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Each and every time 
I manage to  plant my feet 
In this fertile but rocky soil,
You come along and pluck me up 
And toss me aside again.
I'm just an old dandelion I guess,
A weed is all I am to you.

Still I strive with all my might 
To situate myself upright 
That I might feel the sun so bright
And give myself over to the light. .

But here in this hole now it's dark as night.
I can't help but cry out in distress
You were the one who I thought best knew me
The one to whom I did confess.
Love could not pardon the things on my chest
Nor make the weight of my burden be less.
How quickley our love did transgress
And how slowly I realized the rest...

Now here on this hole I rock to and fro
I am lonely and thin
And I struggle to grow.
I repeat for myself things
I already know but might have 
Accidentally forgotten. 

This time I do not wait
For your life saving redemption 
I have made a home here in the darkness
I have made friends with the night.
Still I've never once stopped dreaming 
Of living in the bright sun light.

My hope is feeling stretched so thin,
How I wish I had a friend
To and fro I rock again 
Certain that this is my end.
And then 
The ground above give in .
And it was a rather miraculous thing, 
That just as I thought I was going to die and
In my despair I reached out for the sky 
Little bits of dirt started crumbling by.
Ground suddenly gave way
For the bright light of day!
So I rolled out my leaves without further delay.

In fact by the end of the very next day,
I stood stronger than ever having found my own way.
I'm the same brightest gold as that bright sunny day. 
Fill me with wishes and blow me away
It's all gonna be ok.


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