head and I'm fighting tears. He nods and smiles.

One of the guards always side hugs me and gives me tissues. "He says that they have to do that song when you are here. He says it is about you."

I am trying not to break down sobbing but I start trembling. "Yeah. When I told him that this song always hurts he says he will make sure it doesn't. I just remember the pain..."

The security guard nods and says "He says he doesn't sing his part. He changed it. His part is more happy. You don't know, right?"

I nod "I don't know Korean... All I know is Oppa..." We look at each other and laugh.

Yoongi moves slightly closer to the side of the stage in on and the security guard starts saying what Yoongi is singing. I start sobbing and sit on the floor. 

"I think he likes when I cry..." I half laugh and wipe my eyes again.

The security guard sits next to me. "Not like you cry... He says one day you won't cry. He said he will know then you only love him." He laughs.

The song is over and I just watch Yoongi. I've noticed it didn't sound the same but I didn't know what he changed the lyrics to until today. I decide I'm not going to cry next time they play that song.

I cheer them all on, joining in the chants and just screaming. He keeps looking at me and I wave. They're doing old and new songs and I always laugh whenever they do "boy in luv" because he looks at me. I cover my eyes and just giggle. He will sing it to me randomly and I laugh. I always picture him dancing in his boxers and kissing me.

After the concert they're all talking about going to the hotel and having someone grab food. I notice he's forcing himself to yawn. I try not to laugh but he's making a big point for everyone to see him yawn. I end up yawning and he points at me.

"We go to bed early. She's tired." He jumps up and points at me.

"Oh stop blaming her. You are faking. She yawn once." Seokjin says laughing.

"She yawn from you." Jimin says. He looks at me and mouths 'snacks' and I nod. He laughs and nudges Yoongi.

"I need shower." Yoongi says. He looks like he's trying really hard to think of an excuse to be alone with me.

"So if we're ordering, I'll let you guys pick for me." I smirk and Yoongi frowns. "Maybe instead of watching a movie I will go to bed early. I didn't sleep much..." 

Jimin shakes his head laughing. "You don't sleep because of Yoongi..."

I shake my head. "No, friend's daughter is going through a phase with this boy. She is 16. She wants to marry him. He's... He's a good kid, but not husband... Make sense?" 

They all nod and ask if she was one they met. I tell them yeah, she's the one that was in love with Taehyung. Then they say they want to talk to her, explain why she needs to wait. I smile feeling like I'm actually accepted by them. 

"Maybe if she texts or if her mom does... Seokjin, are we having a Mario battle tonight?" I smile and hear Yoongi groan.

"Yes. It's my day. We do what I want." Everyone laughs as Seokjin puffs his chest out.

"I think you say you're sleepy. We go to bed. You make me wait for snacks." Yoongi sends a tongue emoji.

"Waiting makes it better, my love. No worries. I'll still have my snack. I'll make sure to have two snacks before you go to sleep. Promise." I wink as he reads the text.

"Oh you mean... You so mean to me!" Yoongi shouts but I offer him some of the meat on my plate. He smiles and eats, at least he's distracted for the moment.

Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok and I are talking about nothing but they're making an effort to get to know me besides just as "Yoongi's girl." I show pictures of my dog and cats. They all laugh at a video clip of my dog licking a poster and me yelling "Suga is going to be mad at you!" 

We chat about pets and I talk about growing up in the country and rescuing baby bunnies from the cats I grew up with and Jungkook yells that he's a bunny.

We all take turns playing Mario levels with Seokjin and he just has the time of his life. I talk about YouTubers I watch that play Mario games and he thanks me. The group decides it's late and Yoongi is the first to run out of the room.

"Wow. Guess he forgot about me..." I say standing up and laughing.

"You be my girlfriend now." Jungkook laughs.

"Suga is going to be mad at you!" Hoseok shouts. 

We all laugh and Yoongi comes walking back in, grabs my hand and yells goodnight and runs out again. I'm laughing the entire time we run down the hallway. 

He pushes me against the door once we're in our room and whispers "I think meal tonight. No snacks. I need you." He kisses me deeply and starts taking my shirt, bra, and pants off. I giggle and start taking his off of him as well. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too, Yoongi. So much." I whisper back and hug him tightly.


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