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I'm laying on the couch at my house coughing and feeling horrible. My phone rings, it's Yoongi calling on a video chat. I answer by waving at him and sipping on a cup of tea.

"You look sick... Are you okay?" He looks worried.

"I'm okay.. Kinda? I'm sick. It's mostly head congestion and chest congestion. No big deal." I smile at him.

"Your little nose is so red!" He stares.

"Yeah. Been sneezing a lot. I feel okay except for the congestion, Oppa." I start coughing and he makes faces. "No worries. It's a wet cough so it might be bronchitis at the worst." I nod.

"Is it from smoking with me the time you were with me?" He looks nervous.

"Nah. Everyone at work has been sick as well. I'm surprised it's taken me this long. Normally the first one getting sick." I kinda laugh and sip more tea.

"You need anything? I can send it." He starts walking around.

"You. Can I have you? You fly here and stay with me? We can cuddle and you can make me soup." I giggle and shake my head.

"I can actually. I can fly this evening. I could get you, go get groceries, because I would want you with me, and I could make you soup." He starts making the face that says he's thinking and planning. "Wouldn't be too long. You could sleep and I could have a cleaning company come in and clean so you don't have to. That way you can just be relaxed before I come. I better pack." He walks into his bedroom and starts packing.

"Yoongi, I was kidding. You don't have to be here..." I sigh.

He starts saying not to worry about anything, he's going to come take care of me. I look around and see how the house is destroyed by the animals, me not being home much, and my partners not cleaning. He is asking about towns around me, and he says that the company will be there in 3 hours. I nod, and take more medicine. He keeps looking worried. I start making faces at him and he laughs.

"I made soup. I think it's good but they say it stinks. I put the pepper paste in it and kimchi." I show the mug I'm using. I drink the broth and sigh.

He smiles and laughs. "You ready kimchi more than I do in Korea. Maybe you should live here." He keeps packing and going through things. "Ahh. I found it!" He waves papers at me and puts them in his suitcase. "I'll be there for 2 weeks by the way."

I have a coughing spell and I wash my hands. "2 weeks? Is that going to put you behind in work?" I sniffle and drink more broth.

"No. I bring everything with me. I stay with you. I'm bringing the new merchandise for you to wear. Jimin is designing new hoodies and he is sending you some." He points to a stack he's already put in. "I better bring 2... Maybe 3... Most of this is for you." He starts laughing. "They all have given me things to give to you. Jimin said you needed the jewelry and bags Taehyung is making as well."

I stop and stare. "Those things are like 3 thousand a piece... I can't accept those gifts! Honestly, Oppa... Tell them I can't.." I know I look sad.

"I can't tell them. They are wanting you to have them. You tell them." He smiles and starts packing clothes for himself.

"It's cold here. Bring a coat.." I start coughing again and look at the clock. "I have to call work and tell them I won't be there for the next few days. I have a doctor's note and I feel bad for missing work but I'm sick.." I feel my forehead and decide to take my temp.

"What is it?" He looks concerned 

"A couple degrees higher than normal. Not technically a fever medically speaking. Not even 99." I sniffle again. The dog puts his head on my leg. "I have Doctor puppy and the cats watching me. Oh. I better let them know you're coming..." I send a text to our group chat saying Yoongi is coming to stay with us. One partner says I better get to cleaning. The other days he will come home early to help me. I send a text saying he's paying a cleaning company so I can relax. They both text back laughing emojis.

"They know?" He leans against his bed.

"Yeah. They think it's funny you like me. I'm not really sure what you see in me." I kinda laugh.

"I love you. That's why. Plus when you're feeling better, you're going to cook for me." He laughs. "I want steak." 

"There's a butcher that's the best in the state... We can get steaks there. The guys will love you and not want you to leave.." I smile and lay on the couch. 

He watches me cover up and the dog lay on me. "Hi. You ready to meet your Korean Dad?" He laughs. The dog tries to lick my phone and starts barking. He laughs and barks back at him.

"Please stop barking.. Both of you. My head is pounding..." I whine.

"You take a nap. Wait for cleaning to come. I'm be there as soon as I can, kitten." He blows a kiss.

I blow a kiss back to him and wave. "When you get here, I don't care if I'm dying... I'm going to have a snack... Unless you want a meal..."

He nods. "A meal. I'll be gentle with my sick Kitten." We both laugh.

I'm at the store with him, masks on, and he keeps leaning over and saying "They keep looking at you." And rubs my cheek.

"They're wondering why this fat white girl has this drop dead gorgeous guy and wearing BTS stuff. They think you're probably a fetish..." I look down and look at our shoes. His look dirty and I'm wearing the pink "baby shoes " he teased me about when we first met.

"I'm her husband. Keep staring." He says to a lady. He starts laughing and hugs me.

