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I'm flying back home from being with Yoongi in New York. I'm looking at the bracelet he gave me that says "Suga Bias." I smile and giggle at it. I decide to text him.

"I keep looking at the bracelet.. You didn't have to buy me any gifts. You flew me to you. That's enough." I hit send.

"You deserve the world. I'm going to give it you, Baby feet. I didn't want you to leave tonight. I'm packing and we're flying to South America tomorrow. Your Suga misses you."

I smile reading and sip the tea he gave me before leaving. "Your Kitten misses you. My body misses you terribly."

"Maybe you should fly to South America with us."

"No passport. Plus I highly doubt that I could get off work."

"Then don't work. I'll take care of you. Want an allowance? I'll send you money each week. You use it like a paycheck."

"Yoongi, you've given me enough. I should look into a passport. I miss kissing you.."

"I miss hearing you coo at me when I first slide into you. The sounds you make really need to be recorded all I can hear anytime I want."

"I will record them. I promise."

"I'll hold you to it." He sends a selfie. His eyes look sad but his smile doesn't look real.

"What's up with your sad eyes, baby? Are you missing me that much?" I smile at my phone 

"You're a Suga girl? I like Hobi." A lady shows her bracelet.."I wear mine all the time." She smiles.

"Yeah. I love me a man named Min Yoongi." I giggle thinking about how I was getting pounded into the mattress by him biting my neck growling how I'm his. I giggle.

She giggles and asks if I saw the last USA tour shows. She talks about how Hobi waved at her and she gets excited. I squeal along with her to show her we're ARMY sisters. All loving the same group. 

"Do you mind if I take a picture of us and send to my boyfriend. He thinks it's funny I always meet ARMY that aren't Suga bias. They mostly say Suga is there bias wrecker, but not bias." 

She starts fixing her hair and leans towards me. I snap a picture. "I think we look fabulous. What do you think?" She agrees. I send it to Yoongi. "She's a Hobi bias. She said that Namjoon is her bias wrecker."

"You're the only one I care about having a bias towards me. Who's your bias wrecker? Also you both look beautiful."

"Honestly? I don't think I have one. I look at the others and think they're all adorable and I want to hug them. Nothing naughty."

"If you had to choose. Who?"

"Hoseok maybe? We're the same personality trait. Infj. We're rare. I would hope he felt like he wasn't alone. Plus his laugh is really adorable."

"How much do you like him?" He sends a wink emoji.

"Nowhere near the same about you. If he was my bias, we still wouldn't have kissed I bet. I wouldn't push him. Plus, my wonderful Oppa, you give off aggressive, dominant, big dick vibes."

"That's because I am dominant. You seemed really happy serving me. Was that right?"

"Of course. I loved pleasing you and whispering in your ear how my body was craving you."

"Is your boyfriend mad at you? He seems to text a lot." The lady is playing a match game on hers.

"Only mad we aren't together at the moment. It's all good. He said we were both beautiful." I smile. "I am craving the way you held my hips our last time..." I send to him.

"I wanted to give you something to remember me. Wait. Did you actually not shower after?" He sends a selfie of him smirking.

"Nope. I wanted to feel you inside me while I flew home. I might use a toy so I can grip it and think of you.."

"You're making me crave you horribly right now. Fuck." He sends a picture of his lap and I know his pants are baggy on him, but I can still see he's hard.

"I could send a clip from the bathroom." 

"No. At home. Use your toy and think of me." He sends an audio recording. "Hey kitten. I'm rubbing thinking of you. Listen." He starts growling my name. I feel myself throb, ache, and crave him.

"I'm so wet right now." I text.

"I want to make you more wet." He sends back.

"Fuck, Oppa... My throat, pussy, and whole body crave you "

He sends another recording. "I'm thinking about fucking you like last time. Hard and fast. You squealed so loud while I fucked into you . I never knew a pussy could do that. So perfect. Fuck Kitten. I'm going to finish deep inside you."

I know I'm getting closer to home and I can't wait. "Finish inside me, baby. That's the only gift I really want. You to enjoy my body."

He sends a video clip but I don't watch it. I excuse myself to the bathroom and watch it there. Watching him cum for me is just amazing. He moans my name, groans a phrase in Korean, and just cums a lot. He laughs slightly and says "There's your snack. Want to eat?"

"I always want to eat it. You alright with that, baby? I'll want you in myself every hour." I send him a picture of my fingers after I rubbed my clit a little.

He sends a clip of him smiling and licking his lips.


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