I just keep looking down. I'm not ashamed, but I'm nervous and don't feel well. He's holding my hand and places my hand on the cart. "You stand here. I'll go get a few things. You need them to feel better." There's a few people that pass us and almost glare. "You need to feel better so I can fuck you rough. I love making my wife scream my name." He nods, moves his mask, and kisses my neck. "What?" He starts speaking Korean to a couple and he starts waving his hands. I can make out his name but he shakes his head. I wonder what he said. I don't ask though.

We walk down the aisle slowly and he keeps putting stuff in the cart. I smile and start coughing a little. He holds my hand and looks concerned.

"It's just a cold, Oppa.. No worries." I rub his cheek and his face feels so warm and I'm so cold. Just like earlier in the day we had a 'meal' and I moaned just feeling him and his body heat. 

I think he reads my mind and starts looking in different directions. "I need to feel you. Let's go hide. I want to make you moan.." I giggle and hold his hand while he pushes the cart to the back of the store. He leads the way and we go into the bathroom. He locks the door and starts pulling his pants down nodding at me. I lift my dress up and lean over the sink. He grabs my hips and starts pounding really hard and I bite my arm to keep from screaming. I reach back and grasp his hip. He groans and keeps fucking my swollen, soaked, flesh until it's bruised and filled with his cum. He kisses my back and purrs. When he pulls out I kneel and clean him up. He smiles and moans softly. I smile and we get dressed and walk out.

"One of these days, I think we're going to get caught, Oppa.." I whisper.

He shrugs. "I don't think so. You're my very good girl that didn't scream unless we're at home. My so very good girl." He kisses my forehead. I giggle and feel my face getting red.

"Is he making steaks tonight?" J texts me. "I'll get stuff before coming home. Even if he isn't, I'm still get stuff. He was talking about steaks this morning." 

"J wants to know if you're doing steaks." I whisper.

"Tell him yeah. Steak tonight and tomorrow." He is looking at more things I have no idea what they are because it's in Korean. He looks at me. "You need this. I'll make this for you."

I point at the honey I have and he nods. "That is my favorite in tea. I use it all the time. Sometimes I put ginger in it and drink it that way." He smiles and nods.

We're standing in line and he gets his card out. He shakes it in my face and I start giggling. "I love when you giggle, baby." He rubs my lower back and starts talking to the cashier in Korean. The cashier looks at me funny and says "Congratulations" in English. Yoongi nods. "My wife." He whispers in my ear.

We're walking to the car and he starts dancing. I giggle more and he starts dancing more and pins me against the car and sings. I take my mask off and start kissing him. He smiles and tells me to get in, start the car, and get warm.

I watch him put everything in the trunk, push the cart into a holder, and he dances to the car. I giggle and am just amazed he looks so happy. He jumps in and starts making noises and dancing in the driver seat. I giggle and start flailing my arms. He slowly slides his hand up my thigh and I gasp.

"Put your coat over your lap so you can hide your face, baby. I want to make you scream while we go to the other stores. Which one is farthest away?" He smirks at me.

"The one I knew about... I didn't know this one existed.." I feel him sliding his hand up further until he's rubbing my panties. "You're going to feel yourself if you keep rubbing..." I giggle. 

"Don't care. I'm washable." He laughs and tugs at my panties. "Take those off."  I slip them off and lean back in the seat. "Good, baby girl. Now.." He looks at me and purrs. "Let Oppa touch what is his." 

I moan softly looking in his eyes when he says that. He smirks and starts rubbing me. I'm already getting close, and he doesn't stop. I grab his leg and keep whimpering I need to kiss him. He shakes his head no.

He makes me orgasm until he turns the car off at the second grocery store. He looks at his fingers and smirks. "EVERYONE is going to know what I was doing." He puts my mask on me and kisses my forehead. We walk in and I show him where the bathroom is, he says he wants me in there with him. I think he's just being clingy but he doesn't do anything except pee and wash his hands. He takes our masks off and kisses me. "Was that worth the wait, baby girl?" I nod between kisses. He puts my mask on first then his. 

We go back to the front, grab a cart, and he lets me lead. I see more coffees with him and his brothers on them. I squeal and start grabbing one of each. He starts laughing and records me. He calls my name and I look at him.

"I can tell you're smiling ear to ear, baby." He laughs.

"I will have more bottles! I have the entire collection of coffee bottles. I'll even pour them all into... This one... So I can keep drinking... Suga..." I want to say him but I try to be careful. He keeps laughing and I squeal seeing BTS juice boxes. 

I start shaking my butt and wiggling around and he starts doing it with me. We start laughing until I start coughing. He hugs me and whispers I need to save my energy.

We walk down every aisle and he gets excited about the Korean aisle. He pushes me away from a display but I keep trying to see it. He starts laughing and I scream "Oppa!!!! I need that!!" there's treats of BTS and I start grabbing them all. He's laughing and patting my head. I keep saying "Oppa!!! Oppa!!! Look! Lookies!!!! Oppa!!!" And putting things in the cart.

We get to the refrigerated section and I start grabbing things and he whispers in my ear "You grab me like that. You keep doing that, I'm going to need you in the car, baby." I moan softly and stop grabbing things and he starts getting things. "This is going in a soup you are going to eat tonight and tomorrow. You can have steak, but after you eat the soup." I nod but think I just want soup instead.

He sees three alcohol section and looks for soju. He sees his favorite brand and gets some. "I might need alcohol with the steak, baby." 

"I don't care, Oppa. You're an adult. I don't care what you drink or don't. I know you drink water, so I'm good." I nod and hold his hand. "Wanna go? I miss kissing you.."

He nods and we stand in line and he starts whispering in my ear. I giggle and he hugs me. I take my wallet out of my purse, but he takes it. "No, I'm the husband. I pay." I start looking at all the stuff and feel awkward. "Stop those thoughts." He taps my nose. "My wife will not think about that." I nod my head slowly.

I get my phone out to show him where the butchershop is. He is looking and smiles. He points to one further away and he winks. I try to explain it's almost near my house. He nods and winks.

He smiles at the cashier and he starts talking about how I love BTS. The cashier shows a bracket she has and it says "Jimin." He nods and starts saying how Jimin is really nice. He talks about going to concerts and being with me. She says her boyfriend doesn't like BTS and she's jealous my husband goes with me. He nods and says he goes so he can translate for me because he's Korean. I poke him in his side e he laughs.

"Oppa, you're silly." I hug him and giggle.

"Yeah, baby. I'm silly." He smiles.

The cashier talks about how she likes bt21 but hasn't gotten the candies they carry because she knows she wouldn't eat them. I gasp and start looking. She says where they are and I take off running and grab almost all of them. When I come running back, Yoongi laughs and says I am going to have to eat soup before I have any candy. I nod and start wiggling around.

"I need them,Oppa... I've been good.." I giggle and cough a little. He takes a drink from one of the bags and hands it to me.

"When we get to the car, get warm and drink that. You'll feel better. I promise, baby " Yoongi rubs my cheek and I giggle. He pays and we walk out. "Start the car and get warm, Kitten. And put your coat on you like on the way here." 

I nod but start taking bags out of the cart. He slaps my hand and points at the car. I nod and get in. I remember that there's a blanket in the trunk he bought and I jump out and get it. 

"Hey! You get back in the car. You're going to get more sick. No, stop trying to get candies. I'll spank you, baby." Yoongi starts tapping my butt and saying "spank, spank, spank" and I giggle. I get the blanket and shove it in his face. "I totally forgot about that.... Yeah. Cover up with that. And take them off. I'll be there soon " He hugs me and squeezes my hips. "We're going to hide all I can have you again. I'm craving you." I giggle and cover my face.

I get in the car, take my coat off, cover myself with the blanket and remove my panties. I giggle and prop my seat back a little so I can put my knees up on the seat. Yoongi gets in and sticks his hand under the blanket and starts rubbing me. I moan softly and he smiles. He starts the GPS and starts driving. He is driving and turns into the mall and goes into the covered parking garage. I look at him and giggle.

"Lean your seat all the way back and climb in back. I'll put it up right.. I'll follow you." Yoongi looks around and sees nothing. 

I climb in back and he climbs in back after me. He undoes his pants and starts pulling me towards him. I try to keep my legs down but he places them on his hips. I gasp and he enters me slowly. I sigh and kiss him. He holds my head and slowly thrusts deeply in me and I moan. He just clings to me and whispers he loves me. I moan in response and he keeps whispering in my ear and grunting.

"I need your cum, baby... Please..." I kiss him passionately and cry out when he starts fucking me hard and choking me softly. I keep begging him and he pulls out and shoves my head on his cock and cums in my mouth. 

He shouts and growls. "That's my good, good, baby girl. Always do perfect." I feel him twitch and throb while I keep sucking. He slowly tugs at me and I don't want to stop. "Baby, let go. We need to go in. Okay? Isn't that the store you like?" He points and rubs my cheek.

"Forget the store. I want to keep having a snack. I like tasting us." I start licking him clean and he sighs.

"Such a good girl. Oh fuck baby.. Baby, let's go. I'm hungry. We're going to get food. Come on." He just holds on to my head while I keep cleaning him. Tasting both of us mix and I start stroking him slowly. "Baby, I need to relax first. Food then maybe before we go home. Okay?" I lift his shirt and kiss his stomach. He starts laughing and kisses my forehead. I button and zip his pants up and he pulls my dress down. "Leave them off. I may reach to touch my kitten and see if she's wet when we eat."

I giggle and we get out of the car after our coats are on, and skip to the door. One of the guys that I would talk to there is at the registers. "Hey! Miss Suga bias! Haven't seen you in a while. How you doing?" He waves and I tug gently Yoongi's arm so we walk over and talk to him. I introduce Yoongi as my husband and he says there's new albums that just came in. We start talking about albums and Yoongi just smiles at me. "Oh hey. You might be interested. We got new BTS posters in. Go check them out." I nod and thank him. We walk away and Yoongi starts laughing.

"So you really did talk about me before we met, huh? He adjusts his mask and laughs at new squealing over the albums. "I could get you each version from every album..." He laughs.

"I want to buy them. You've bought enough things for me... Really, Oppa.." I didn't think and see a few heads turn towards us. "Oops..." I whisper.

"What baby?" He doesn't pay attention to anything but looks at me concerned.

"I feel myself dripping, Oppa..." I whisper and blush.

"We better go get some panties then, baby. We'll be back soon you can buy everything. Okay?" He squeezes my hand and I whimper. "Okay, fine. But stuff, we go get panties, and then we go get food. I'm starving." He laughs and watches me crossing my legs and making faces by my eyes.

I grab all the albums I can't remember the versions I own, and look at posters. I get one of each of the BTS posters and he laughs. He shakes his head when we're back talking to the guy. He says that Yoongi must be really tired of seeing Suga all the time. 

Yoongi says "No. I think we look alike. He's quite a good looking guy." I snicker and lean my head on his shoulder. "I think Suga would be lucky if he met my wife, here. He would probably laugh hearing she talked about him before they met."

The guy laughs and says "She would call Suga her husband. She'd be dancing in line, giggling like crazy, and smiling ear to ear. 'I'm buying more of my husband.' she would say putting everything down. She's seriously funny."

Yoongi nods and squeezes my hand. "She's the best." I giggle and whimper again. "Do you carry band underwear?"

The guy nods and points. "I think we have BTS ones."

"Go check and see if there's any that say Yoongi or Suga. Or do you want me to go too?" Yoongi looks in my eyes and smiles.

"Go with me. I can't read Korean..." I shrug and squeeze his hand. "Can we leave everything and go check?"

The guy says it's fine and we go look. There's a pair that says "Min Yoongi only" in Korean. He laughs and says I have to get them. I also grab a pair that says BTS on the butt. He keeps laughing and I try not to. I pay, but he takes my card out and puts his in. "I pay, baby."

"You've bought so much today! We haven't even gone to the butcher.... So much money spent.... And now you want to go eat.... I feel bad, Oppa.." I whine.

"We get your stuff, go to the car, and we will go eat then go to the butcher. Dream, baby?" He taps my nose and laughs.

I nod and grab the bags and run out of the store. I don't know if it's all me, him, or a combination of both of us running down my thigh. I jump in the car and start wiping my thighs with wipes from my purse. I put the panties on and Yoongi finally gets in. He's laughing and starts rubbing through my panties and I moan. 

"I think we should go eat, get steaks, go home, have a slow meal, and take a nap. I know you need to take a nap, baby. You've been awake too long." Yoongi takes his mask off. "Maybe we just go get steaks and head home. We can order something." I nod and he starts driving. "Coat off, blanket on your lap." I nod and he keeps rubbing my panties and moves them to the side to feel my clit and how wet I am. 

He gets to the butcher and says he will be right back. I need to relax and drink another drink he hands me. I nod and turn on some music. I get all comfy and warm and close my eyes for a second. 

I wake up to him kissing me and whispering were home. I open my eyes and we're parked outside my house. I gasp not knowing I slept that long. We get out and start getting bags. We both make three trips to the car, and my dog starts whining.

"You go lay down. I'll let the dog out and be in shortly, baby." Yoongi kisses my nose and I go lay on the couch.

I watch them out the window running around and playing. Yoongi comes running towards the door and the dog follows him. They both come barging into the house and I laugh. Yoongi starts going through menus and decides what he wants to eat. I say I think I want soup.

We're all sitting around the table and J says he is happy to finally meet Yoongi. M starts complaining about how evening got moved and seeming ungrateful for everything. Yoongi smirks and squeezes my hand. I start to feel upset and frown.

J starts getting mad at M and saying that they should be happy he's done so much for me. Yoongi smiles and keeps eating. I'm eating soup Yoongi made and smiling at him.

I start yawning and Yoongi says I should lay down. I had a busy day. Everyone hugs me and I nod. I go lay on the couch again and before I know it, I'm asleep. I wake up and see Yoongi curled up next to my head and the dog on the ottoman. I smile and go back to sleep.


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